Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week What?

Okay wow. I don't even know where to start.

Letters. Wow. Thank you to all who send them. And to all who have sent emails. I really wish that I could respond to emails in depth but I really have NO time.. In fact I haven't had the chance to read through an entire email yet :/ I would LOVE it if you would send a letter.. I don't mean to sound bratty.. But because I am very limited on time on the computer.. I would like to be able to read and respond to everyone's lives! I love love love hearing from all of you! Thank you SO much for your love and support. There truly are not words to tell you how grateful I am for it.

This past week:

-I had my most difficult day so far and I had my best day so far.
-The sincerity of my prayers increase each day as I have learned to rely more and more on God. I cannot do this on my own. He knows that- and is here with me.
-I have learned if and when you will just STOP thinking about yourself.. Your needs, your wants and wishes.. And think about.. Pray about.. And seek guidance for OTHERS.. The Holy Ghost will guide you. He will. And in your pondering process for someone else... You will somehow find exactly what you needed and more for yourself. Go in with the right intentions and you will be blessed. I promise.

Excited for:

-Okay last week, we were all FOR SURE that there was going to be an apostle @ the Tuesday night devo.. There were rumors EVERYwhere that that Anderson was coming... And then a member of the 70 came... WHich was way awesome haha and taught everyone a lesson. THIS WEEK THOUGH>. I KNOW THERE IS GOING TO BE AN APOSTLE>> One of my Hmong speaking friends, Elder Richardson, said that he saw the program and that Elder Scott is coming!!! WOW WHAT A PRIVILEGE!!! :) And apparently next week is Elder Ballard?? So stoked. 

-THIS WEDNESDAY I GET TO HOST!!! So I will be picking up a new Sister mish on the curb! Away from her sobbing family (ANNY & MOM.... Still can't get over that betrayal.. ;)).. And then I get to introduce her to her new home!! I honestly feel like I was just being hosted.. It doesn;t seem right that I am now the host.. Even weirder is that I have been here about twice the amount of time as the average missionary will be.. Which is about 1 1/2 weeks...

-The Phii Thai's (older Thai's) leave TODAY for LA and then tomorrow morning and 1 AM they are out for Hong Kong.. And then to Thailand! I will miss them! I love Sister Grover, Aang and Hatch. And can't forget about all the awesome Elders!! All so suportive and helpful in learning Thai.

-We are starting to learn the Thai script this week.... Whoa... Prayers would be HIGHLY appreciated.. *butterflies in stomach*

-Thai is so... (*ASYF*IU#HO*&SDHOF#*&... In the best way of course. All those whiny Spanish missionaries can just take there "past tenses" and... eat it.. :P In the nicest way.... Of course... No seriously.. I don't want to hear ANY complaining when your language doesn't include: a whole new alphabet, caveman grammar and TONES.. I felt so close to our Cambodian sisters until I learned that Cambodian doesn't have tones. WHAT EVER. :P Really though I love learning Thai. It is definitely not easy. But I can feel the spirit strongly when I am teaching our investigators.. This is truly amazing.. And I am not saying this to boast in anyway.. I am saying this because THIS is what heavenly father has helped me learn. I can give the first discussion in Thai. I can pray. I can talk about my family. I can ask so many querstions about how my investigators feel, and about them. And ask them to open and read scriptures and bare testimony. SO much. And it has all been through the help of the holy ghost. All of it.

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