Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nov 27: thank you

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone. Our lives in Asoke are so crazy sometimes I forgot to breath!

Last SUNDAY it was Bangkok West conference at the Bang Khae building. So that was way fun to go back there and see everyone! It was actually a way amazing experience to see a bunch investigators there.. That I had invited personally back when I was serving there. It felt nice to know thatthe work I had done in previous transfers is still giving fruit. That evening our Thanksgiving week was officially kicked off at the Granges' where sister Grange made pumpkin pie.. Oh I forgot how good that tastes.

MONDAY: We invited... For a very. very. very long time. And it was WAY great. Seriously. We found some cool people... But the blessings from our inviting came in other ways that day and later in the week as well. That night we had a family home evening with Sister Lek and Hong w/ our RC: sister Gan her little daughter kassy and our investigator Sister Noon! Oh.. The spirit was so strong there. We were filled with yummy food and the spirit. Especially as we talked about temples. Noon is all about this life. She is so excited to change her life.
TUESDAY: Taught this WAY rad Cambodian investigator... Who we met on the street a few days prior.. We took her to the church to teach.. and on the way she told us that she quit one of her jobs so she could start coming to church every single sunday.... What? Yeah. Never had met with her before and she is already keeping commitments. The lesson with her was way awesome.. but it was also... almost 2 hours. She speaks better English than she does Thai... But not even that great of English.. So we taught the Gospel in both Thai and English... She understood repentance and baptism the best and is SO excited to clean her sin. Such an awesome experience.
WEDNESDAY: Switch off with Sister Sattatip!!!!! Oh, wow it was so fun switching of with her. It made me miss Sister Summittra SO MUCH! Sattatip was actually trained a few transfers ago by Summitra. They have so many of the same characteristics. It was so fun to be in Thai all day. Some times I miss that being here in Asoke where I have to speak in English more. Today was also LOI KRATONG! The floating lantern festival! Round 2 for me here in Thailand! So cool. Sister REmington and I didn't get to go to any festivals as we were stuck in traffic.. Instead we got to go to Robyn's house to teach where she surprised us with a thanksgiving dinner!!! It was AMAZING. we were so happy. It was a great visit. The spirit was so strong.
THURSDAY: Sleep? Who needs sleep. Not us! We woke up around 5 to go pick up a returning Laos missionary at the airport! She served in the London South England mission and is from Laos! It was so special being with her all day. We took her all around town AND to Thanksgiving dinner with all the senior missionaries and President and Sister Johnson! They took us to an American Thanksgiving buffet! Wow.. It was so amazing... It was so strange to eat so much faraang food. i could not suck in my stomach after. We took the sweet RM back to the airport and said good bye! We turned around to find a mini Loi Kratong fountain... We got to Loi Kratong afterall.. :)
FRIDAY: Switch off with Sister Bagley Bang Khae! Oh she is a good one and so is Bang Khae. I had to pray really hard for energy that day. Heavenly Father definitely answered my prayers. I was able to talk to her about having a khon thai companion as soon she will be training a new khon thai missionary and then take her around bang khae to different member's houses. But wow by the time sister Remington and I finally were reunited... we were so mote rang. So drained! And so thankful for coming p day. OH our lives are SO fun. Being a missionary is seriously the best.
There is so many miracles and stories left out. Just know that god is over here in Thailand that is for sure. So many things that I am learning. And changing. People that are progressing. The work is still so on fire here. Sister Remington and I have a few daters right now.. That are looking really good. Pray for Noon, Sa, Jo Jo. :)
This year I am thankful for: Good health. My testimony. The Book of Mormon. My family. Prayer. My companion. Taxis. T25. Thailand. Missionary work. Asoke. President Johnson.
I can't even name everything.
Heavenly Father is in the details. I love you all.
I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates