Monday, August 10, 2015


Three days have passed.... And LOTS has happened... We have worked SO hard.


-Found a little 14 year old girl named Yoke who came inviting with us, came to sports night, came to the church Saturday and came again on Sunday... And will probably come every day now haha. She is a sweet heart.


-Shark was interviewed for his baptism NEXT week. 
-We taught Nee and Tuck again! Nee was interviewed... Wow I love those two! Tuch is so cute.. We have become good friends. We laugh SO much together. They are both so silly and cute. I think they will stay a long while. 

Sunday: Lots of miracles.... 

-BAPTISMS!! Nee and Tuck were baptized today <3 Seriously that is so cool... Their FIRST day to step foot in a church was basically a week ago. Not this past Friday but the Friday before that. WOW. That doesn't just happen. Heavenly Father has been preparing them... I feel really privileged to have played a part in helping them be baptized. So awesome. Tuck was SO excited. SHE WAS GLOWING. She is such a good influence. Especially for her mom, who was glowing afterwards as well. So cool.

-We had NINE investigators come to church... WUT... That is a ton. That is a MIRACLE! Heavenly father is pouring blessings. 

A few things to set straight: Your talk was way fun mom! Loved hearing experience from a different perspective... I gotta set somethings straight though haha.. I like waaaay more food here than just fruit and sticky rice <3 hehehe In fact... I think I am addicted to Somtam (papaya salad) and Masaman. We have been going to Issan restaurants... 24/7. Pad Thai... Is so good.. The Khaw Pat w/ Kay Gio is amazing..... Fried rice w/ fried thai egg.. And more... I loooove the smoothies. I love the cashew chicken.. Etc. :) Other thing to set straight.. Sister Jackson and I had a handy little trade off.. She would take care of all bugs and I would protect her from the dogs and other grody animals. <3 I most definitely did not ever take care of any cockroaches... But I have had to a few times since. God bless the USA... Thankful that we don't have those in Utah.. :P 

Truly though... Thailand is perfect. Cockroaches and all. 

Elder Frodsham's (way good friend in my district @ the MTC) dad passed away this past week. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

But Something of Comfort: 

During the past week or so.. For some reason a story that mom told me a long time ago had been on my mind. I remember one time she told me that Froggy Grandma had told her... That before Grandpa Kippola had passed away they liked to watch sunsets together.. And then after he died.. She would still watch the sunsets.. And whenever there was a beautiful one she knew that it was Grandpa Kippola that had painted it for her... Saturday evening was when we received the news about Elder Frodsham's dad... I realized that it wasn't a coincidence that I had been thinking of that story because the Bangkok sunset that night was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life. I know that Elder Frodsham will see he dad again. 

Trust in Heavenly Father. He knows something we don't. Our God is a God of Miracles!

I hope everyone has a great week! I am excited for everything to jump back into motion! Lots of people come back from vacation this next week and start up school and work! SO there should be lots of fun stories from me and family. :)

Love you all!
Sister Coates



This is Benny.... SHe is my favorite member here in samphan suung... SHe IS SO AWESOME.. She takes such good care of me... SHe gets it.



SOOO Much to catch everyone up on! AHH!

First matter off busines:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (2 days ago<3)
I love you so much.

(Right now in the internet rawn they are playing "I'm a Barbie Girl"...... ? ...... hahaha and headphones go on! hahaha)


Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone has fun and stays safe. I am still alive over here... SO safe to say the world isn't going to end this year. New Years in Thailand..... These people LOVE New Years. They. Love. It. Especially our awesome neighbors.:) They've had their big stereo hooked up all week now blasting silly Thai song with lots of bass. Awesome. How was my NY? Wow it was socraaazy. All the missionaries ate at Sister Lek's house- On her ROOFTOP. 

--->Food fun: They gave us a big bowlof raw meat- squid, liver, shrimp... other mysterious things. So you just needed to watch out... But they gave us these meats to cook ourselves on the hot pots in the middle of the table!!! It was so fun.And tasted SO good. (they best part was... "thailand didn't hit when we got home.... Well at least not for me...:( lol Poor sister Brown<3). And then they had these huge bowls of mystery soup.. With all sorts of... mysteries waiting at the bottom.. Beware the soups. hahaha. They had fish balls,spicy mystery hot dogs, and blood chunks... And chicken feet that I could recognize. SO fun!!!

---?Curfew @ 7... Because people like to party. :) We went to bed @ 10:30 but probably didn't sleep till around 1ish. haha It was cute though to hear all the Thai accents saying "Happeeeey New Yeahhh!!"<3 hahaha We knew it was midnight for sure when they set off all their fireworks that all would hit our tin roof <3 SO fun!

Third: It's time to be updated on investigators. Whoa.. 

>Taste- Dropped off the face of the earth..:/ She called us Friday and told us she wouldn't be getting baptized anymore... That was kinda hard to hear. Because we could see clearly she believed so sincerely in the Savior.... She just wasn't quite ready. So w yes were a little bummed... BUT that's when Heavenly Father sent....

>Tuck & Nee- We were at the church last Friday the 26th making calls.. When in walks these Nee(mom) & Tuck(daughter)... "We would like to learn about Sasanakhit" (religion Christ)...Us "day!!" (okay yeah!)... We have literally met with them almost every single day since. They both accepted baptismal dates for THIS SUNDAY. Tuck has already had her interview. And passed with flying colors. WHAT IN THE MIRACLE? God is so good. These people are so solid. And so ready for the gospel. What an experience and privilege it has been bearing testimony of Christ during this season...Keep these people in your prayers.. With it being New Years... Almost EVERYONE here goes traveling... SO we are praying so hard they will be back by Saturday. Baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost are SO important. Why delay/postpone/procrastinate blessings when you could them now? And also... Once an investigator has a date... That is when Satan tries harder than ever to dissuade. He knows that baptism is the door- gate to going back home to our Father in Heaven/... Our ability to live forever with our families. To have eternal happiness. And he will do ANYTHING to stop that. Help me kick satan in the face.... Pray. :)

>Shampoo (the color "pink"in Thai)- Met her last Sunday. Taught her the following Tuesday. She has a date for this Sunday. YOU GUYS. I wish I could explain this girl to you... She is so special. There is something about her. She has this light in her eyes. Ah.... I cannot even explain it. She IS SO SPECIAL.... Ahh... Teaching her with Sister Brown on Tuesday was something else. It was the clearest I have ever spoken Thai and the best I have understood. It was the best sister Brown & I have taught together. The spirit in that lesson took over. It taught her what she needed to be taught...Which was way more than the Restoration...Whoooaa.. We taught her the Restoration, Gospel of Jesus Christ, the WoW & the Law of Chastity in one sitting.... Because we both felt SO prompted... I was right in the middle of teaching The Savior's Earthly ministry when I turned to Sister Brown and was like... This girl is ready we need to teach her more.... Ah.. It was so cool. Shampoo said that she knew everything we were teaching was true...And it really wasn't because of us at all... It is because she was prepared by Heavenly Father... And the spirit was there. The spirit was teaching her.... She said that she loves the peace that she can feel when she comes to the church.... Ah. God is so good. I am so excited to see her have peace and feel loved every single day. BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. The situation with her is that her dad wants her to bebaptized in her birthday month.... February...That is too far away.. WHY DELAY THE BLESSINGS!!?? She is going to pray to know when she should be baptized... and talk to her dad. Please keep her in your prayers.\

The next 3 investigators Sister Brown calls our African community hahaha:

>Charles from Nigeria
>Salidan? from Sierra Leone (how ever you spell that)

It has been a cool experience teaching them... Because for one it has been in English... And two they have a Christian back ground... They were all WAY interested in Joseph Smith. When we said the first vision.... The spirit flooded the room. They could SO feel it. They are coming to church again this Sunday.:)

>Shark- Still gettin' baptized. Not this Sunday but the next.:) He is a cool guy.He gets it. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for softening Shark's heart. Please pray for him.


>>>(OHEMGEEE ANNY "Chandelier" just came on...hahaha you know I always think of you when I hear it. HA! And of you two Sis Jax.)

OKAY wow... Miracles every single day seriously... But this one was a different kind of miracle... I still cannot wrap my head around it.. And am going to try my best to explain. Sister Brown and I were crossing a busy road... Since there are not really cross walks,stop signs or stop lights in Thailand... Pedestrians... Just have to step out in the road and the cars will stop.... SO we are making our way across the road... 3 lanes of the cars had already stopped for us... But the next 2 lanes... There was a car and a motorcycle come WAY fast... SO we stopped to let them go by BUT the motorcycle guy sees us and I think it scared him and he jerked his bike a little... The front bike wheel like... Slipped on a piece of garbage that was in the road... And the driver lost control of the bike... The bike tipped and was seriously parallel to the ground....And then as if there was a hand underneath it... THe bike popped up and came to a stop right in front of us..... THE BIKE AND THE DRIVER SHOULD HAVE HIT THE GROUND AND GONE UNDERNEATH THE SPEEDING CAR. OH MY GOSH. We COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT WE HAD JUST SAW. And neither could the motorcycle guy.. He was in pure shock.... There is no doubt in my mind that we saw a hand from heaven that day..... Yesterday... AH. Angels are all around us. Heavenly Father is keeping us safe.

Family Home Evening!!!  @The bishop's house... Ah it is so humbling to see the people here... Literally give all they have... Time, money and lives to the savior. Even though they have so little in the first place. What a blessing to have spent time with them..It is true what is says in the scriptures... That the humble.. The truly penitent are those that get to know the mysteries of God.. Or in other words... Be more aware and sensitive to the blessings and spirit all around them.. And be able to share that same spirit with those with them. 

This sweet family fed us what they heard American/Falaang's favorite foods were: Donuts, Chicken Nuggets and French Toast.:) :) :) Nailed it. <3

Seriously family... This place is AMAZING. Miracles.. Are EVERYWHERE. God gives them to us because we are obedient. And because we have faith enough to expect miracles. These miracles are for anyone and everyone of us- wearing a missionary tag or not. Don't procrastinate receiving blessings or seeing miracles. HF wants to give them to us!! Cing Cing. (truly).

Which reminds me... Something that has been on my mind. Family & friends...Are you reading your scriptures?.... Beeeecause it's commandment. hahaha :P Seriously though.

Sometimes I think that we forget that God has commanded us to: read scriptures, to pray, go to church every sunday.. etc..

These things aren't suggestions.. or requests... But COMMANDMENTS! They are EASY EASY opportunities for us to receive blessings AND show our Heavenly Father we LOVE him and have FAITH in Him.... If we don't keep the commandments.. We don't have the promise of blessings..:/... How many times in the scriptures does it say... "inasmuch as you keep the commandments ye shall prosper in the land".... Keep them commandments... And RAP (recieve) them blessings! It is so easy. 

Also.. It's important to remember why we have commandments. They aren't there because they benefit God.. Rather, it is because they benefit US. 

People that I love SO much please.... Take advantage of the opportunities to receive blessings... Take advantage of the miracles that you can expect for yourself and in the lives of those you love. 

