Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 2, 2014

Hello hello everyone!  Wow where start.

Monday: We left for the airport at about 3:30 ish.. Hopped on the front runner... Which was crazy stressful will ALL of our luggage... I am not skilled with luggage. Thank heavens for Elders. From the front runner we took the trax.. Even MORE stressful. My arms were dead. At the airport we had glorious Cafe Rio. Wow. WOW. It was so delicious... Goodbye MTC food... :P Got to talk with the family! That was great! Got emotional :( Just love you all so much!

Tuesday (was basically non existent- crossed the international date): Flew from SL to LA.. Ew All airports minus SL are gross! :P  That flight was fast and pretty random! I met Stuart Edge! Haha so random. Go look him up on Youtube. Good guy! Boarded Cathay Pacific Airways... so Asian.. And so uncomfortable. Especially when you are you sitting between two Elders. Didn't sleep at all. Ate some super weird Asian airplane food! Landed in Hong Kong.. Were there for like 30 minutes before boarding again.

Wednesday: Landed in BANGKOK! Bwahahaha.. Ah... That was so cool. The second we stepped off the plane we were blown over with this thick thick hot shower water air. YES. so awesome. Loved seeing all the cute Thai script signs and hearing the first "sawatdii kap!".. Ah that was so special. It took us awhile to go through customs and baggage... But was so worth it when while we were walking we saw a huge angel Moroni sign sticking up out of the crowd! And there they were. Ah. I was a little star struck. The Seniors are special special people. They took our luggage and we took a subway to the mission office! Looking out the windows of the subway was like.... a movie. I can't even explain it. Palm trees and rice fields everywhere. Everything looks very close to being 3rd world. At the office! We had lunch... Which was so weird.. Because it was really like Midnight in SL. But we ate lunch. And wow am I in trouble. My poor poor baby mouth! Everything was very Thai. And then Wisan, bless his soul, brought out fresh watermelon and pineapple. Oh my word. The fruit was made in heaven! AND THEN they brought out Mangos and sticky rice.... Celestial glory... Next came orientation. Were given the down lows on money and apartments, etc. Went and got our blood drawn. OW. Tried talking to this cute Thai lady hahaha. That was funny. Came back and had an interview the President. He is. So awesome. And then we went Dan Jones-ing for 20 minutes. Whoa. So fun! I went with Sister Ference- we chose a street and asked every single person we saw (which was a ton) if they were "soncay khaw bood" interested in going to church! Everyone was so kind about it. They either politely smiled and said no- or we would talk with them for a second and get their number! So fun. :) One lady seemed interested.. And Sister Ference was talking with someone else. So i gave it my best shot hahaha.. I ttried to explained that today was my first day in Thailand... But instead I told her it was my birthday.. hahaha too good. So fun! I was SO tired. But it was only 4:30... We had dinner with the Seniors in their BEAUTIFUL beautiful home. We were all so tired. I almost died. We watched a little bit of a talk by David A Bednar.. About bring people back One by One.. And that's what we are going to be doing here in Thailand! We walked to our hotel... Took a speed shower and the second my head hit the pillow I was gone.

Thursday: Transfer meeting! Wow that was so fun! I was the first one to walk in the huge room with all the cheering missionaries! What an awesome feeling that was. We introduced ourselves in Thai, said goodbye to the all the leaving Thais! and received NEW companions. OH. MY. WORD. There is no doubt in my mind that President Senior is SO inspired. SO inspired!! Just first looking at Sister Jackson I could tell that we were meant to be! :P hahaa  We were both sent to Samphan Suun- and we are white washing!! Meaning we both have never been to this area before. It was bitter sweet to say goodbye to my disctrict.. But all of their companions looked like a perfect match and we were all ready to go. :) They had a separate room set up in the church we were in for packages and letters. And I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 letters for me! Wow! Thank you Serena and Karly Willes (who is on her mission right now in Florida!). The letters were both sent at the beginning of October Like 5th and 7th? So it doesn't take to long to get here! Yay! Sister Jackson and I took a taxi to our new home... Oh my goodness it is the cutest little house!! Has a fun mint gate.. And two little hoses for a shower... We have frogs and cockroaches in our outside kitchen area.... AND it is all wonderful :) We are way close to the church and plently of Tescos and 7/11's.. We are taken care of and watched over.

Friday: Happy Halloween! Today was the first real day. We already had 3 appointments set up my the previous missionaries. Only 2 of them showed up. We taught them at the church. Um it was awesome. Sister Jackson teaches so beautifully! I can understand almost everything she says... The Thais are a different story hahaha I'll get the hang of it one day. Not too worried :P That evening Sister Brusso (from Utah <3) Invited us over for dinner- GUESS WHAT WE HAD. CHILI! Ah... That was a tender mercy. Heavenly Father is so cool! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a cinnamon roll. :) That night we went to the church and our investigator Kwaan was interviewed for her baptism and we got know some of the fun recent converts! Everyone here just LOVES to hang out at the church. Super cute!

Saturday: Love studying with Sister Jackson. Had Somtam for lunch.... SO good. I got mine without any prick (no spice).. So good! The food here is pretty good minus the spice. There are a few things for sure that I will have to get used to! I have yet to get sick.. We don't drink any of the water unless it's bottled.. We don't eat anything from vendors unless it is cooked right in front of us or unless it is on good ice (fruit).. The meat here.. Looks rather untrustworthy... hahaha Seriously it all looks super sick haha. We taught an RC today- Fern and her son Fong... Oh my goodness. Fong is Thai Lyncoln. He is SO cute. One day I will get a picture.

Sunday: It was nice and really different going to church today. I sat next to this sweet sweet Thai sister who is 15 ish.. Her name is Ju-lean. Oh.. How i love her and understand nothing she says! Sister Jackson and I made plans after church on how we can create a more reverent atmosphere in sacrament meeting and in the church in general. I don't think these people realize just how sacred and important sacrament is. I was missing my home ward just a little! But am excited to help out these new members and little ward. After church was Kwaan's baptism... That was awesome. She speaks a little English (which was SO nice) She told me that before she was baptizzed she didn't really feel anything.. But after.. She kept placing her hand over her heart and saying.. I just feel so warm! So wonderful.

Everything in Thailand is an ADVENTURE. Everything including their hospitals hahaha... Went the hospital/clinic because I have a awful cold AND terrible Ear Infection.. Seriously those are the worst! Please pray that get back to normal soon! The hospital was so Asian though... Oh my word.. So weird! Hahaha so many of  the nurses wore opened toed high heels and their uniform was one of those little nurse hats and a short skirt. Ha! The physician who saw me spoke pretty good English.. hahah her exam consisted of stick plyer things into my nose- stretching my nostrils open to look inside hahahaha while wearing a huge lamp on her face hahaha. And then she had me lay on a table where she used a little video camera to show me the inside of my ears... Hahahaha what on earth? I was perscribed like... 5 different sets of Antibiotics.. Sketchy.. BUT I know heavenly father is watching over me!  

Love you all!

Sister Coates
Last dinner with MTC Sisters!

I made it!

October 29, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Coates:

We are happy to report that your daughter, Sister Bethany Michelle Coates arrived safely in Bangkok today. She is tired but in good spirits and is anxious to begin laboring in the Lord's vineyard in Thailand. We are thrilled to have her as a missionary in the Thailand Bangkok Mission family. Your daughter will be oriented today by the Office Couple, Elder and Sister Meeker, the Mission Assistants and also Sister Senior and I. Then she will have her first experience street contacting in the area.  She will have dinner in the evening at President and Sister Senior’s home.  We have reserved a hotel room for her and her companion this evening.

Sister Coats will receive her first assignment tomorrow at transfer meeting.  Preparation day will be on Monday and she will be able to email you each week.  I am sure she will have much to share regarding her experiences in Thailand, missionary activities and her first Sunday in his assigned area.

Please feel free to contact us at  2019361@ldschurch.org if you have any questions during  Sister Coates’ term of missionary experience. 


President and Sister Senior

Leaving on a jet plane!

October 27,  2014

Wow. WOW! Today I am Thailand bound. What a feeling.

This week sped by. We had a wonderful devotional on Tuesday.. Elder Godoy from the 70 came. He was so so sweet and brought such special spirit. There really has been such a special spirit here. I think I have been so focused on cramming in Thai and PMG that I hadn't really thought about how much I would really miss this place. Miss these people. I love my district so much. I love my teachers so much. They have all become friends that I think I will hold very dear to my heart. When It came time to say good bye on Saturday... My heart ached! And I cried. I will miss them. 

Today I went to the temple for the last time for the next 16 months.. What a bitter sweet time that was. I love the temple so much. There is a peace there that cannot be found anywhere else. There is understanding that comes to the mind and the heart. The spirit is there. Please go to the temple as often as you can for me. 

In class the other day we were asked to take some time to reflect on the kind of missionary that we have become thus far in our mission... The kind of missionary we had become in the MTC... After reflecting for a little bit. I began to realize all the things I have become... All the things I have learned.. In just this short while. And all of it I owe to my Father in Heaven. Prabida Bon Sawan. God is real.. I know that He is. I know He is with us in all things. I know that He has called the Prophet Thomas S. Monson today just the same as He has always called prophets. The Book of Mormon is True. It is TRUE. Those prophets in the BOM are real people. They lived. They were inspired. We are fighting for the same cause as they. 

Today I leave at 3:00 for the SL Airport!! My suitcases are 45 lbs and 47 :) So perfect! Thank goodness. I am excited to get Cafe Rio and Pink Berry at the Air port.. I am excited to place a BOM... I am excited to fly for 15+ straight hours..... I am so excited to meet my mission president. I am so excited to meet my new companion. Most of all I am excited to serve the Thai people. 

Thank you all so much for you love and support. You will never know the impact that it has had. 
I love you all so much.

One Week Left!

October 20, 2014

deep breaths *deeeeeeep breaths

I LEAVE NEXT MONDAY Okay... Here are my flight plans:

Monday October 27th, Leave MTC @ 3:00 PM 
Delta Airlines:Flight to LA @ 8:15 PM; Will arrive in LA @ 9:15 PM I will try to call at both airports?
Cathay Pacific Airways: Leave LA @1:05 AM arrive in Hong Kong @ 7:40 AM... Next day? idkidk
Cathay again: Leave Hong Kong @8:40 AM arrive in BANGKOK!! @ 8:40 AM October 29th... 


So there's that.

This past week:

Monday- I GOT TO SKYPE WISAN!! Oh my goodness I LOVE HIM! He was so cute. He had all of us introduce ourselves 3 times because he was VIDEO RECORDING US Aaaaaahahahahahaha It was awesome. He was so kind. It lifted my spirits.

Tuesday: As a Sis Training leader I was able to host international missionaries into our Zone! The new Cantonese speaking missionaries have arrived! (the old ones left today... crazy... I will miss them)

Wednesday: I can hear what people are saying in Thai and understand it for the most part.. And answer much faster than before.. I think I realized the key... And it is that Heavenly Father just needs us to be patient. Just be patient. It will happen.

Thursday: My teachers here are amazing. With out coordinating before hand.. They all bore very powerful testimonies. I want so badly to be able to bring a strong spirit when I teach. 

Friday: RECEIVED FLIGHT PLANS AND THAI NAMETAGS TODAY! Ohemgee I love my name is thai hahahaha,.... I will be Sidtee "Kod" ahhahaha<3 <3 Taught the Restoration to Elder Frodsham and Elder Raleigh. We in no way taught perfect but it was out best job so far. The spirit was there helping. Across the room Sister Lor was teaching as well. She started to give her testimony.. As she did, tears were running down her cheeks.. She said with the most sincere words I have probably ever heard.. That she knew the Book of Mormon was true.. The whole room seemed to stop and listen. The spirit was there. And was testifying through her words the truth. 

Saturday: Hahaha okay time for an Elder Chio story hahaha: Okay so because Elder Ridings (Chio's companion) birthday was on Sunday.. Elder magera and Slabaugh decided to play a little prank.. hahaha They bought a card for Elder Ridings that said.."the man I love is not the man everyone else sees... This man is only the man I know...." more and more awkward awful hilarious stuff... And then they signed it as Elder Chio hahahahahah... It was hilarious.. hahaha And when Elder Ridings opened it Elder Chio was like... Oh I am pretty sure that wasn't me! hahahah Like totally trying to remember if he did... hahaha SO funny... And Elder Ridings was so bewildered.. He could not figure out who sent it to him... he was saying SO many crazy funny things... we were all crying we were laughing so hard! One thing he said: "Who done make me rusxg (feel in thai) these kwaamrusxg's!!!! (feelings in thai) hahahahahahah OS FUNNY

Sunday: Happy Birthday Sister Morgan and Elder Ridings!! I am going to really miss my district.. But we are all ready to leave.

Excited for: NEW FOOD IN 1 WEEK!!! Packing... Weird weird weird. Thursday: i am in charge of a scripture study,.. I have to pick wear we read in the BOM.. If you have any ideas send them! ALSO, this is the last week you can dear elder me and... pretty much write me! SO PLEASE! please i want to hear from everyone okay?

Teed WOW! Congrats about Sheeposh!
Froggy G! I LOVED getting your letter this week! xoxox

Two Weeks Til Thailand!!!!

October 13, 2014

Nay Sueng Atthid Sidtee ca pay Ptrath33d Thai.

Hello Family & friends! <3 Oh my goodness what a week. 

Okay. A quick word: Heavenly father loves his missionaries. He knew that this week I would need a lot of support.. And I definitely got it. So many letters and dear Elders came for me.... Through out the week. I cannot even tell you how grateful and how INSPIRED they all were. I dont think anyone really realizes the effect they can have in writing a letter to a missionary.. or just to anyone.  I know I never really thought of my letters amounting to very much.. But being here.. I really think they did. Really truly missionaries feed on letters... They feed on inspirational quotes... Inspirational experiences that others share.. They lift us. So write you missionaries.. Write the ward missionaries. The spirit will direct you, You will be blessed. The missionary will be blessed and all those around the missionary will be blessed as well.. I promise. 

Monday: Seriously those Dear Elders and Letters... I love them and all of you. AND.... Today we SKYPED WITH A KHONTHAI.... (Thai person IN THAILAND)... We skyped with Ronny! He was reallly really really nice and sweet. I think he got the gist of what we were saying... But it was sad haha because our whole lesson revolved around challenging him to prepare for conference and blah blah... But since he spoke english as well- He had already seen conference and was in charge or TRANSLATING it for all of Thailand! Hahaha... Fail! But still awesome... We skype again tonight... uuuuuuugggg haha pray for us please!

Tuesday: Tonight we had an awesome awesome devo. Probably my favorite so far. Brent H. Neilson form the 70 came and spoke.. And his wife did too. They both did a wonderful job of working there words together.. LIke combining their messages... If that makes sense? But they psoke about how in order to grow a beautiful rose bush you have to prune it down.. Until is nothing but a few sticks.. And the same is with Heavenly Father... He prunes us down so that we can become something beautiful... It was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of this week. God is the gardender here. Even though today we may feel like a a little stick. We will grow into a beautiful rose bush. God is the Gardener. God knows something we don't. I trust in that.

Wednesday: Hosted... AGAIN haha... The nueng Thai's have arrived and I love them! 

Thursday: Incredibly grateful for my companions today. I had been praying for a while to have more love for them... And would be frustrated with myself at the end of the day when I didnt feel that I had progressed... But Heavenly Father answered my prayers by helping me realize that I didn't need to have more love my companions.. I needed to remember the love that I already do have for them. They are awesome. God knows something I don't. 

Friday: My teachers are incredible. Bro. Hunsaker and Sister Stolworthy... They are so great. 

Saturday:.....I can't... Remember... Except for the fact that... The reality of going to Thailand in 2 weeks hit me hard.. And busted out the flashcards like there was no tomorrow.

Sunday: I love Sundays. I love the Book of Mormon. It is true. It is TRUE! Go and read it. 

CRAZY: We leave for Thailand in 2 weeks... Elder Ridings in my District supposedly knows someone who knows our travel plans?? SO apparently we will be heading to LA and then to Hong Kong AND THEN TO THAILAND!!!

EXCITED: To bust out more THAI... WOOT *Fist pump *Fist pump *Nerd on the loose!

God is real.

I love being a missionary.

Choog Dii.

Phuakhun ca pen nay kaansuadccnwuccn khuung sidtee

Sister Coates

September 29, 2014

Monday: Went to the outside world with Sister Morgan to her Dr's appointment. Apparently she has a Retrocalcaneal Bone spur?? Mom any advice on what she should do? The doc gave her this ridiculous brace thing that just put her in more pain... It was super weird being out of the MTC... There really is a hustlin bustlin world out there Ha!

Tuesday: DEVO! With Elder Ballard. Wow. It was awesome. My companions and I got to sit on the second row RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. He looked at me MULTIPLE TIMES. I could really feel the spirit.. I felt like he was my grandpa giving me advice.. Giving me encouragement. It was awesome. One thing he said was "to know each day what you are going after.. And go after it the best you know how"... That may sound simple.. But it really resignated with me and made me grateful to parents and all who have helped teach me how to do my best. Also, every Tuesday night after the devo we ahve a district review with one of the branch presidecy members.. This week Bro. Lords came in with us.. And WOW. I love brother Lords SO much! I want to stay in touch with him and his family for the rest of my life! He is so awesome. But in our review we talked about having a perfect knowledge... A 100% perfect knowledge of the truth is having the spirit bear witness the truth... Not by seeing somethign to have that perfect knowledge.... And he asked me if I could say I had a perfect knowledge of the restoration and of Joseph smith. I with all my heart I answered "Yes I can".. I challenge you all to ask yourself if you have a perfect knowledge of the Restoration.. And of Jo Smith. If you aren't sure... Then go get one.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday Elder Frodsham! His family sent the whole district cakes... And they were fabulous with Nutella.. :) Thank you Mellany <3 ;) 

Thursday: I translated 2 pages of Thai Script in my grammar book..... Just read that sentence again. THE THAI SCRIPT. Translated. Yes it took me forever. But it happened. Wow. God is working miracles over here. There is no question.

Friday: Heavenly Father gave me another glimpse of my divine call.. And the call of my companion Sister Smith. She was encouraging one of the sisters who was having a hard time...As she spoke I could see why and how heavenly father called her to the work and how he will work through her. Also today... Translated one verse out of my Thai BOM,..... WHAT...? It happened. My companions and I taught Saang The Plan of Salvation. = Ph33n H3Ng KhwaamR))d!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED teaching that lesson. Best lesson we have taught so far. Heavenly Father continues to bless us EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Saturday: HUMPDAY!!! I had a personal interview with my teacher today Sister Stolworthy (aka Saang and soon to be Sister Butler). Wow I love her so much. It was so wonderful and reassuring to hear her say that I was exactly where I needed to be in the language learning. And that I am doing well. She is so kind and so loving. I am grateful to have her as a friend on the inside! We also had TRC again today! Was able to see Sister Madsen, Steel and Sahagun!! Wow. They are all wonderful. And it felt good to be able to somewhat understand them.. And beable to commit them to chare their favorite scriptures with a friend this week.. And ask them to share their testimonies.. Heaven is real. It is testified to me every single day.

Sunday: Fast Sundays are always special. My companions and I were called as the Zone's new Sister Training Leaders! Wow! I feel so humbled and blessed! And grateful.. I want so badly to be able to help the new sisters coming in and the sisters here. Please pray that the spirit will be with us that we will be able to help those who need to be lifted. Our temple walk today was wonderful.. It stopped raining for about 40 minutes... and gave us the sunshine to unthaw!!! The sisters in my district and I all watched the biography of Thomas S. Monson together.. If you haven't seen it yet. Go watch it. Thomas S. Monson is an amazing man and I want to be like him. 

This week: I get to host!... Again!... Hahaha Asian lang missionary <3... ALSO CONFERENCE!! OH MY WORD I AM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. While watching I will be thinking of my loved ones.. Know that we are all watching it together! :) Invite your friends to watch conference with you. Make sure you stay awake dad.. :) We get to hear the words of a prophet. And others who have been called by a prophet.

Days blur together hear. The weather is changing fast! I am so excited to go and teach the Thai people.. I can't even tell you how excited I am. Yesterday at the sunday night devotional.. the speaker asked all the Thailand bound missionaries to stand up... (9 in my district and 10 in the other)... And out of the1,500 + missionaries in the audotoirum.. We stoood. And I was so humbled... Out of all the missions he asked to stand he asked Thailand.. Because Thailand is truly amazing.. Him and his wife had recently been there and had been so touched... I am so blessed. I am so blessed. I cannot thank God enough. Please thank him for me in your prayers!

Shout out to: Mellany & Jessica! Happy Birthday this week! I love you both!

Thank you all so much for your love and support! I feel so blessed and can definitely feel prayers.
There is so much to say and so much I didn't include. I would love to hear from my sisters and my family! I loved hearing from those I did this week! You know who you are :P Love you all. 

Week What?

Okay wow. I don't even know where to start.

Letters. Wow. Thank you to all who send them. And to all who have sent emails. I really wish that I could respond to emails in depth but I really have NO time.. In fact I haven't had the chance to read through an entire email yet :/ I would LOVE it if you would send a letter.. I don't mean to sound bratty.. But because I am very limited on time on the computer.. I would like to be able to read and respond to everyone's lives! I love love love hearing from all of you! Thank you SO much for your love and support. There truly are not words to tell you how grateful I am for it.

This past week:

-I had my most difficult day so far and I had my best day so far.
-The sincerity of my prayers increase each day as I have learned to rely more and more on God. I cannot do this on my own. He knows that- and is here with me.
-I have learned if and when you will just STOP thinking about yourself.. Your needs, your wants and wishes.. And think about.. Pray about.. And seek guidance for OTHERS.. The Holy Ghost will guide you. He will. And in your pondering process for someone else... You will somehow find exactly what you needed and more for yourself. Go in with the right intentions and you will be blessed. I promise.

Excited for:

-Okay last week, we were all FOR SURE that there was going to be an apostle @ the Tuesday night devo.. There were rumors EVERYwhere that that Anderson was coming... And then a member of the 70 came... WHich was way awesome haha and taught everyone a lesson. THIS WEEK THOUGH>. I KNOW THERE IS GOING TO BE AN APOSTLE>> One of my Hmong speaking friends, Elder Richardson, said that he saw the program and that Elder Scott is coming!!! WOW WHAT A PRIVILEGE!!! :) And apparently next week is Elder Ballard?? So stoked. 

-THIS WEDNESDAY I GET TO HOST!!! So I will be picking up a new Sister mish on the curb! Away from her sobbing family (ANNY & MOM.... Still can't get over that betrayal.. ;)).. And then I get to introduce her to her new home!! I honestly feel like I was just being hosted.. It doesn;t seem right that I am now the host.. Even weirder is that I have been here about twice the amount of time as the average missionary will be.. Which is about 1 1/2 weeks...

-The Phii Thai's (older Thai's) leave TODAY for LA and then tomorrow morning and 1 AM they are out for Hong Kong.. And then to Thailand! I will miss them! I love Sister Grover, Aang and Hatch. And can't forget about all the awesome Elders!! All so suportive and helpful in learning Thai.

-We are starting to learn the Thai script this week.... Whoa... Prayers would be HIGHLY appreciated.. *butterflies in stomach*

-Thai is so... (*ASYF*IU#HO*&SDHOF#*&... In the best way of course. All those whiny Spanish missionaries can just take there "past tenses" and... eat it.. :P In the nicest way.... Of course... No seriously.. I don't want to hear ANY complaining when your language doesn't include: a whole new alphabet, caveman grammar and TONES.. I felt so close to our Cambodian sisters until I learned that Cambodian doesn't have tones. WHAT EVER. :P Really though I love learning Thai. It is definitely not easy. But I can feel the spirit strongly when I am teaching our investigators.. This is truly amazing.. And I am not saying this to boast in anyway.. I am saying this because THIS is what heavenly father has helped me learn. I can give the first discussion in Thai. I can pray. I can talk about my family. I can ask so many querstions about how my investigators feel, and about them. And ask them to open and read scriptures and bare testimony. SO much. And it has all been through the help of the holy ghost. All of it.

Gas Chamber

September 22, 2014

Okay wow. Where to start?? This week has been ultra crazy.

Monday: Pday.... The Phii Thai's left.. Meaning we are no longer the "nueng" Thai's but the new Phii Thais.... Meaning we are up to bat NEXT. Wow.. It is weird not having them here.. So many of them were so awesome!

