Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Two Weeks Til Thailand!!!!

October 13, 2014

Nay Sueng Atthid Sidtee ca pay Ptrath33d Thai.

Hello Family & friends! <3 Oh my goodness what a week. 

Okay. A quick word: Heavenly father loves his missionaries. He knew that this week I would need a lot of support.. And I definitely got it. So many letters and dear Elders came for me.... Through out the week. I cannot even tell you how grateful and how INSPIRED they all were. I dont think anyone really realizes the effect they can have in writing a letter to a missionary.. or just to anyone.  I know I never really thought of my letters amounting to very much.. But being here.. I really think they did. Really truly missionaries feed on letters... They feed on inspirational quotes... Inspirational experiences that others share.. They lift us. So write you missionaries.. Write the ward missionaries. The spirit will direct you, You will be blessed. The missionary will be blessed and all those around the missionary will be blessed as well.. I promise. 

Monday: Seriously those Dear Elders and Letters... I love them and all of you. AND.... Today we SKYPED WITH A KHONTHAI.... (Thai person IN THAILAND)... We skyped with Ronny! He was reallly really really nice and sweet. I think he got the gist of what we were saying... But it was sad haha because our whole lesson revolved around challenging him to prepare for conference and blah blah... But since he spoke english as well- He had already seen conference and was in charge or TRANSLATING it for all of Thailand! Hahaha... Fail! But still awesome... We skype again tonight... uuuuuuugggg haha pray for us please!

Tuesday: Tonight we had an awesome awesome devo. Probably my favorite so far. Brent H. Neilson form the 70 came and spoke.. And his wife did too. They both did a wonderful job of working there words together.. LIke combining their messages... If that makes sense? But they psoke about how in order to grow a beautiful rose bush you have to prune it down.. Until is nothing but a few sticks.. And the same is with Heavenly Father... He prunes us down so that we can become something beautiful... It was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of this week. God is the gardender here. Even though today we may feel like a a little stick. We will grow into a beautiful rose bush. God is the Gardener. God knows something we don't. I trust in that.

Wednesday: Hosted... AGAIN haha... The nueng Thai's have arrived and I love them! 

Thursday: Incredibly grateful for my companions today. I had been praying for a while to have more love for them... And would be frustrated with myself at the end of the day when I didnt feel that I had progressed... But Heavenly Father answered my prayers by helping me realize that I didn't need to have more love my companions.. I needed to remember the love that I already do have for them. They are awesome. God knows something I don't. 

Friday: My teachers are incredible. Bro. Hunsaker and Sister Stolworthy... They are so great. 

Saturday:.....I can't... Remember... Except for the fact that... The reality of going to Thailand in 2 weeks hit me hard.. And busted out the flashcards like there was no tomorrow.

Sunday: I love Sundays. I love the Book of Mormon. It is true. It is TRUE! Go and read it. 

CRAZY: We leave for Thailand in 2 weeks... Elder Ridings in my District supposedly knows someone who knows our travel plans?? SO apparently we will be heading to LA and then to Hong Kong AND THEN TO THAILAND!!!

EXCITED: To bust out more THAI... WOOT *Fist pump *Fist pump *Nerd on the loose!

God is real.

I love being a missionary.

Choog Dii.

Phuakhun ca pen nay kaansuadccnwuccn khuung sidtee

Sister Coates

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