Ah. I have a testimony of keeping the commandments.
I am thankful for members.. Here on my mission I am learning how to really be one.
I am thankful for all of you. My word I love you all so much!

2 0 1 5 

Start again.
Commit to keeping the commandments!
Read Scriptures ER day! 
Pray EVERY DAY. Morning & Night. Include HF in everything you do.

This year. Will be my full year of being a missionary. I AM SO STOKED! 
ANNY... You start high school... AND WILL BE DRIVING... What in the heck?

YOU GUYS: The church is TRUE
I love being a missionary. 
I love Thailand.
I love my companion (and past companions... I think of sister Jackson.. tuk wan TANG WAN!<3)
I love my family. My friends.
For real this time I will talk to you next Monday. No more switchin P days. :)

Sister Coates



Wow wow wow. 

Just finished Skyping with my AMAZING wonderful family. I love you all so much. Wow That was literally the best Christmas present EVER. It was kinda weird seeing you right there and not being able to reach out and hug you! It was really really wonderful. And I was a little bit worried that I would be kinda homesick... But really right now I feel just.. On cloud nine. That was such a huge blessing. Thank you so much Heavenly Father. I can't thank Him enough. Please be sure to thank Him for me in your prayers. 

Family. It was so good to hear from all of you. I am glad that all of you are doing well. And are hanging in there. I hope you know how special you all are to me! 

To Zurie, Lyncoln, Noah, Savannah, & Reagan: You all are SO big!! And grown up!! It was fun to see how much your smiles have changed. And how much your sweet personalities have grown. I love you all. 

It was so fun to meet Charlie. She is perfect. <3 Eleven fingers and all. :)

To Anny: What in the heck girl!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! That smile!! Seriously. Ah. I seriously couldn't imagine what you looked like with out braces and can't still without looking at pictures!! You are so beautiful. Ah I love you. I am so glad and thankful for all the memories and laughs we have made. It seriously so fun to be able to try an explain all of our weirdness to my companions. And they all LOVE you. Not as much as I do though. :) But yes. I am so grateful that we have so many memories and laughs.. It's really been such a comfort and a blessing to be able to talk and remember! I am excited to make more memories. I love you.

Mell & Nick: Whoa! SO fun to see you! I thought you were going to Iowa!? Or maybe that was supposed to be for Thanksgiving? I have a terrible memory :P Email me and I'll tell you better stories :P I love you both! I am so glad you are both doing well. You looked so happy :) Love you!

Britt & Ry: Well first I kinda didn't really get to talk to Ry. BUT I saw ya a bunch :) Thanks for making faces at me! I love love you both. Britt you are beautiful as always. I am so thankful for your support in all things! I am thankful for both of your examples. It was SO fun to see you! And so fun to see Savannah in underwear!? I guess that was bound to happen one of these days. I think of you both everyday and am praying for you too. I know you would LOVE Thailand. 

Steff: Oh my steffy. I love and miss you. It is fun telling my companions about how my sister is a body builder and drop dead GORGEOUS. And way fun showing them how we talk in weird voice to each other hahaha. :) I love ya. I know that life at the moment feels a little bleck... But I want you to know that I love you so much and am praying for you everyday. I don't ever have to feel alone because HF is always with us.. Waiting for us to talk with him and ask for help. As soon as we do- he will! Sister Jackson sent me this poem in a letter last week and it helped me so much.... 

Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind, the stronger trees.
The further sky, the greater length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.8

May we ever strive to be close to our Heavenly Father. To do so, we must pray to Him and listen to Him every day. We truly need Him every hour, whether they be hours of sunshine or of rain. May His promise ever be our watchword: “I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”10
With all the strength of my soul, I testify that God lives and loves us, that His Only Begotten Son lived and died for us, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is that penetrating light which shines through the darkness of our lives. May it ever be so, I pray in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.
-President Thomas S. Monson

You are some good timber Steff. Heavenly Father wants you to be the best. I love you. I miss you. But I will be seeing you real soon. :)

Teed & Ben: Oh I love you both. I am glad your Christmas in a broad day light is going good. I was so comforted and just seriously overjoyed to see your smiles and beautiful faces and to see you still have your wonderful sense of humor. Zurie and Charlie are seriously beautiful. You two made some beautiful children! :) I love you both. Thank you for your support. And thank you for taking the time to write me a little gratitude card a while back from thanksgiving! That was way fun to read. :) Love you.

Kirstin and Chels: Wow! I was so surprised and happy to see you two! I felt so special that both came and took the time out of your Christmas Eve to be with me! Ah. I love you both. Thank you for your love and support. I love love love receiving your weekly updates and all the pictures you send.  I love you both and consider you family! Thank you. Love and miss you. <3

To my Parents: I already told you in our Skype messaging... But I feel like I can never tell you enough. I love you both so much and am so thankful for everything you have done for me. You continually give me Christmas gifts throughout the year and have done so all my life through your examples.. Through your patience... Through the memories we have created together. Through the many special traditions and legacies you have passed on. I love you I love you I love you. I am so grateful for you both. You are both so special to me. There is no way to describe it.

This upcoming Pday I will give you the low down on the past two weeks and the miracles and fun things. Just because I can't remember everything that happened! So I will write a list down and share everything then. BUT some of the big miracles of this past week... Were truly truly miracles and wonderful. I will explain more in detail on Monday.. But... Here some are:

-Our investigator Taste. Is getting baptized FOR SURE this SUNDAY! Ah.. She is so special... SO so special. We were nervous that we would lose her because a little run in she had with a weird homeless guy that came to the church that kept asking everyone for money.. But.. We taught her about fast offerings and tithing.. And she is excited and ready. Every time we teach her about Jesus Christ.. And his atonement. She cries. She knows what we teach is the truth. She is so special.

