Monday, August 10, 2015



AHH SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENS EVERYDAY! There is literally no possible way to tell you even half of it. AHH Like last week so much happed that I completely forgot to mention that our investigator Bin was baptized! 

Thanksgiving is this week! The Bruso's invited us to go over to their house for turkey dinner!!! I AM SO STOKED!!! Yayayay :) 

I am grateful for... My family. Who I will be with for all eternity. 
I am grateful for... My awesome companion, Sister Jackson.
I am grateful for... The Book of Mormon. 
I am grateful for... Patience.
I am grateful for... Rice. 
I am grateful for... Fruit stands.
I am grateful for... My Heavenly Father.
I am grateful for... Conference talks.
I am grateful for... Angels.
I am grateful for... My savior, Jesus Christ.

Monday: Went on a bike ride through the Ancient Cities today... NBD!! Whoa seriously that was amazing and it was so beautiful there. Everytime we would pass a big group of Thai's they'd yell "hello" @ us.. Because we are "falaangs" (white people they LOVE white people HA) and they laugh and giggle when we say hello back. :) I also had my first elephant encounter! It posed for me! it was so close to it I could have put my hand out a little in front of me and touched it's trunk! AH!

Tuesday: Timing is an incredible thing. We were out inviting the world... And for some reason we stopped to buy corn from this funny corn lady... And we sat there for a second after eating..... And then both at the same time said okay lets go!... So we cross a bridge... And take our usually path to a market. We pass a bus stop, when i see a girl- not knowing that @ the same time Sis. JAckson sees this same girl too.. I ask her if she wants to go to church.. her eyes light up and looks from me to Sis. J and says "Sisters?! Baptism right!?" Right then and there SHE set up an appointment to meet with us. Yeah. That happened. She is gold. Heavenly Father's timing... Is incredible.. If we hadn't taken a second to buy CORN! of all things.. We would have missed her. 

Wednesday: Happpppy Birthdaaaaay Annnny! :) So I am way blessed to have Sister Jackson as my companion. Seriously. I lover her and am going to be SO sad when she leaves me... in 3 weeks?? BUT because she is an STL we get to go on switch offs with other companionships.. So we both went to Bangna for the day where sister Morgan and Sister Croft were! I got to be comps with Sister Morgan again for half the day and then comps with Sister Croft for the other half! It was way awesome to see how other missionaries work.. And even more awesome to see how much I have learned..... And to see just how much Sister Jackson has taught me. I love my khuu!

Thursday: At the end of the day today.. Sister J and I were writing in our journals listening to my Ipod (which I am SO grateful for BTW... HUGE thank you to M&D for buying that bday present, HUGE thanks to Anny for loading it with music... And HUGE thank you to Kirstin who provided a good chunk of the music- PS I LOVE LOWER LIGHTS! I LOVE THEM!)-So were sitting there... when "Called to Serve" came one.. And it was being sung by a big group of Elders.. And I got chills.. :) Have I told you how much I love being a missionary? Missionary Work is hard work... But It is so good. Called. To. Serve.

Friday: Taught เกค (Gade) today! The cool girl from Tuesday. Yep. She is getting baptized. What on earth?? Thank you so much Heavenly Father! It is all because of Him. After the lesson we jumped in a taxi and spent the rest of the day on switch offs in Bangkapii! Oh so fun.. So after a few hours of inviting we went to Swensens (a LEGIT ice cream place) with Sister Alley (so SO cute- and is an Art History major!!!?? So cute. And from Washingtion) and with Sister Mamaea (OHHHH she is so cute. From Hawaii!).. Love being with the other missionaries.. It is so motivating! Ah. There is nothing we can't do! Everything and anything is possible through Christ! Moroni 7:33. Best Scripture Ever. Go look it up!

Saturday: Sister Lek invited us over for food... For a Tahi. Seafood. FEAST. That They went and caught... THAT morning... Actually it was Ky Lovell's Thai personality doppleganger that caught the feast. (every time I see that man i think of KY! ALSO There is a little boy here... His name is Fong... He is Lyncoln's Thai doppleganger... Every time I see him... My head kind of freaks out. I will take a pic one of these days and send... Seriously so crazy!). But yes the feast... Whoa... We had shrimp... I love shrimp... Squid..don't really love squid haha... Lobster... mmmm Made me think of crabbing with my washington family <3... Oysters... Prawns... And other mysterious ocean crawling creatures... Will send pics. Oh my word. Thailand is SO crazy.

Sunday: Timing Miracle. This story starts on Saturday... We hurried from inviting for an appointment at the church with an investigator. We get there and wait for a few minutes.. No investigator. We call... No answer. We wait for another few minutes just in case.. Nothing. We then decided to tidy up the church a little bit as there were some various pieces of trash here and there.. Two minutes after making this decision.. In walks a man.. Wondering about English.. We explain to him that we teach English only on Tuesday evenings.. He explains.. That he is only free on Sundays (mwahaha perfect!!). We invite him to come to church... And he says.. Hmm maybe I will come.. We both thought it was way cool that... We had decided to stay instead leave as a result of our dropped appointment... But little did we know that, that wasn't the end of the miracle!!! Sunday morning comes around.. We are welcoming people inside.. AND IN WALKS THE MAN! Not only did he bring himself but he also brought his sweet daughter! And they are both coming to church again next week! Had we not been at the church that day.. They would not have come to church that day.. Nor would they be coming to church next week. This all just blows me away! God is so good! And His timing is perfect. He is so good. This week i've learned and am still learning to trust in his timing... Timing not just when appointments are dropped or when plans fall through.. But also his timing in learning Thai. Timing in becoming a better teacher.. A better disciple.. A better missionary.  33 But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage.

I ate a chicken foot this week. 
Sister Jackson sleep walks... And attacked me last night hahahaha.
Thailand finally hit......... If.. You.. Know... What.. I mean... Remember that one story Ryan told us about that stake president who's arm hair stands up? And he knows he has exactly 3 minutes to... ? Hahahahahahahaha ITS TRUE! AHAHAHAH

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