Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nov 27: thank you

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone. Our lives in Asoke are so crazy sometimes I forgot to breath!

Last SUNDAY it was Bangkok West conference at the Bang Khae building. So that was way fun to go back there and see everyone! It was actually a way amazing experience to see a bunch investigators there.. That I had invited personally back when I was serving there. It felt nice to know thatthe work I had done in previous transfers is still giving fruit. That evening our Thanksgiving week was officially kicked off at the Granges' where sister Grange made pumpkin pie.. Oh I forgot how good that tastes.

MONDAY: We invited... For a very. very. very long time. And it was WAY great. Seriously. We found some cool people... But the blessings from our inviting came in other ways that day and later in the week as well. That night we had a family home evening with Sister Lek and Hong w/ our RC: sister Gan her little daughter kassy and our investigator Sister Noon! Oh.. The spirit was so strong there. We were filled with yummy food and the spirit. Especially as we talked about temples. Noon is all about this life. She is so excited to change her life.
TUESDAY: Taught this WAY rad Cambodian investigator... Who we met on the street a few days prior.. We took her to the church to teach.. and on the way she told us that she quit one of her jobs so she could start coming to church every single sunday.... What? Yeah. Never had met with her before and she is already keeping commitments. The lesson with her was way awesome.. but it was also... almost 2 hours. She speaks better English than she does Thai... But not even that great of English.. So we taught the Gospel in both Thai and English... She understood repentance and baptism the best and is SO excited to clean her sin. Such an awesome experience.
WEDNESDAY: Switch off with Sister Sattatip!!!!! Oh, wow it was so fun switching of with her. It made me miss Sister Summittra SO MUCH! Sattatip was actually trained a few transfers ago by Summitra. They have so many of the same characteristics. It was so fun to be in Thai all day. Some times I miss that being here in Asoke where I have to speak in English more. Today was also LOI KRATONG! The floating lantern festival! Round 2 for me here in Thailand! So cool. Sister REmington and I didn't get to go to any festivals as we were stuck in traffic.. Instead we got to go to Robyn's house to teach where she surprised us with a thanksgiving dinner!!! It was AMAZING. we were so happy. It was a great visit. The spirit was so strong.
THURSDAY: Sleep? Who needs sleep. Not us! We woke up around 5 to go pick up a returning Laos missionary at the airport! She served in the London South England mission and is from Laos! It was so special being with her all day. We took her all around town AND to Thanksgiving dinner with all the senior missionaries and President and Sister Johnson! They took us to an American Thanksgiving buffet! Wow.. It was so amazing... It was so strange to eat so much faraang food. i could not suck in my stomach after. We took the sweet RM back to the airport and said good bye! We turned around to find a mini Loi Kratong fountain... We got to Loi Kratong afterall.. :)
FRIDAY: Switch off with Sister Bagley Bang Khae! Oh she is a good one and so is Bang Khae. I had to pray really hard for energy that day. Heavenly Father definitely answered my prayers. I was able to talk to her about having a khon thai companion as soon she will be training a new khon thai missionary and then take her around bang khae to different member's houses. But wow by the time sister Remington and I finally were reunited... we were so mote rang. So drained! And so thankful for coming p day. OH our lives are SO fun. Being a missionary is seriously the best.
There is so many miracles and stories left out. Just know that god is over here in Thailand that is for sure. So many things that I am learning. And changing. People that are progressing. The work is still so on fire here. Sister Remington and I have a few daters right now.. That are looking really good. Pray for Noon, Sa, Jo Jo. :)
This year I am thankful for: Good health. My testimony. The Book of Mormon. My family. Prayer. My companion. Taxis. T25. Thailand. Missionary work. Asoke. President Johnson.
I can't even name everything.
Heavenly Father is in the details. I love you all.
I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nov 20: Shining People

Shout out: My partner in crime just entered the games everyone. the dating games. >:) hahaha HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY ANNO BONANO THOMAS!!!!!
I love you so much. & Happy 1st birthday to little Charlie who I still haven't met! <3

Oh I am seriously loving Asoke and Sister Remington. She is fabulous. Asoke is fab. It is all too good to be true. 

Monday: Took Sister Rem to Siam. Yes again. Can't get away from that place it is SO COOL. Bangkok is seriously such a cool place I love it. Later that evening we had a great meeting with the leaders in our zone. We are exciting for this new transfer. Preparing Bangkok West to become a stake. It's going to be a thing. We can feel it!

Tuesday: Sister Remington and I are working on a 40 day fast together. We've been trying to add and subtract things from our lives... One thing we've started to add is memorizing a quote and /or scripture daily. It has proved... way useful, inspiring and fun. A perfect way to keep thoughts at a higher plane. Our quote for the day: "Let us show to the world tat we have talent and taste, and prove to the heavens that our minds are set no beauty and true excellence, so that we can become worthy to enjoy the society of angels." - Brigham Young

Wednesday: We got a call from Sister Hatch in Bangkapi who had been going through some older member records and making calls. She called a sister named Nuan that she had never met or seen before. Sister Nuan answered her phone and reported that she hadn't been to church for a while because she had moved several times to locations where there was no church. But was now living with her children in Asoke! Sister Hatch made an appointment for us and sent us her number (such an awesome missionary!). This past Wednesday we went on an adventure to find this sister's house which turned out to be just a few BTS stops away from the church! We meet her. She is SO nice. Come to find out, she hasn't been to church for 10+ years. She explained that she has been wanting to come to church for a while now but was never able to find where the church was and didn't have any friends that could tell her where to go. In short, Sister Hatch was prompted by the spirit to call this sweet sister. After sitting with Nuan for a little while, getting to know her and introducing ourselves, we shared the message of the gospel. And there was a sweet magic in the air for real! As we bore our testimonies at the end she had quiet tears rolling down her cheeks. It was an incredible visit! I have never met with a less active member who recognized to avidly that she wanted to be brought back to the fold. She was on the same page with us the whole visit. We are excited to introduce her to the Asoke branch and bring the gospel to her and her family's lives.

Thursday: This week has seriously been such a miracle... it was hmmm... About on sunday when all of our investigators dropped.. All the pakistani. denmark. every nationality. except kinda Frank. And then it was today... That we are being blessed ten fold. With an entirely new fold of investigators and daters and referrals. All of which are khon Thai. We are SO excited. And are on our knees constantly thanking heavenly father. 

Friday: Today I realized just how different we really are... How much we really stand out here. Just as a background.. There are A LOT of faraangs here in Asoke. AKA.. foriegners... AKA white people. And for lack of a better word... white trash people :( Trash because of their choice of clothing. Many people are scarsley covering their bodies.. and if they are... they are dressed very sloppily and over casual. This is the typical faraang in thailand. That all the khon thais see every single day.... For a long time.. I always that we looked the same as these other faraangs... until today we were coming out of the MRT... and I see one faraang girl who looked about our age... She was neatly and modestly dress. and her hair was done. She looked so out of place! Both sister reminington commented that we had never really seen anyone come to thailand... that was our age... that looked like she did.... And how shocking it was to see her! She really stood out... We then got on the next train...  we were surrounded by khon thais and other faraangs.... we looked at ourselves in the dark window reflection and realized that we were shining. We were seriously shining. And just like this other the other girl we had seen. We totally stood out.... It is really true what they say. We- and not just the missionaries... have lights in our eyes. all around us. The holy ghost is a real thing. 

We are teaching like crazy over here. That is blessing from god. 
We are seeing miracles like crazy over here.
Saving little prateedthai. 
The church is oh so true. Read your scriptures you can know to. 
Heavenly Father is real. I have come to know him better than I ever have before. He has our back over here on the other side of the world. You can know him better too... My ponderize from this week tells us how: 

13 For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

Serve him. 

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates 

Nov 15: S-poiled


Oh where to start?

Well. I killed Sister Alley. She is dead! It's official. And she died in the greatest way. She worked to the bone till the last second. Such a good example! So proud of her. It was a bitter sweet goodbye! We really had a great transfer. We worked SO well together. But I was happy that she gets to go on the next chapter of her life and apply. And it was just weird to think that it won't be too long until I see her again! So. There is that. :)

Last Sunday: Last dinner with the district at the Granges! Love the Granges. 

Monday: Went to visit Synthia and Sylvia (our Pakistani investo's).... It was the coolest thing. We ad given Synthia te assignment to keep reading in 1 nephi. So we ask her how tat was going... not expecting too much because her english comprhension isn't te best (okay this key board is killin me... te "H" won't work unless i pound on it... so for te sake of time... just insert an "H" whenever it doesn't make sense.. aha).. So we follow up... And se tells us it went good. And ten proceeds to give us a PERFECT summary of the 1st 5 chapters of the book. And then what se LEARNED from it. Whoa... It was way cool. I pray that er living condition can become better so one day she will be able to get baptized. ... The end of tat visit though turned WAY sour... Because in Pakistani culture apparently it is WAY rude if you 1 turn down food and 2 dont eat all your food.... Seriously... Sylvia gave me like... 7 chuck-a-rama plates full of this terrible rice stuff.... And I ate it.. until I wanted to die. And wanted to die several continuing hours after that as well. #forthekingdom 