-Our investigator Shark. Is going to be baptized in 3 weeks because his son will be coming back from vacation at that time... He said that if he could he would be baptized that day (christmas eve) but he wants his son to see him baptized... I cannot even tell you how awesome this man is.. He is so special. For so many reasons. One because I got to teach him with Sister JAckson. Two because I literally got to see him change into an entirely new person. He went from someone who was so stressed and so unhappy EVERYSINGLEDAY to someone.. Who doesnt feel the need to be stressed.. And feels that he is loved. And knows that there is a God. He listens to everything we say and is so patient. He accepts each part of the gospel. He promised us that he would quit smoking. And he said that he was serious about keeping that promise. Ah.,.. I could go on and on. He is so cool. And so funny. I feel so blessed to have played a small part in helping him change his life. God is real.

-Inviting this past week has been fun.. Fun to ask people what they are doing for CHristmas and if they know the meaning behind Christmas... Few do.. So being able to tell them that Jesus CHrist was born on that day.. And then inviting them to learn more about him.. And more about what we believe... Really was and still is such a special experience. We met a lot of people by contacting this way.. And are so excited to teach them this weekend! Christmas miracles are so real. 

It has been wonderful to share Christmas with Sister Brown and the Thai people. I have never felt closer to my Savior.. Never been able to feel the spirit of Christmas quite like this. I hope that all of you are able to feel that spirit.. Please remember to keep Christ in your hearts always but especially at this time. Without Christ there would be no Christmas. He is the way. The reason for the season. He knows us and loves more than we can comprehend. He is the reason that families are forever. The reason that second, third and fourth chances are possible. And so so so much more. 

I love you all. I love you.
I love being a missionary. 
I love Christmas.
I love Christ.
I love Thailand.
I love my family. 
God is real.

Merry Christmas!


DEC 15, 2014: AND WE TRY

hahaha So right now I feel like I am in the middle of a war zone/hunger games... because the owner of the internet shop is playing his game on like full blast surround sound!! So if this email is a little intense.... You'll know why! Haha.. Actually I sit here and listen to the "Because of Him" and "Share the gift" videos over and over again so I can block out the noise. The power of music is incredible. And those two videos are WONDERFUL!

This email is going to be a little short this week and probably lame... But just know.. That God is real. And that He is helping me. The emails I receive every week are so inspired and cherished.. Thank you. The next time I email will be on Christmas (Christmas Eve for you)... So not next Monday but the following Thursday (Not Sunday night.. But Wednesday... Hahaha I can't be too careful it is SO important to me to see all of you!!)

Monday-Wednesday: Were my last days with the wonderful Sister Jackson! Boy oh boy do I miss her! This is some of what we did with the final days:

-Went to the B2S which is way similar to Barnes & Noble... They have TONS of pens and cute notebooks... People here are obsessed with pens. It's pretty great. Sister Jackson bought Harry Potter in Thai!! And I bought notebooks.. Can't get enough of those!

-(this part is confidential :) as in don't let any other missionaries know :P) Sister Jackson and I were invited to HANDEL'S MESSIAH with PRESIDENT & SISTER SENIOR!! Yeah. That happened. And it was way special. They only invited 3 companionship. Sister J and I both freeeeaked out when we heard the news. It was such a special treat. President Senior took us all out to dinner and spoiled us rotten there. All the sisters including sister Senior started off our meal with smoothies. So cute. <3 It was really cool to see Handel's Messiah live... We stayed for the majority of it too! It was cool to see such big group of people of all different beliefs come together to listen to music about Jesus Christ... Right in the middle of a Buddhist nation.

-We packed together! Haha it was way fun! We always have so much fun no matter what we do! It was weird to see all of her things inside of suitcases.

-Thursday came and it was time to say goodbye! It was not fun! ha... But I was so excited for her to go home to her loved ones and was so grateful to have met her and learned so much from her! There is no doubt I will be friends with that girl for the rest of my life. Bah! I can't even write this email without getting emotional! I wish I could just show you in a movie all the fun times we had and all the things I learned from her. Ah... So many things I learned from her! I learned how to be a missionary. I learned how teach simply. I learned how to love others sincerely and simply.. Ahh.. So many things. You all will be hearing about her for a very long time!  :)

Also Thursday. :) I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Brown! She is way way cool. She is from Troutsdale, Oregon! She came to Thailand 2 groups ahead of me! She is way good. We are going to learn a lot together this transfer. :)

Friday.... Weird weird day. We taught at some English camp that the bishop in our ward set up for us? Yea... The school instructors had the missionaries "teach" English... By standing in front of the whole school "singing" and "dancing" along to a youtube video "i said a boooom chicka a boom" OH MY WORD WHAT THE HECK?? It was so weird. What was cool though is we were able to share a spiritual thought and invite everyone to the big Christmas activity!

Saturday: The Christmas Activity. Whoa. I kne the members here had been working really hard for months... But I didn't realize just how hard. It was seriously SO amazing what they did... The inside of the church was turned into a full on walk through museum... With scaffolding and black fabric... So that had you not seen that you had walked into a church you would have never been able to guess where you were. There were 100's of people there. Hundreds. And so many investigators... Wow. It was insane. Way overwhelming. But good! Lots of new investigators. Some that just came up to us and said... I want to be baptized... Hmm. What? okay.