Tuesday: RICHARD G. SCOTT CAME AND SPOKE AT THE DEVO!!  Go online and see if youy can see me! (I sang in the choir.. And it was broadcast to all the MTC all over the world)... And THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING THIS TUESDAY!!! Bahahahaha SO excited, Seriously. I am so blessed to be in the MTC at this time.. I will have had 2 apostles come and speak, 1 temple dedication, AND CONFERENCE! What am I missing??

Wednesday: I got to host 3 new sister missionaries! It was an awesome experience.. And kinda weird to relive my first day at the MTC with those sisters... I hope I helped them feel welcomed and helped take some of the stress away. One of the sisters was this cute blonde from Cali.. She reminded me of JESSICA SO MUCH! Ah.. It made heart smile. AND THEN the other girl I hosted looked just like Lorde... (and we'll never be royals *roooyaaals*). It was cool. LOVED HOSTING. #perksofbeinganASIANmissionary HA ;)

Thursday: Because the Phii Thai's are gone.. We get all their teachers.. So we have like 5 teachers now.. And I love them ALL. Wow their patience is SO amazing. SO AMAZING! Brother Yuen is probably the nicest, happiest and coolest person i've ever met. And oh... We started script this week...... UM............ Wow. It's actually really cool when it starts to click. I love drawing the characters. They are BEAUTIFUL. Thai is actually really pretty. I love to pray in Thai.

Friday: Today was definitely the highlight of my week and probably of my whole MTC experience... Today we our investigator Saang.. Everyone in the district has tried and tried to get her baptized to no avail. She has said no to us and everyone else because her whole family is buddhist and she is afraid of what they will say and do if she is babtized even though she knows the church is true. Well.... The night before is my personal study.. I prayed so hard for the guidance as to what I should study in order to help Saang overcome her fear... I was  lead to the section of Faith.. in PMG. And then we taught about faith. The spirit was so strong. It was the best lesson we have ever taugght. Our Thai was clear. We were able to look her in the eye and not at our notes... Then I asked her if she would have faith in jesus christ and recieve baptized..... Everything was still.. and quite,.. And she said yes.. We could all feel the spirit.. We all knew heavenly father was there. As we left the lesson... We all hugged each other and thank heavenly father for the gift of the holy ghost.. that touched all of our hearts.. Especially for touching Saang's/ It was wonderful.

Saturday: TRC! (Teaching Recourse Center) My khuu's and I got to teach this ADORABLE Thai sister and then Sister Emily Steele and Sister Carly Madsen!!! (Those are the 2 RM's that I went out to lunch with before I left!!!) It was SO awesome to see them.. They took a burden of stress off of my shoulders.

Sunday: Ogden Temple dedication.. What a marvelous and wonderful wonderful blessing. The temple is my home too (echoing Elder Bednar's words)... And wow.. When President Monson spoke.. My insides were shuffling.. He is truly a prophet of God. And we had the opportunity to listen to A PROPHET of God... PRAY with God.. How blessed are we? I loved when he said "memories are the roses in the winter"... I will definitely hold that memory near and dear to my heart.

Excited for: 

-Another Apostle on Tusday!!
-This Saturday is my HUMPDAY!!!! HALF WAY TO THAILAND! *sutyaaad! (awesome in thai)
-Fast Sunday.. And then next week is conference!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG AND THEN I WILL BE IN THAILAND THAT MONTH!!! WHOAAAA

Anny: Baby lock them doors and turn them lights down loooow.

Funny: (and disturbing):

-The MTC food... Oh man.. It's killing my stomach... I titled this email gas chamber because that is what my residence room has become... A GAS CHAMBER..,,,, My companions and sister lor and buechter will all probably have brain damage by the time we leave.. Or not wake up one morning because I gassed them to death. Hahahah this makes me think of Teed and Ben.. lolol I miss you both! How is Z and Charlie?? :(((

-Elder Chio.... Oh my word.. He still calls me sister Quartz hahaha... And he asks me everyday if I am excited to take another selfie on sunday..... No Elder Chio... Not anymore... Hahahah ;) Nah he is super funny and nice. This week he asked every single one of our new teachers if they were familiar with "elduhh O-live" hahahah Seriously will someone please send me a recording so I can record his voice for you? PLEASE hahahahah too funny.

Dad: Will you please Dear Elder me about your life? You can pretend to be working.. But instead just be writing your daughter.. :PPPP Love you! And miss your dumb jokes ad loud singing.. Everyone here has like... Singing competitions in the bathroom.. I was sing TO MYSELF at like 6:15.. i was singing Les mis.. And Some other sister,.. Starts singing the same line.. But louder.. AND LOUDER... HA

Mom: Thank you for your support. I love you so much. Hearing from you and getting packages from you is the best thing.  