Tuesday: Amazing miracle. Sister A and I set out in the morning to try and find this member that had disappeared from the face of te earth... All we had was a name and a wrong address.. So we set out. And it was way fun. We were like detectives.. knockin on doors.. asking tese people if they knew a pakistani woman with four kids (oh we knew tat too ha). So we finally find er appartment... Wich was in a pretty sketchy area.. and the secretary person was not there. So we prayed... And desided we would go inside and knock on all the doors tat had little kid shoes outside te doors.. So the first door.. nothing,... We continue to walk down the halll... when we stop in front of a door.. because we could hear talking... we waitied to see what language it was... we heard thai... so we started to walk a away.. but i had a feeling to just stay... and then a couple of seconds went by... and i hear tat the thai was coming from TV and that te actually people were not speaking thai!! So we knocked on the door to find.... It was HER..... Turns out she's totally not pakistani but sri lankin. It was amazing. She didn't speak very good english.. But when we showed her te name of who we were looking for she pointed at herself and said "me". One of heavenly father's sheep was found. 

Way cool ting about Asoke.. It was food from all over te world. And it is all legit. All so amazing. Today we ate at a splendid italian pizza joint with Sister Johnson and Grange as a goodbye for sister Alley! We almost ordered a 1 meter pizza... ahaha language barriers... 

Wednesday: Way fun.. We got to prepare the new missionary lunch and take them out Dan Jonesing! (inviting).. It was so so fun... And a strange flashback.. to just a little over a year prior.. being in those very same shoes. What an adventure it has been. That evening we met wit sweet sister Robyn again for sister Alley's last time. And wow. We were spoiled. We went to an Argentian steak house. No need to annunciate on that. It was a crazy hi so restaraunt.. To which sister A and I brought a bottle of milk with Tim Tams so we could teach Robyn how to slam.... First class everyone. SO fun. I am excited to teach you how to slam one day!

Thursday: Sister Alley was died. And I took her place as the A. S. S. Assistant to Sister Senior (now sister Johsnon... but te A S J just doesnt ave the same ring to it... :P).... Hahah not really it is just for funnsies. Sometimes it feels tat way though with all we do in Asoke.  And to Asoke i brought the greatest greatest greatest new khuu! I am SO excited. My new companion is Sister Remington from Alberta Canada. She is SO cute. And such a great missionary. I can't even tell you how SPOILED I FEEL! Or as Anny would have put it... "richly blessed" :) We are so excited to work together. o!!! At transfers also so my sweet sister Olsen. She is doing so good! I am so proud of her. She will be training a khon thai mssinoary and opening a new area for sisters!!! I will be a grandma in the mission! Wooohooo. :) In the evening sister Smith (my old mtc companion) came and did a trio with us for a while! That was fun to reminsce wit her. we were invited to dinner with the bishop from the international ward. So tat was a change! Way fun. 

Friday: Crazy days begin. Introducing Sister Remington to Asoke.. We were running and running. We love it.

Saturday: SRI LANKIN SATURDAY! Way sick day. Sister Remington and I went with some members from the international ward to meet with this LA srilankan member! It was such an amazing experience. Won't go into details now about it.. Because their situation has lots of legal funsies incorporporated. fun. Later we went out to another member's restaraunt.. that happened to Sri lankan as well! it was prettty goood stuff. Much better than pakistani food right now. :) That afternoon we got to teach a french guy tat randomly walked into te church! Turns out Sister Remington is way good at speaking french. Okay. So that was fun. His name is Pescal. Is that te name of te chemillion on tangled????

Sunday: Nutty... per usual. but so good. So fun to see the LA's tat we've been working with come to church. And so wonderful when tey bring friends. Missionary work is real. The best way to help the missionaries is to open your mouth and invite your friends. And do your calling as a member. Fellowship. That evening we had a district dinner wit the Johnsons! It was a lovely dinner that ended with probably one of the most embarrassingly funny mission or even life moment of my life. I'll save that one for another day. ;)

Everyone Heavenly Father is oh so real. It was so humbling this week to see prayers answered concerning which sisters were called to this Zone.. I know it is God's will to make the Bangkok West Zone a stake. And I am so glad I have been able to serve in it these past 3 transfers.  The kingdom is coming forth.