Sunday: I was seriously so stressed today! haha... It wasn't until after teaching a sweet lady named Taste that I was able to feel calm. I have learn and am continuing learn... That it doesn't really matter if we aren't able to have random conversations yet in Thai... What matters is being able to teach the gospel.. To share what we know.. And of the utmost importance... To have the spirit. The spirit was there in that lesson... And I was so grateful... We were able to understand just what we needed to. And we taught her.. And she is going to be baptized in 2 Sundays. And I just can't thank God enough for helping me and sending the spirit. All He he asks us to do is try... And he'll make up the difference.

This scripture... Is kinda how I feel... Except I am not way powerful at speaking either... But I tried. I tried to speak from my heart... And the spirit did the rest.

 And now I, Nephi, cannot write all the things which were taught among my people; neither am I mighty in writing, like unto speaking; for when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men.

I am also very thankful for the ward members here... They take such good care of the missionaries... They make us feel so loved and important. Sister Wan.. The nicest person alive made us dinner last night and we all sat at the church and sang songs together... And it was just nice to be calm for just a minute. That calm spirit to me was confirmation to me from Heavenly Father... Saying thank you for trying.

Mom I got all 3 of your packages and cried. :) Thank you. You are wonderful I love you.

I am so excited to see all of you!! I hope you are all able to feel the Christmas spirit!! Soak up everything okay? <3

Love you,
Sister Coates


Alright. Are you ready?

1st of December. When did that happen? 
MONDAY: Pday.. Again Pday's... Sister J aand I like to take things easy.. :) Today we got pedicures.. for 100฿ which is like.... $3.50..... This country.

TUESDAY: Zone Christmas Conference. Wow we were spoiled today. All the missionaries in Bangkok came together and...
-Sang Christmas carols in front of a mall... So many people stopped to listen and to video :) It was fun :)
-Went to the most high class restaurant EVER.. Huge buffet.... I cried a little.. The pictures of all the missionaries on the stairs! That's the buffet place.. I ate had SO much sushi.. SO much sticky rice & mangos... SO much homemade icecream... And Bread... oh bread i love you...
-Went back to the church where we had an awesome devo with the Seniors. 
-I sang a solo in front of 100+ people... ? Yeah that happened.
-We were completely spoiled. They gave a a Christmas CD (WITH JOSH GROBAN ON IT OMG), so many good talks (including Character of Christ by David A. Bednar... > That's the talk that I raved and raved about in the MTC). Etc.
-They shared with us their family Christmas tradition from Matthew 25:35-40-

35For I was an hungred , and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger , and ye took me in: 
36Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison , and ye came unto me. 
37Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? 
38When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? 
39Or when saw we thee sick , or in prison, and came unto thee? 
40And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren , ye have done it unto me. 

They challenged us this Christmas year to find someone hungry.. And feed them... Someone thirsty, sick, or in prison... And go unto them. And I want to pass along the invite. Give back to the Savior this year by giving to someone else..... So far....
I have given water to... A homeless man who was begging for water.
I have took in a stranger by saying hello.. inviting them to church... Being nice.
What have you done!? :)

WEDNESDAY: Investigator didn't show up that morning even after we had changed ALL of our plans for her.... It was supposed to happen though. Miracle: On the way home.. We bumped into a LA (less active) who Sis J and I have been literally been searching for our ENTIRE transfer. God is good.

thursday: OH MAN ARE YOU READY??? Okay... Today two really crazy cool miracles happened..... It was a a switch offs day. So I went to Bangkapi and was companions with Sister Mamea (oh i love her!). Okay so get this.. It was the end of the day.. We had just eaten dinner and were grabbing an icecream cone from McD's when I see that as a topping for the icecream- they have Boba (those weird popping jellies they have at Red Mango..) So i go.. "Sis. M have you ever had Boba?"; Sis M- "Yeah"; Me- "They have them at the place i used to work Red Mango."; Sis M-"Oh no way you worked there? They have one of those in this mall." me- "OHHASDHFAJSDKFHASJDFHASDM,MMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYAREEEEEEYOUUUUUUSERRRRIOUSSSSS???"


Needless to say. i FREAKED OUT.... Wow I was so happy... Wow... This sounds SOOOO silly but..... That was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. That Red Mango was built for me. I'll attach some pics.... You will see pure joy... on my face.. 

Okay the other miracle :D--->

Sister Mamea and I were making our way back to the apartment... We were talking and laughing... still inviting.... Not too many people out because I was dark out. I look forward for a second... And see a guy and the thought that pops into my mind is... I am going to get that guy's number... So we keep walking and talking... And when he comes closer.... I say "phii kha! Sonjay khaw bood may kha?" >Excuse me sir... Are you interested in coming to church?..... He was interested. And I did get his number... I walked away thinking. Hmm.. He was special....... And then after that... I didn't think to much of it.. other than oh that was really cool.. I had that thought pop in my head... And I really believed I would get his number.. So it happened. Okay so now skip forward to Sunday. I am back in Saphan Suung. We had our usual sunday night conference call with the sisters in our zone... Sister Alley and Mamea say... Sister Coates.. We had one investigator in church today. It was Nam Leab. <---- The one. Had the thought about... The special one. Gold. Way cool miracle there. :) He's going to be baptized.

FRIDAY: Happy Thai Father's Day! (the king's birthday) I love you Dad! Today we taught a TON of investigators... So that was really awesome. There is this one... named Noot. I absolutely love her. We met her on the street... about a week ago? She is the one that said that she could feel something when she prayed.. and kept rubbing her arms. She is going to be baptized this Sunday. :) I cannot wait. You guys.. Thailand is ready.
To celebrate WanPaa! Everyone here wears yellow and there are big gatherings to pay  tribute to the king.. So sister J and I went over to a member's house and watched it on TV! It was really interesting... They had 100's and 100's of people. That would come up and bow to a a huge picture of the king and give him a golden bush thing... Cool culture experience.

