Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gas Chamber

September 22, 2014

Okay wow. Where to start?? This week has been ultra crazy.

Monday: Pday.... The Phii Thai's left.. Meaning we are no longer the "nueng" Thai's but the new Phii Thais.... Meaning we are up to bat NEXT. Wow.. It is weird not having them here.. So many of them were so awesome!

Tuesday: RICHARD G. SCOTT CAME AND SPOKE AT THE DEVO!!  Go online and see if youy can see me! (I sang in the choir.. And it was broadcast to all the MTC all over the world)... And THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING THIS TUESDAY!!! Bahahahaha SO excited, Seriously. I am so blessed to be in the MTC at this time.. I will have had 2 apostles come and speak, 1 temple dedication, AND CONFERENCE! What am I missing??

Wednesday: I got to host 3 new sister missionaries! It was an awesome experience.. And kinda weird to relive my first day at the MTC with those sisters... I hope I helped them feel welcomed and helped take some of the stress away. One of the sisters was this cute blonde from Cali.. She reminded me of JESSICA SO MUCH! Ah.. It made heart smile. AND THEN the other girl I hosted looked just like Lorde... (and we'll never be royals *roooyaaals*). It was cool. LOVED HOSTING. #perksofbeinganASIANmissionary HA ;)

Thursday: Because the Phii Thai's are gone.. We get all their teachers.. So we have like 5 teachers now.. And I love them ALL. Wow their patience is SO amazing. SO AMAZING! Brother Yuen is probably the nicest, happiest and coolest person i've ever met. And oh... We started script this week...... UM............ Wow. It's actually really cool when it starts to click. I love drawing the characters. They are BEAUTIFUL. Thai is actually really pretty. I love to pray in Thai.

Friday: Today was definitely the highlight of my week and probably of my whole MTC experience... Today we our investigator Saang.. Everyone in the district has tried and tried to get her baptized to no avail. She has said no to us and everyone else because her whole family is buddhist and she is afraid of what they will say and do if she is babtized even though she knows the church is true. Well.... The night before is my personal study.. I prayed so hard for the guidance as to what I should study in order to help Saang overcome her fear... I was  lead to the section of Faith.. in PMG. And then we taught about faith. The spirit was so strong. It was the best lesson we have ever taugght. Our Thai was clear. We were able to look her in the eye and not at our notes... Then I asked her if she would have faith in jesus christ and recieve baptized..... Everything was still.. and quite,.. And she said yes.. We could all feel the spirit.. We all knew heavenly father was there. As we left the lesson... We all hugged each other and thank heavenly father for the gift of the holy ghost.. that touched all of our hearts.. Especially for touching Saang's/ It was wonderful.

Saturday: TRC! (Teaching Recourse Center) My khuu's and I got to teach this ADORABLE Thai sister and then Sister Emily Steele and Sister Carly Madsen!!! (Those are the 2 RM's that I went out to lunch with before I left!!!) It was SO awesome to see them.. They took a burden of stress off of my shoulders.

Sunday: Ogden Temple dedication.. What a marvelous and wonderful wonderful blessing. The temple is my home too (echoing Elder Bednar's words)... And wow.. When President Monson spoke.. My insides were shuffling.. He is truly a prophet of God. And we had the opportunity to listen to A PROPHET of God... PRAY with God.. How blessed are we? I loved when he said "memories are the roses in the winter"... I will definitely hold that memory near and dear to my heart.

Excited for: 

-Another Apostle on Tusday!!
-This Saturday is my HUMPDAY!!!! HALF WAY TO THAILAND! *sutyaaad! (awesome in thai)
-Fast Sunday.. And then next week is conference!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG AND THEN I WILL BE IN THAILAND THAT MONTH!!! WHOAAAA

Anny: Baby lock them doors and turn them lights down loooow.

Funny: (and disturbing):

-The MTC food... Oh man.. It's killing my stomach... I titled this email gas chamber because that is what my residence room has become... A GAS CHAMBER..,,,, My companions and sister lor and buechter will all probably have brain damage by the time we leave.. Or not wake up one morning because I gassed them to death. Hahahah this makes me think of Teed and Ben.. lolol I miss you both! How is Z and Charlie?? :(((

-Elder Chio.... Oh my word.. He still calls me sister Quartz hahaha... And he asks me everyday if I am excited to take another selfie on sunday..... No Elder Chio... Not anymore... Hahahah ;) Nah he is super funny and nice. This week he asked every single one of our new teachers if they were familiar with "elduhh O-live" hahahah Seriously will someone please send me a recording so I can record his voice for you? PLEASE hahahahah too funny.

Dad: Will you please Dear Elder me about your life? You can pretend to be working.. But instead just be writing your daughter.. :PPPP Love you! And miss your dumb jokes ad loud singing.. Everyone here has like... Singing competitions in the bathroom.. I was sing TO MYSELF at like 6:15.. i was singing Les mis.. And Some other sister,.. Starts singing the same line.. But louder.. AND LOUDER... HA

Mom: Thank you for your support. I love you so much. Hearing from you and getting packages from you is the best thing.  

I love you all so much. 
I love being a missionary more than I ever could have imagined even though it has not been easy.
I KNOW God is with me. I KNOW He lives. 
Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior.
All my love,
Sister Coates

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