I so love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

PS... P days are actually staying saturdays... This was just a one time ting tis transfer.... so see you at the end of this week!

me and the best sis O
Alley on the death couch. she's the coolest 


My gorgeous companion

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov 6: break through

Happy Birthday to Sister Jackson, Reagan and Serena!!!! <3 Love you all.

Saturday: Turned out be a scary halloween after all! Hair cuts!!! The guy that cut my hair.. haha was awesome. His taste in music will describe him perfectly: Metallica. I had to fix my hair later at home.. But for the most part. He did okay :P

Sunday: Met a cool new investigator named Julie from Denmark. She lived in Utah for a year as a foreign exchange student and lived with a mormon family. She said that she has always loved the feeling of church. That it just feels like such a big family. On moving back to Denmark she was able to sneak to church 4 times, as her parents were strongly against it. And is excited to now be in Thailand able to make her own decisions..... I smell miracles! :) The English ward ward amazes me every week. People who actually do their calling. The church in Thailand is till pretty young. And the Asoke branch- although it was the first branch in Thailand.. it is struggling for sure. 

Monday: Pakistani Mondays.Got to read in 1 Nephi 1 with Synthia. It was so cool She doesn't speak very good English so she ahs a hard time understanding the BOM.. & she can't read/write in Urdu so we have stopped after reading every single verse and explained it to her. She loved it. I noticed while Iw as reading and explaining that I was so incredibly happy. i was so happy to be reading and sharing out of the BOM. That book is so special. Went to visit Samaya and Aamir. They are so special. Prayers for Samaya. She is very sick.

Tuesday: cool moment today. Some gril randomly walked into the church as we were  about to leave and asked if we could answer a few questions regarding the church's stance on gay marriage as she was preparing a report for a religion class. i was so impressed while she asked questions taht we were able to answer every single one and back it up with scriptures and words of modern day prophets. It was a testament to me that God's plan really is central to the family. Starting w/ Man and woman. Her last question was - will the church's stance ever change? Andre was a strong spirit in the air as we explained that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Wednesday: MLC happened again! I love President Johnson. The meeting was one desires. "when we have a vision of what we can BECOME our desire and our power to act increase enormously." Dallin H Oaks. There were many answers to prayers during that meeting. Some of which came not even through the words that were said.. But because the spirit was so strong. And because we had been preparing for the training.

Thursday: Taught Bro Frank.. He is our only khon Thai investigator.. We are making some break throughs with him. Little by little. :) Got to go to Bang Khae to train! Nothing has changed over there! It was so strange to go int he church.. Feels like I was just there yesterday. Where has 6 weeks gone? We got to skype Julie! As she lives in Chon Buri.. 4 hours away. She is way cool. 

Friday: Another training. Something learned this week: Big picture in life is sometimes lost in the fret of little things that pile up around us.. My ponderize this week helped inspire me to remember just how little our "piles" are.. Mosiah 4:9

Believe in God ; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom , and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend. 

Saturday: Today is sister Alley's last P day. Next week = transfers. When did that happen?

The work is true.
I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

Also forgot to mention we had the cutest lunch date EVER with Sister Johnson and Sister Stoker at The Hatter... coollest place eer.

That sick fat dog.

fro yo is still a thing.
get real.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Oct 31: This is Halloween

Hello! Yay for Halloween in Thailand!
Thailand doesn't even need to wear a costume. :P

This week was good. My companion is awesome. Every single day I feel like the worst companion ever because she is constantly serving me to NO END! Oh is she is the best. This week I was very grateful that she was there to experience the highs and lows. I am so grateful for her example of charity and loyalty. I have learned so much from her. I know that we will be friends long after the mission. I know she was someone that I needed to meet with in my life. I can't believe that in 2 weeks she is going to DIE & go HOME!..... missionary talk......

Most interesting thing that happened this week.. Hmm which one should I choose? OH.. How about the one where this guy calls and says that he is a new member of the church and wants to meet at the church. We do.... And he starts to tell us his story.... Let me just first put this into perspective.. He is a khon Thai. He is probably aroun 30 years old? He looks more on the low class scale... Based on a lot of things... Okay. So his story. He had just gotten back from living in Spain for 6 months where he taught English. The man can't speak a lick of English or Spanish. He told us the word for "english" in spanish was "englishies"... He proceeded to tell us that he is married to an american from Ohio.. He has quadruplet daughters age 8 and twin sons age 4 months....... That his wife is in america preparing to go to korea.... After lovely story.. He started sharing a spiritual thought saying that in the scriptures Alma liked to talk with the apostle john................. And then ended there in the name of JC amen. Ohhhh boy. :) 

In short. It was a very strange week.