SATURDAY: Spoiler alert. Challenge revealed..... Thai is really really hard. It comes little by little which is more than I could ask for. I overheard some members talking about my language ability.. And at first, it made me feel really bad. They don't see how hard I try and how often I pray for help! But then I realized it was a miracle that I was able to understand what they were talking about in the first place! It was a humbling experience for me. My gratitude for the encouragement from my family, my companion, the members and everyone has increased so much. You have to prune a rose bush down to just sticks if you want a beautiful rose bush. I am okay with just being a stick for now. :) 

SUNDAY: One of the Elder's investigators was baptized today... A 90 year Buddhist man. God is real. Thailand is ready..... The man was so sweet. He was so afraid to be baptized backwards... So he did like a forward cannonball dive. So precious! <3 When he bore his testimony he said "I feel so good.. I am glad to be a member of.... What's the name... What do we even call ourselves anyways?? How do I even end what i'm saying!?" <-- hehehe so cute. His daughter had to come tell him what to say and help him back to his seat. :)

Oh my.... Miracles... Are everywhere. 

This is my last week with Sister Jackson. I am so sad. But so happy for her! And so grateful for her. We will be friends forever. Of that I am sure!

Being a missionary is so good.
Thailand is such a special place.
Thank you for your prayers family. Thank you little Noah, Reags, & Savannah for praying for me every night to speak Thai. Your prayers are working! :)

Hey guess what family? I'll see you in... About 2 weeks. :) Christmas morning @ 9:00 for me.. And Christmas Eve @ 7:00 for you. :) 

I love being a missionary.
Love you all.
Sister Coates

NOV 30, 2014 THIS WEEK

ARGH! I wrote everything I wanted to say on a piece of paper and then LEFT IT AT THE HOUSE! I will do my best to remember...

monday: PDAY. Our big adventure today was going to the Big C (aka Walmart minus a few ghetto points and the fact that everyone here LOVES Big C... And it has a food court... It is no where near as good as the street food...) But yes. our BIG adventure was buying glorious peanut butter at the BIG C. So fun! :) No FHE tonight because..... Hurricane Thailand hit... ohhhh boy. :P

tuesday: Today was so grateful for my district and for Brother Ronny! For our district meeting we went to lunch at this WAY classy French Cafe... Reminded me of Blue Lemon @ Home... It was so nice though.. I felt so sweaty and dirty... Because.. Well I was sweaty and dirty haha.. I am always sweaty and dirty. <3 Fun fact: My feet.. Are seriously always.. Just coated in gross street dirt. All the time. And it's not just me either.. Sis Jackson's feet are gross... Everyone's feet are just gross. <3 I love it! Brother Ronny is a RC (Recent Convert- hopefully everyone is getting used to this lingo haha)... He is SO nice. Sister Jackson and I had, had a way long day... He called us and said that when we got to the church to teach English - that he had something for us! He had bought us pasta and Lasagna!! (They are OBSESSED with Lasagna here... It's everyone's favorite hahaha)... So nice of him. He did it just out of the random kindness of his heart! Oh he is so nice.

wednesday: ORGANIZED our RC board... We have a huge wall in our study room that has hundreds of pictures of the members in our ward... If anyone were to come in our house and see this... They would probably call the police. The RC wall is so fun though.. And so helpful! I love seeing all of their faces smiling at me! 

thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Oh today was so happy... I was so grateful to the wonderful Bruso family for inviting us over for dinner. Apparently there is a restarunt somewhere in Bangkok that makes Turkey dinner all year round... So they had everything ordered up! Turkey (was probably the best turkey i've had in my life), sweet potatoes (*tearing up right now*), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing..... soo good.. I was so thankful for them. It was fun eating with their family. It mad eme think of my family and how grateful I am for them! I am so thankful for eternal families... At the end of the night we all went around and said something we were grateful for... Brother Bruso said something that made think.. And made me want to remember.. He said: "I think sometimes we ask for more things than we remember to be grateful for." I think about life before mission and think of all I had been given.. And how I would still want more and more.. Not really taking into consideration everything i have! Here on my mission.... My prayers are taken up in remembering ALL that I have been blessed in that day and in everyday and every second! I could not do this without God's help and I am receiving that and more everyday. Be thankful.

friday: Had the sweetest investigator today. We stopped and invited her on the street last week.. She told us today that she saw us smiling and thought we were very kind so she wanted to meet with us.. Haha what whoa!!! REMEMBER TO SMILE! While we were teaching her... We prayed.. And she kept rubbing her arms.. And told us that she could feel something.. Cool to explain that... That feeling she felt... Was the holy ghost... She said she wants to learn more about the church before she decides to be baptized.. Since she is a devout Buddhist.. but wow.. She was so prepared and... She will be baptized. No doubt.

saturday: Okay today was awesome for like 50 million reasons... I am probably going to have to go into bullet points.... Okay:
-heard like 4 Taylor Swift songs! *almost cried it was so wonderful! :P
-Taught an investigator that I had stopped and invited... Named Thaa.. He accepted the date to be baptized in 2 weeks. HE IS SO NICE. And he works out at the same gym that our RC Kwaan does- he knows her!!!! Coincidence? I think NOT! mwahaha God is so good it makes me so excited. I feel some fellow shipping coming on.
-We had stake conference in Asoke!!! It was way fun seeing all these members come together from the 3 wards. I love love love my ward. And it was way fun to see Pres. & Sis. Senior! I love them both so much. They are so awesome! President Senior can speak Thai- it's so fun to hear him speak because since he had served his mission in Japan- He speaks Thai like a Japanese hahah so cute! I can understand everything he says.. English speakers phrase and use such different phrases and vocab than Thais! I am thankful for the members who help me with my Thai. 