I love you all so much. 
I love being a missionary more than I ever could have imagined even though it has not been easy.
I KNOW God is with me. I KNOW He lives. 
Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior.
All my love,
Sister Coates
September 8, 2014


Okay first thing. Thank you so much for the package!! I loved ALL of the food. Seriously. My tummy every night says Khap Khun Maaaaaaaaah!!!! (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH in thai). The shoes and midi shirt were perfect. I LOVED your notes. And lyncoln's note made my heart smile. :) Thanks buddy xoxoxo. As for the Deodorant; I am allergic to Dove.. :/ it makes me itch. So if you are able to send any of the 9 sticks of Degree that we had already bought that would be awesome! I was notified on Tuesday evening that I had a package but  I didnt get the notification until after i got back from choir rehearsal. So the mail office was already close.. So i got it on Wednesday morning. BUT in the future I should be able to get it right then. My Khuu's (companion) dropped off a bag off popcorn at the MTC! So if you wanted you could just fill a bag up with stuff and drop it where Teed did. Thanks Teed and love you and everyone! Anny I am still waiting for the cute packaged popcorn! Don't send unpopped popcorn.. We arent supposed to use the microwave for that.. Not sure why ://

I don't need any more G's or my Thai BOM sent to me. Thanks tho! 

Emailing and letters. I really cannot express how much i love hearing from you all. As weird as this may sound- i fell like i haven't been forgotten when i receive a ltter. And it is like someone is here with me- cheering me on saying "YOU CAN DO THIS". SO please send letters. There are 3 people in my district who have not recieved any mail. PLEASE send them a Dear Elder. 
Sister Lee Ann Lor, Elder Jason Chio & Elder Matthew Raleigh (All going to my same mission address). I can't imagine not getting a letter yet. Please do a little bit of service to them and the Lord will bless you IMMENSLEY. I only have 1 hour every P Day to email. So I don't have very much time to respond plus type up a big email.. We are only supposed to write letters on P days.. So i have plenty of time to write a letter! So please send me a letter so i can have your address! I HAVE to be obediant by following the rule or I will not have the spirit with me to help me learn Thai and teach. I desperately need the spirit with me. My district and I would really appreciate SPECIFIC prayers to help us with learning the language. 

Funny: There is an Elder in my district, Elder Chio, who is SO Asian and SO funny. AND for some odd reason totally loves me hahahaha (in a completely non romantic way). Elder Chio ALWAYS wants to take selfies.. So it  has become a tradition that every Sunday we take a selfie at the temple.. Well the first time he totally went to take a selfie with my and like basically put his head in the crook of my neck hahahahaha my whole district laughed and laughed and laughed . It was hilariiuos.s As missionary- you are not suppposed to be physically  close to a mish of the oppisite sex hahaha... Also during Volleyball he told my companion Sister Morgan, That Sister "Quarts" was his biggest compettiion hahahaha HE THOUGHT MY NAME WAS SISTER QUARTS hahahah Asians... ;)  ANd then another day we were all telling each other what our worst fear was.. And he goes: Sister Coates is probably my biggest fear Ahahahahahah... I can't wait till you meet him. HE IS SO FUNNY. There is an attached picture of him on the email. lolol It's the selfie. 

I found 2 of my Red Mango co workers! Elder Blaize Prior and Sister Shelby Espinoza!! Was THRILLED to see them.

We sang "we are as the army of helaman" at the sunday Devotional yesterday.. I felt the spirit in and out of my body. I am now the Lord's missionary. To bring the world his truth. Go listen to the song. <3

In Thai: I can pray, invite someone to be baptized, give the first lesson in PMG and hold a basic conversation. Stay tuned.

This week: We taught our investigator Icecream for the last time (if i hadn't mentioned him before.. Yes Icecream was his name). He is actually now our 2nd teacher. He came in and taught for the 1st time this week. WOW. I have never felt so overwhelmed and completely lost in my life. I could understand maybe a word or 2 or what he said. Everyone left class that day absolutely distraught. We all kinda thought we were getting a handle on the language. WRONG. Day 2 with our new teacher (Brother Hunsaker) came around and we were all dreading it. During this class session and the first class session, he spoke so fast that I could scarcely make out a few words. I knew everyone in the class, including myself was feeling VERY overwhelmed. When Brother Hunsaker asked for someone to volunteer to be the investigator, against my better judgement, I raised my hand. Before he began, I said a quick silent prayer and took a deep breath. He then started giving the first lesson in Thai.. And that's when it happened. For every Thai word he said, the English translation was immediately and quietly spoken in the back of my mind. It was NOT me that was translating those words. Before sitting down as the investigator, it would take me 20-30 seconds to understand a word or two out of the paragraph he had said! The Holy Ghost is very very real. I think God wanted me to have that experience to show me that He is very aware of me and of what I had been feeling. I hope and pray will all my heart that every missionary can experience something like that. I know that through just a little bit of faith, it is possible.
I still absolutely LOVE being a missionary. I love learning Thai despite the stress that it comes with. I know God lives/
Love you all,
Sister Quarts-- I mean Coates

I am a missionary!

September 1, 2014

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I am a missionary. And can I just say I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I love love love love love wearing a name tag. It is the most wonderful feeling ever to wear my name tag. I can't even describe it. 