Still something strange: teaching in English. ESPECIALLY when the people you are teaching have a WAY thick accent. That is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Trying to speak English and NOT mimic their accentsssss!

One way high from this week was teaching a Pakistani family together! It started with one girl, Synthia, who watched a mormon friend of hers and decided that she too wanted to be that way. She told her family that she wanted to come to church. They supported her. Next week at church she and her sister came and told us they wanted to be baptized. Next day we are visiting at their house all of a sudden their whole family is sitting in too. All listening intently and asking questions. There was a cool spirit of discovery and love in the lesson. Which continued to expand when they met us at the church the following evening. Synthia's older brother told us that he really appreciates the feeling of true love he can sense from within our church members. -I love that this is the doctrine we teach. To love.- He told us how thankful to us he was that we came to his home. Calling us a "blessed people" as his and his family's lives have already started to change. He said that his younger and wayward brother- who had been sleeping in the corner during our visit- had actually not been sleeping at all but had been listening to everything. As soon as we had left he started to ask questions and has started to consider coming to church. 

Whoa! Miracles. I am excited to see their lives be filled with the light of Christ. Excited to give them a new and real hope. As they sitting in some hard situations. I am grateful to know to God in Heaven loves his children and has a plan for each one. 

My ponderize scripture for the week seemed to fit perfectly "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God."

I know that to be true.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oct 24: Thonburi

Oh what were the happenings this week??

Sunday: I spoke! In church! In English! And it went really well. Heavenly Father is so good at answering prayers on the spot. Prayer. It's a cool thing. I recommend it. It was a good long day at church. Frank (our Thai investigator) came to the International ward hahaha so he got to hear our talks! Sister Alley and I made massaman for dinner. It was lovely.

Monday: What a lovely day. Taught Frank the first 5 of the 10 commandments. Finding that he learns better when we use visual aids. Go Frank go! He is doing well. Totally laughed when he found out about keeping the sabbath day holy... haha We asked him if he would change his work meeting schedules so he could keep the sabbath.. He laughed again... hahah And said "ได้ ได้" Yes. Yes I can. :) Sweet. Family Home Evenin' for Sister Alley and I was at Sister Hong and Lek's! They are seriously so sweet. We did a visual lesson using flour... and it ended with my face covered in it. Thank you Sister A. Love her!

Tuesday: Whoaaaa. Did I ever tell you how cool Sister Alley is? Oh man. We went with a sister in the branch to go visiting teaching... To this lady who is LA... and CRAYola crayon crazy. One part of the visit included my awesome companion saying : "You can laugh but this is not this is NOT something funny." This lady was knew she was oh so guilty.. :/ All she could do to reassure herself was nervously laugh... Oh it was such an experience. 

Wednesday: Switch off with SISTER PARIN! Oh she is fun fun fun. Sister Parin was in Udon with us for about 3 weeks until she was transferred outtie to Chaing Mai. She is a khon Thai from Utah! It was a fun teaching day with her. At the end of the lessons I had to remind myself that my Thai isn't as bad as I was feeling it was... That Sister Parin is just a BOSS at teaching and a khon thai that already speaks Thai. It was a fun experience to show her Asoke and invite the day away. The day concluded with Sister Alley and I reunited and visiting the coolest Sister ROBYN! Who I feel like has become another good friend like my Kirsty poo! #kirstinlongsonyou'regreatiateatyogurtlandthisweekyouwould'vapproved

Fun fact about Asoke: There is frozen yogurt... EVERYWHERE! <3 <3 I haven't really had time to get a ton... But.. You know it is just comforting that it is here :P

Thursday: We went to "DAW MAW" aka the visa place to renew Alley's visa for the next... 3 weeks!? ah. And we were there... From 7:30..to...3:30..... In short. A very long time. But it was fun to reminisce with Sister Brown! Who will be dying soon. Got to see Sister Blaylock too! Fun... Later that night we headed to Thonburi to do a training. Definitely felt the spirit lead a guide me in what to say. Was so thankful for that. Sister Alley.. Such a great leader. Elder Paxton.... Everyone mark my words he will be an apostle one day. Actually... When Jeffrey R. Holland was here he said "some of you here in this crowd will one day stand here where I am.".... he had to be talking about Elder Paxton! It has been fun to serve with him. And then of course sweet Elder Teerapong. He is an awesome mish.....Switched off again this time me staying in Thonburi..sleeping on a wooden plank!.....with THE SWEETEST SISTER MON!

