Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane!

October 27,  2014

Wow. WOW! Today I am Thailand bound. What a feeling.

This week sped by. We had a wonderful devotional on Tuesday.. Elder Godoy from the 70 came. He was so so sweet and brought such special spirit. There really has been such a special spirit here. I think I have been so focused on cramming in Thai and PMG that I hadn't really thought about how much I would really miss this place. Miss these people. I love my district so much. I love my teachers so much. They have all become friends that I think I will hold very dear to my heart. When It came time to say good bye on Saturday... My heart ached! And I cried. I will miss them. 

Today I went to the temple for the last time for the next 16 months.. What a bitter sweet time that was. I love the temple so much. There is a peace there that cannot be found anywhere else. There is understanding that comes to the mind and the heart. The spirit is there. Please go to the temple as often as you can for me. 

In class the other day we were asked to take some time to reflect on the kind of missionary that we have become thus far in our mission... The kind of missionary we had become in the MTC... After reflecting for a little bit. I began to realize all the things I have become... All the things I have learned.. In just this short while. And all of it I owe to my Father in Heaven. Prabida Bon Sawan. God is real.. I know that He is. I know He is with us in all things. I know that He has called the Prophet Thomas S. Monson today just the same as He has always called prophets. The Book of Mormon is True. It is TRUE. Those prophets in the BOM are real people. They lived. They were inspired. We are fighting for the same cause as they. 

Today I leave at 3:00 for the SL Airport!! My suitcases are 45 lbs and 47 :) So perfect! Thank goodness. I am excited to get Cafe Rio and Pink Berry at the Air port.. I am excited to place a BOM... I am excited to fly for 15+ straight hours..... I am so excited to meet my mission president. I am so excited to meet my new companion. Most of all I am excited to serve the Thai people. 

Thank you all so much for you love and support. You will never know the impact that it has had. 
I love you all so much.

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