Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Week Left!

October 20, 2014

deep breaths *deeeeeeep breaths

I LEAVE NEXT MONDAY Okay... Here are my flight plans:

Monday October 27th, Leave MTC @ 3:00 PM 
Delta Airlines:Flight to LA @ 8:15 PM; Will arrive in LA @ 9:15 PM I will try to call at both airports?
Cathay Pacific Airways: Leave LA @1:05 AM arrive in Hong Kong @ 7:40 AM... Next day? idkidk
Cathay again: Leave Hong Kong @8:40 AM arrive in BANGKOK!! @ 8:40 AM October 29th... 


So there's that.

This past week:

Monday- I GOT TO SKYPE WISAN!! Oh my goodness I LOVE HIM! He was so cute. He had all of us introduce ourselves 3 times because he was VIDEO RECORDING US Aaaaaahahahahahaha It was awesome. He was so kind. It lifted my spirits.

Tuesday: As a Sis Training leader I was able to host international missionaries into our Zone! The new Cantonese speaking missionaries have arrived! (the old ones left today... crazy... I will miss them)

Wednesday: I can hear what people are saying in Thai and understand it for the most part.. And answer much faster than before.. I think I realized the key... And it is that Heavenly Father just needs us to be patient. Just be patient. It will happen.

Thursday: My teachers here are amazing. With out coordinating before hand.. They all bore very powerful testimonies. I want so badly to be able to bring a strong spirit when I teach. 

Friday: RECEIVED FLIGHT PLANS AND THAI NAMETAGS TODAY! Ohemgee I love my name is thai hahahaha,.... I will be Sidtee "Kod" ahhahaha<3 <3 Taught the Restoration to Elder Frodsham and Elder Raleigh. We in no way taught perfect but it was out best job so far. The spirit was there helping. Across the room Sister Lor was teaching as well. She started to give her testimony.. As she did, tears were running down her cheeks.. She said with the most sincere words I have probably ever heard.. That she knew the Book of Mormon was true.. The whole room seemed to stop and listen. The spirit was there. And was testifying through her words the truth. 

Saturday: Hahaha okay time for an Elder Chio story hahaha: Okay so because Elder Ridings (Chio's companion) birthday was on Sunday.. Elder magera and Slabaugh decided to play a little prank.. hahaha They bought a card for Elder Ridings that said.."the man I love is not the man everyone else sees... This man is only the man I know...." more and more awkward awful hilarious stuff... And then they signed it as Elder Chio hahahahahah... It was hilarious.. hahaha And when Elder Ridings opened it Elder Chio was like... Oh I am pretty sure that wasn't me! hahahah Like totally trying to remember if he did... hahaha SO funny... And Elder Ridings was so bewildered.. He could not figure out who sent it to him... he was saying SO many crazy funny things... we were all crying we were laughing so hard! One thing he said: "Who done make me rusxg (feel in thai) these kwaamrusxg's!!!! (feelings in thai) hahahahahahah OS FUNNY

Sunday: Happy Birthday Sister Morgan and Elder Ridings!! I am going to really miss my district.. But we are all ready to leave.

Excited for: NEW FOOD IN 1 WEEK!!! Packing... Weird weird weird. Thursday: i am in charge of a scripture study,.. I have to pick wear we read in the BOM.. If you have any ideas send them! ALSO, this is the last week you can dear elder me and... pretty much write me! SO PLEASE! please i want to hear from everyone okay?

Teed WOW! Congrats about Sheeposh!
Froggy G! I LOVED getting your letter this week! xoxox

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