Friday: Sister Mon is the sweetest best most wonderful person on the earth. I love her. She is from Burma. And is hitting her 3rd month in thailand soon. She didn't speak english or thai before her mission.... And she is AMAZING already in both. It was so inspiring to be with her all day. She is so sweet and kind. She taught me some Burmese. I wish I could describe to you her pure goodness. She is an amzing missionary with the purest desires. I am so excited to see the places she goes and the people she changes. I feel grateful to have made a wonderful new friend.

Saturday: Oh wow it's Saturday again. Still weird that today is P day. Family missionary work is the best work. Today I have been preparing for my talk... yes another talk in sacrament... this time in Thai.. On TRUE CONVERSION. It has been fun to study that topic. When you get some spare time go take a look at it!

Here in asoke we are feeling oh so "seh kuu deh" --->Fancy in Burmese :) 
I love serving. God is so so good. We are so busy all the days and it is the best! My eye lids often feel so heavy! I am surprized that I dont just drop dead asleep in the middle of the side walk sometimes!

God lives.
He loves us.
Something for this week: Apply the "What Lack I Yet?" talk by Larry Lawrence... Ask Heavenly Father what you need to do to improve. It might be to use a softer voice. Stop yelling. Try to invite the spirit by trying to be happy rather than be right. Try to be selfless one day. Make someone feel better by serving them. Tell someone you love them rather than all the things they are doing wrong. Uplift rather than come down. Straighten your shoulders. And change the world! :)

My ponderize scripture for the week: 3 Nephi 24:18 

24 Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up—that which ye have seen me do. Behold ye see that I have prayed unto the Father, and ye all have witnessed.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates
 Me and sister Briaw! From Udon heading out on her mission!! ha with elder webb and elder cooper in the background!
 Parin & me! that was the only picture I had..... ha
 And sister beautiful mon

Oct 17: wear it on your sleeve

Saturday: My best friend Jessica Christensen is now officially Jessica Mcmillan!!  We got to watch soem conference!! Oh how I loved conference. Per usual. I loved so many... What Lack I Yet? That was good. I know that specific prayers will receive specific answers. Loved Elder Hales.. President Monson's of course. So many more. After conference. I told Sister Alley that we needed to go to Red Mango.... (yes indeed family there is a red mango 10 minutes from the church @ terminal 21- another reason I know God is real :P)... That evening we went to go visit some members... Sister Lek and Hong... Was a way special experience because it turns out Sister Jackson had taught them! They still had the pictures and notes she had written over a year ago stuck to their walls and refrigerator. Love that.

Sunday: Another round of conference. Loved it again of course. We watched it in the overflow of the sacrament meeting room with all the falaangs. So fun. Sister Alley and I went to visit a less active after church.. Wow it was quite the experience.. That I will probably have to give in full detail in person.. It included but was not limited to my awesome companion telling the member to use a softer voice when using the Jesus Christ. Woooo! Adventures in Thailand!! The evening expired with a beautiful mexican food dinner at the Grange's apartment! Oh I love the Grange's.They are the office senior couple! Love them. They live in the same apartment that the Marvel's did when they were here! They even have some of the Marvel's dishes! It was good to spend time with them and with the District. The office elders are so fun... Elder Web and Elder Roberts.. Are too fun. They followed an investigator home the other day.. Because they wanted to see if he was homeless or something of that sort... but it resulted in Elder Roberts ripping is pants right in the back. The elder office elders are Elder jeng and takeuichi.... Both so Asian and in their natural habitat . We love them They are way fun to have around. And then Elder Lingard is training Elder Smith! They are good Elders. And then of course the AP's! Elder Cooper and Wright. They are too funny. Good district. Also got to talk to Sister Olsen today on the phone!! So fun... She gave us a referral named Frank.

Monday: Met and taught Frank. He has a date to be baptized. :) That's my girl sister O! Family Home Evening... We got a special invite to take some of the YSA to the Johnson's house... with Elder Funk from the 70! Yeah that happened. And it was so cool! All of the sweet khon Thais felt so special to have been able to go. And bore such amazing testimonies. Two things that I was most impressed with is that each of strong member's testimonies were centered on Jesus Christ. He was the reason they converted. That was so special to hear. And the spirit was so strong. The other thing I was so impressed with was.. Almost all of them were able to bear their testimonies in English. Elder and Sister Funk we very quiet and humble.. But they loved being there and brought a special spirit. At the end of the evening the Johnsons brought a game.. "cat and mouse" president Johnson was the cat and was trying to trap us all (a little piece of candy with a long string attached to the middle) under a big pan lid. hahaha... It was so so funny.I will forever remember that night! 