sunday: BIG stake conference at a hotel in Lumphini (the place where Thailand was dedicated by President Hinckley!).. Wow.. Okay let me just put this into perspective. There were 435 members who can to this meeting. Majority of which were from Saphan Suung (my area). SO awesome. They then announced the members who would be recieving the Melchizedek priesthood that day... About 13 stood. EIGHT of which were from Saphan Suung. THAT IS SUCH A BIG DEAL. Ah I love these people so much. And THEN last but most definitley not least.. They called a new Stake Presidency (today was a historical day in Thailand)... They call Brother Suuchan. WHO IS THE SWEETEST MOST WONDERFUL MEMBER FROM SAPHAN SUUNG. Oh my word. He is such a good man. And the conference was so good..... 

Pres. Suuchan didn't know that he would be called as a Stake Pres. until the morning before.... And the week before.. Him and his sweet wife invited the missionaries to dinner at their house! (not just any dinner either... TACOS)... So we were able to spend his first night with him as a new Stake President!  Wow.. That was such a special experience. So special. He is such a good good good man. He just gets it. He told us his conversion story... He told us about how he never imagined that he would have been married in the temple, an institute teacher... And now a stake president... He said None of these things would have come to be if he had not done his part. If he had not kept the commandments. He told us that the first thing he wants to do as a stake president is work on on retention. He says that next stake conference he wants to make a goal to double the amount of people in attendance. He said this is SO possible. The members just have to believe.. It is so true.. So.. True. And we don't realize that as members. We won't bring people in all at once... We need to follow the Savior's example by bring them in... One by One... In a talk we had listened to during stake conference.. David A. Bednar shared an experience of when he was the president of BYUI.. He said that there were 12000 students (or members.. can't remmeber) on campus.. And at the meeting he was in... there was only 250... He spoke to those 250.... He said that in 2 days.. Henry B. Eyring would be coming to speak to them.. And that he needed to be there on that day.. Men dressed in a white shirt, Tie, and suit coat. And the women needed to be in a dress. He told them to write down five names down... Of who they were going to go and invite to this fireside... he said to invite them in such a way... They those 5 will... go and get 4... That those 4 will go and get the 3.. and that those 3 will get 2 and the 2 will get 1.. to come. And they did. He said that the day of the fireside everyone on campus was wearing a dress and a white shirt and tie.. He said there were multiple people who showed up to the campus and then went back home to change because they didn't know what was going on... In the meeting... There were more than the 12000... And it's because the 250 invited them to come... one by one... The group of well dress students and people was such a sight that President Eyring leaned over to Elder Bednar and said... What is this? And Elder Bednar said This is all for you!

Ahh... Such a miracle story... A miracle that can happen everywhere. I know that we will reach this goal of having 950 people at the next conference. And we will and it will be because of the members.. President Suuchan kept telling us... It is all about the members. And it is true. As missionaries.. We are just here to teach. To just be tools... The members just need to invite the people they know... With a sincere heart... believing that we can and will bring people back one by one... And it will happen! I believe it and I want to challenge you all to believe it also-- ACT! Go do it. :) 

Before leaving the Suuchan's... He and his wife leaned over to me and told me that I was serving an a amazing area.. He said that I was serving in a wonderful area to begin my mission.. And that all the missionaries that are born here.. Leave Thailand speaking fluent.. Ah... Him and his family have all become very near and dear to my heart! And I don't even think they know it.

Sorry this email is very sporadic.. There is so much I wish I could tell you... There is so much I wish I could show you! This place is magic. 


-I never thought I would ever say this... Those tacos we ate last night? Were probably the most delicious thing I have ever had in my entire life.. I almost cried while I was eating them... But then didn't want to have to explain that I am a fat american at heart.... (the suuchan's lived in Utah for a while so they are fluent in english and fluent in making THE BEST FOOD EVER).

-this week sister Jackson and I ate at this place with thought was Plooy's (a restaraunt that the Elders have been raging about)... Turns out it was a bar... We ordered cashew chicken... hahaha Instead be got cashews and bones deep fried... We ate the rice, paid, and went a got somtam.. <3 

-it's way fun to see the shock on people's faces when you ask them if they are interested in going to church... 1st they stare because a falaang can speak their language and then it registers that what we are actually asking them.. :) So fun!

I love being a missionary. I really really do. 
It is SO fun. I love my companion.. November was her last full month in country and it was my first full month! So crazy. Today is her 2nd to last p day... 
This upcoming week is our Christmas party/meeting with the Seniors and all of Bangkok!!! <3 SO EXCITED!!! Stay tuned <3 

Charlie is Beautiful <3
Don't forget:

One by One
Love all of you!
Sister Coates


With Jessica Hardcastle - Nov 23, 2014

Sister Jessica Hardcastle served in Thailand and returned for a visit and found me in her last area! She is a nurse who works with my mom and she hand delivered Christmas presents from home. She is amazing! I want to be a missionary just like her!



AHH SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENS EVERYDAY! There is literally no possible way to tell you even half of it. AHH Like last week so much happed that I completely forgot to mention that our investigator Bin was baptized! 