I am going to try and give you the low down on my week and the MTC. I think I am kinda getting the hang of it here.. Kinda haha.. 

Wednesday: The last images I saw of Mom and Anny, were CONTORTED RED CRY FACES!!! You both betrayed me... ;P It kinda hurt my heart! Will you please send me a happy picture of the both of you? I walked up the hill and into the building where i received my keycard and my NAME TAG!!! I took my luggage to my room wich consists of 3 bunks and 3 little dresser things.. I was the first one in so i had first pic... I chose the top middle bunk. I like it! The only down fall is.. You kinda feel like youre going to die when you;re going up and down. AND it is way hard to make your bed. Next we went into the classroom! Where YEP the rumors are true. My teacher, Sister Stolworthy, only spoke to me in Thai! It was insane.. As more missionaries arrived I met my companions- I get to be in a TRIO companionship! I am with Sister Morgan and Sister Smith! Both so awesome. We had Thai lessons, devotionals, dinner, and more and more and more stuff until OMG it was lights out.

Thursday: THAI ALL DAY LONG. ALL DAY. ALL DAY. I can't even tell you how much Thai I have learned. It is so insane. It is the hardest thing EVER. It is frustrating and rewarding and time consuming. I can feel my brain pushing itself. I received my first letter today! And wow that was SUCH a motivation BOOSTER! Thank you Elder Cox :)  I can't even remember anything else I did except for Thai. 

Friday: Taught an investigator today.... Not even kidding. His name is Icecream. Still not kidding. In Thai you say it "EYE-TEEN" (use Asian accent). It went pretty well I felt.. For the 3 of us only having a day and a half of Thai experience. Today.. Moooooore and moooooore Thai. Today was actually the first time I became a little flustered and frustrated with the language... I know I know you;re saying calm down sister you just got there! But seriously. There is so much to memorize it is ridiculous. BUT THEN!!!! I GOT MY FIRST PACKAGE! Hahahaha Thanks Teed and Family :) Hahahah WOW I laughed so hard at those pictures. Seriously we have taken some ugly pictures before.. But Wow those were soooo ugly hahahahaha. Love you all. Thank you for 

Saturday: Taught Icecream again. This time was harder because we couldn't just take up time telling him who we were, who god and Jesus Christ are. I taught him how to pray.. And we showed him a scripture in the BOM. Hahaha actually in the lesson we prayed 3 times within the space of like five minutes hahahaha,,,And then for the rest of the day we learned Thai. Thai, and more Thai! But this time Brother Thrap was our teacher!!! I learned A TON with him. It astounds me at how PATIENT the teachers are here. 

Sunday: Seriously this was the best day ever. We had personal study, music and the spoken word (just for sisters which was an AMAZING break), relief society which was awesome, sacrament meeting with our zone (everyone going to Thailand!), a temple walk (was so awesome because we got to go outside and see trees and the SUN and THE SKY!), went to choir (I might be able to sing in general conference! We will now for sure in a few weeks. It felt amazing to sing), a devotional (felt so nice to be able to just sit and not use my brain for half a second), movie time (we watched/listened to a talk by David A. Bednar that he had delivered to the MTC like 3 years ago? It was probably the best talk I have ever heard in my life. It answered ever concern and calmed every stress that I had. If you get the chance try to find Characteristics of Christ by Bednar. Seriously, it changed my life. I want to be a better person! The best missionary I can be! One thing I loved that Elder Bednar said was instead of writing down EVERYTHING that we hear- writing down the large plates- to write down our impressions... Write down what the holy ghost is trying to say to us.

Monday: P DAY! Wow I have never been so happy to put on a pair of pants in my life. There is still lots to do today to get better situated.. I need to buy somethings.. etc.

Things I shoulda known!
-The MTC is freezing. My legs are ALWAYS cold. I am not sure what to do about it either.. I can't really wear tights in Thailand?
-We have dinner at 4:30, so by the time we get back to the residence (sleeping quarters) I AM STARVING
-Having slip on shoes is kind of a must.. Having to undo straps and buckles is SO time consuming.
-As a missionary you are not supposed to have pretty much any color nail polish. So if anyone wants to send me a present haha clear/nude/light pink are the only ones i can wear.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

one week more

One week until take off. 


Am I nervous? Scared? Excited? FTF(freak)O?

Yes, to ALL of the above. 

Has Satan been throwing crap? HA. You bet! 

Is everything going to be okay? Absolutely.

Is this going to the biggest most amazing adventure of my life? With out a doubt.

Have I finished the BOM yet? Haha.. Not quite.

Am I ready? Let's do this.

What I know:

God is real. He speaks today. He knows me. He hears my prayers. He has blessed me more than I can say and more than I will ever be able to repay.  He knows I can do hard things. He is with me always. He has prepared me for my mission since day one. He will be with me every step of the way.

What Gives Me Strength:

"I testify that bad days always come to an end, faith always triumphs and that Heavenly Father's promises are always kept." -Jeffrey R. Holland

What I'm Going to Do:

12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever. Alma 26:12