Tuesday: MLC (mission leadership council) Wow so fun to meet up with all the zone leaders and STLs! We had an all day long training with President and sister Johnson and Elder and sister funk! There was a lot of prayers answered and lots of inspiration that came. One things I loved that Elder Funk shared was, quoting Elder David A. Bednar talking about the 12 apostles.. "as good as these men are here... They are even better when they are in private." Stand as a witness of Christ at all times and all things and in all places. Not just when you think others are watching.

Wednesday: MISSION TOUR! Another all day meeting but this time at the Jengwattana building! The theme was on being an Epistle. Having Christ's word written on the "fleshy tables of our hearts".... Being converted so deeply in our hearts that we wear it on our sleeves. We had Sun Rise Tacos catered for lunch... (Linda I got tears in my eyes again too!!!)

Thursday: Today was an interesting day. Many appointments fell through... Which turned out to be totally okay.. Because we were able to learn how to follow the promptings of the holy ghost. 

Friday: Did switch offs with Sister Peck! It was a great day with her and with lots of spiritual experiences. She came to Asoke and where we went to visit a LA she had worked with in her time serving here. It was so wonderful to meet this sweet sister who expressed deep feelings of heartache for the love that she would feel at the church and from her Heavenly Father. To which both Sister Peck and I felt impressed to share personal testimonies and teaching visual aids. Sister Peck reminded this sister of her individual worth by taking out a crisp $20 American dollar bill asking what it was and if it had value. Answer was it's 20 bucks! And yes it has value. After which she crumpled up the bill in her hand and hit it around a little bit. She asked what is it and does it still have value? Answer: a $20 bill and yes of course. Sister Peck then testified of this sister's divine and individual worth as a daughter of her Heavenly Father. That no matter how many times we feel crumpled up and thrown around because of our own mistakes and those from those around us- we are still Heavenly Father's children. That God loves us eternally for who we are. And that love is not contingent on anything. At the end of our visit Sister Peck told the sister she loved her and stuck the $20 bill into her scriptures; marking the page for the verse that says "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God".

------->Sister Alley and I had the most intense pillow fight known to man Friday. It consisted of about 9 or 10 pillows flying. And blankets and laughing and weezing... And needing a drink of water after. So good. SO funny. Love Sister Alley!

I know that Heavenly Father truly does love us and sends that love in many ways. I was grateful to witness Heavenly Father sharing his love with one of his lost sheep through Sister Peck.

Saturday: Oh wow it is Saturday again! We are going to jump on trampolines with the Elders. And save the world afterwords. 

Tomorrow: I speak in the international ward. Thank you very much Sister Alley! :P

Oh the Asoke life is so good. God is around every bend and corner. Thailand is still the Hunger Games in every way. I have finally made it to the capitol. I'll have to explain to you what that entails later.  

I know that God lives. He is good. May we all strive to fuel our desire to serve him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. Follow the prophet! Ponderize.

Here is my ponderize scripture from the past week: 

Know ye not that there are more nations than one? Know ye not that I, the Lord your God, have created all men, and that I remember those who are upon the isles of the sea; and that I rule in the heavens above and in theearth beneath; and I bring forth my word unto the children of men, yea, even upon all the nations of the earth?

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

was walking at lumphini park and saw this water monitor... And that fat dog pic i sent? yeah that is real. And is the story of my life sometimes... Except not so much here. We dont have much time to eat lots!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct 9: God is Good

Oh the craziness of THIS CHIWIT!

Alright. so last time I emailed.. It was Saturday. What happened since then.

Sunday: First day at church in Asoke. International branch came first at 9... WOW. That was one the strangest experiences of my life. Everything was in ENGLISH. So so so strange. For the Sunday school and Relief society portions of it we watched the women's conference! I love Linda S Reeves' talk. She has been special to me ever since the MTC... I know that I liked her talk.. But I can't remember off the top of my head what it was about because I had to translate half the meeting for an investigator. I am escited to go back and read the talks! The Thai branch was great. Lots of work to do! It'll be a great transfer that is for sure. In the evening the President and Sister Johnson invited our district to go to dinner at their house! It was so wonderful to be there. There was such a nice feeling inside their home. A feeling of family, love, worship, peace... Everything... We had the most beautiful dinner of my life..... Bread sticks... There were actual tears in my eyes as I ate them.It was so fun to get to know them more. They are wonderful people.