Thanksgiving is this week! The Bruso's invited us to go over to their house for turkey dinner!!! I AM SO STOKED!!! Yayayay :) 

I am grateful for... My family. Who I will be with for all eternity. 
I am grateful for... My awesome companion, Sister Jackson.
I am grateful for... The Book of Mormon. 
I am grateful for... Patience.
I am grateful for... Rice. 
I am grateful for... Fruit stands.
I am grateful for... My Heavenly Father.
I am grateful for... Conference talks.
I am grateful for... Angels.
I am grateful for... My savior, Jesus Christ.

Monday: Went on a bike ride through the Ancient Cities today... NBD!! Whoa seriously that was amazing and it was so beautiful there. Everytime we would pass a big group of Thai's they'd yell "hello" @ us.. Because we are "falaangs" (white people they LOVE white people HA) and they laugh and giggle when we say hello back. :) I also had my first elephant encounter! It posed for me! it was so close to it I could have put my hand out a little in front of me and touched it's trunk! AH!

Tuesday: Timing is an incredible thing. We were out inviting the world... And for some reason we stopped to buy corn from this funny corn lady... And we sat there for a second after eating..... And then both at the same time said okay lets go!... So we cross a bridge... And take our usually path to a market. We pass a bus stop, when i see a girl- not knowing that @ the same time Sis. JAckson sees this same girl too.. I ask her if she wants to go to church.. her eyes light up and looks from me to Sis. J and says "Sisters?! Baptism right!?" Right then and there SHE set up an appointment to meet with us. Yeah. That happened. She is gold. Heavenly Father's timing... Is incredible.. If we hadn't taken a second to buy CORN! of all things.. We would have missed her. 

Wednesday: Happpppy Birthdaaaaay Annnny! :) So I am way blessed to have Sister Jackson as my companion. Seriously. I lover her and am going to be SO sad when she leaves me... in 3 weeks?? BUT because she is an STL we get to go on switch offs with other companionships.. So we both went to Bangna for the day where sister Morgan and Sister Croft were! I got to be comps with Sister Morgan again for half the day and then comps with Sister Croft for the other half! It was way awesome to see how other missionaries work.. And even more awesome to see how much I have learned..... And to see just how much Sister Jackson has taught me. I love my khuu!

Thursday: At the end of the day today.. Sister J and I were writing in our journals listening to my Ipod (which I am SO grateful for BTW... HUGE thank you to M&D for buying that bday present, HUGE thanks to Anny for loading it with music... And HUGE thank you to Kirstin who provided a good chunk of the music- PS I LOVE LOWER LIGHTS! I LOVE THEM!)-So were sitting there... when "Called to Serve" came one.. And it was being sung by a big group of Elders.. And I got chills.. :) Have I told you how much I love being a missionary? Missionary Work is hard work... But It is so good. Called. To. Serve.

Friday: Taught เกค (Gade) today! The cool girl from Tuesday. Yep. She is getting baptized. What on earth?? Thank you so much Heavenly Father! It is all because of Him. After the lesson we jumped in a taxi and spent the rest of the day on switch offs in Bangkapii! Oh so fun.. So after a few hours of inviting we went to Swensens (a LEGIT ice cream place) with Sister Alley (so SO cute- and is an Art History major!!!?? So cute. And from Washingtion) and with Sister Mamaea (OHHHH she is so cute. From Hawaii!).. Love being with the other missionaries.. It is so motivating! Ah. There is nothing we can't do! Everything and anything is possible through Christ! Moroni 7:33. Best Scripture Ever. Go look it up!

Saturday: Sister Lek invited us over for food... For a Tahi. Seafood. FEAST. That They went and caught... THAT morning... Actually it was Ky Lovell's Thai personality doppleganger that caught the feast. (every time I see that man i think of KY! ALSO There is a little boy here... His name is Fong... He is Lyncoln's Thai doppleganger... Every time I see him... My head kind of freaks out. I will take a pic one of these days and send... Seriously so crazy!). But yes the feast... Whoa... We had shrimp... I love shrimp... Squid..don't really love squid haha... Lobster... mmmm Made me think of crabbing with my washington family <3... Oysters... Prawns... And other mysterious ocean crawling creatures... Will send pics. Oh my word. Thailand is SO crazy.

Sunday: Timing Miracle. This story starts on Saturday... We hurried from inviting for an appointment at the church with an investigator. We get there and wait for a few minutes.. No investigator. We call... No answer. We wait for another few minutes just in case.. Nothing. We then decided to tidy up the church a little bit as there were some various pieces of trash here and there.. Two minutes after making this decision.. In walks a man.. Wondering about English.. We explain to him that we teach English only on Tuesday evenings.. He explains.. That he is only free on Sundays (mwahaha perfect!!). We invite him to come to church... And he says.. Hmm maybe I will come.. We both thought it was way cool that... We had decided to stay instead leave as a result of our dropped appointment... But little did we know that, that wasn't the end of the miracle!!! Sunday morning comes around.. We are welcoming people inside.. AND IN WALKS THE MAN! Not only did he bring himself but he also brought his sweet daughter! And they are both coming to church again next week! Had we not been at the church that day.. They would not have come to church that day.. Nor would they be coming to church next week. This all just blows me away! God is so good! And His timing is perfect. He is so good. This week i've learned and am still learning to trust in his timing... Timing not just when appointments are dropped or when plans fall through.. But also his timing in learning Thai. Timing in becoming a better teacher.. A better disciple.. A better missionary.  33 But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage.

I ate a chicken foot this week. 
Sister Jackson sleep walks... And attacked me last night hahahaha.
Thailand finally hit......... If.. You.. Know... What.. I mean... Remember that one story Ryan told us about that stake president who's arm hair stands up? And he knows he has exactly 3 minutes to... ? Hahahahahahahaha ITS TRUE! AHAHAHAH