Monday:We taught and taught and taught. Ran to the office for meetings.. Ran to the church for more appointments. Had a great family home evening with some members... Including brother Ronny! Who I skyped while i was in the MTC. He is our branch mission leader. And the one who translates all the general conferences etc. He is way cool.

Thing ate today: Panang curry from the side of the road.. And I am STILL paying for it. The adventures are real.

Tuesday: Sister is Alley and I either lost our phone at an appointment we had in this big market... Or a little kid swyped it. We think it was the second one... So in an attempt to find it... We go to the office and borrow some bikes.. Because at that point it was around 5:30.. AKA the worst time to get a taxi because.... BANGKOK ASOKE TRAFFIC IS UNREAL!... And so we biked through the jungle. Sister Alley's dream came true.. While I pumped along... It was way fun being on a bike again... I was surprized at how out of breath I was!... We get to the market... To find that the phone... was not there.... So we bike back..... And wow.. Was I so out of breath... I honestly had thoughts going through my head...like wow I dont know if I am going to make it! Sister Alley was so far ahead of me... And I was literally pedalling my guts out! I could've sworn I was pedaling at her same pace if not even harder!........... So I am exhausted... We are weaving through traffic... I accidently hit someone's mirror in the process.. which I feel terrible about... We get to the office to find... That my back tire is completely flat.... And that was that... That was our day. We went and got Krispy Kreme donuts. The adventure is REAL.

Thing ate today: I finally ate blood. Yes.. It was awful. A big clump of mystery animal blood in my green curry. 

Wednesday: Every Wednesday we go and visit the coolest woman from the International ward.. (Teaching in English.... So. Hard...Heavenly Father has so helped me). Her name is Robyn. And she is Navajo indian from New Mexico. She has the most incredible story. She is a wonderful wonderful woman. Right now we are reteaching her the lessons and simply coming to be her friend. There was an amazing spirit in her home (aka palace not even kidding) as we taught the restoration. Coolest part was... Her husband stayed in the room this time... AND turned down the TV so he could hear what we were saying. Ti-la ni ti la noy Little by little. They are amazing and I am so excited to see miracles unfold with them. Get this.... After words they took us out to BENA HANAS....... What.. on.... earth???? It was the most high class thing... I think i have ever done. I felt way out of place.

Thing ate today: I ate a lamby for the first time... And it was amazing. As was everything else at Benahanas... wow we are seriously so spoiled here.

Thursday:Sister Alley and I traveled to go and visit an RCLA in the international ward who had been helped taught and baptized by Elder and Sister Marvel (my sister's in-laws) about a year ago! It was so fun to go and visit them and to talk about our mutual love for the Marvels. As we sat and visited with them, they explained that the reason they had not come to church in a couple of months was because of extra busy-ness with a new and flourishing side job. They were such sweet and wonderful people.. But as they continued to talk a scripture from my studies kept coming into my thoughts. 

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."

I kept pushing the thoughts away.. Because we had just met these people. I didn't want to offend them or make them think that we thought anything less of them (everything sounds so much more intense when teaching in English!). And I didn't want to tarnish their relationship with the Marvels.. So then I turned to Jacob 2: 18.. To see if that verse said it any nicer... Nope. It didn't. In the end I decided I would share a scripture on family prayer and that next time I would drop the bomb (such a chicken! But just wait I totally learned my lesson). So we begin to follow up with them on their scripture reading. They say that it has been going good and open their BOM in the Urdu language.. The member's wife says that she doesn't know how to pronounce in English where what chapter she is in so she reads out loud that she is reading in... "Yacob".... In my head I am thinking NO WAY.. NO way.. Then we check the chapter.... Sure enough. She was reading in CHAPTER 2. And verse 18 was at the very top of the page. We shared the verse. And there was a strong spirit in the room. They weren't offended and seemed to really understand and feel of our love for them. We have another appointment to come back at teach next week. To help Aamir (the RCLA) get back to church and help his wife, Samaya, prepare to be baptized! 

Happy Birthdays to Melly, Jessica, T dog! I love you all. 

And congratulations with all my heart to  Jessica and Mason! I am so so happy for you. I hope you both have the most wonderful magical day. I know that the temple is the house of God. And it is there we can be sealed with our families for time and all eternity. God is so good.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. It has taught me more than I ever thought I would learn.

I love being a missionary. 
Sister Coates

pics: benehana and khon thais love to put corn in their icecream... Oh yeah. I ate that this week too.