Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oct 24: Thonburi

Oh what were the happenings this week??

Sunday: I spoke! In church! In English! And it went really well. Heavenly Father is so good at answering prayers on the spot. Prayer. It's a cool thing. I recommend it. It was a good long day at church. Frank (our Thai investigator) came to the International ward hahaha so he got to hear our talks! Sister Alley and I made massaman for dinner. It was lovely.

Monday: What a lovely day. Taught Frank the first 5 of the 10 commandments. Finding that he learns better when we use visual aids. Go Frank go! He is doing well. Totally laughed when he found out about keeping the sabbath day holy... haha We asked him if he would change his work meeting schedules so he could keep the sabbath.. He laughed again... hahah And said "ได้ ได้" Yes. Yes I can. :) Sweet. Family Home Evenin' for Sister Alley and I was at Sister Hong and Lek's! They are seriously so sweet. We did a visual lesson using flour... and it ended with my face covered in it. Thank you Sister A. Love her!

Tuesday: Whoaaaa. Did I ever tell you how cool Sister Alley is? Oh man. We went with a sister in the branch to go visiting teaching... To this lady who is LA... and CRAYola crayon crazy. One part of the visit included my awesome companion saying : "You can laugh but this is not this is NOT something funny." This lady was knew she was oh so guilty.. :/ All she could do to reassure herself was nervously laugh... Oh it was such an experience. 

Wednesday: Switch off with SISTER PARIN! Oh she is fun fun fun. Sister Parin was in Udon with us for about 3 weeks until she was transferred outtie to Chaing Mai. She is a khon Thai from Utah! It was a fun teaching day with her. At the end of the lessons I had to remind myself that my Thai isn't as bad as I was feeling it was... That Sister Parin is just a BOSS at teaching and a khon thai that already speaks Thai. It was a fun experience to show her Asoke and invite the day away. The day concluded with Sister Alley and I reunited and visiting the coolest Sister ROBYN! Who I feel like has become another good friend like my Kirsty poo! #kirstinlongsonyou'regreatiateatyogurtlandthisweekyouwould'vapproved

Fun fact about Asoke: There is frozen yogurt... EVERYWHERE! <3 <3 I haven't really had time to get a ton... But.. You know it is just comforting that it is here :P

Thursday: We went to "DAW MAW" aka the visa place to renew Alley's visa for the next... 3 weeks!? ah. And we were there... From In short. A very long time. But it was fun to reminisce with Sister Brown! Who will be dying soon. Got to see Sister Blaylock too! Fun... Later that night we headed to Thonburi to do a training. Definitely felt the spirit lead a guide me in what to say. Was so thankful for that. Sister Alley.. Such a great leader. Elder Paxton.... Everyone mark my words he will be an apostle one day. Actually... When Jeffrey R. Holland was here he said "some of you here in this crowd will one day stand here where I am.".... he had to be talking about Elder Paxton! It has been fun to serve with him. And then of course sweet Elder Teerapong. He is an awesome mish.....Switched off again this time me staying in Thonburi..sleeping on a wooden plank!.....with THE SWEETEST SISTER MON!

Friday: Sister Mon is the sweetest best most wonderful person on the earth. I love her. She is from Burma. And is hitting her 3rd month in thailand soon. She didn't speak english or thai before her mission.... And she is AMAZING already in both. It was so inspiring to be with her all day. She is so sweet and kind. She taught me some Burmese. I wish I could describe to you her pure goodness. She is an amzing missionary with the purest desires. I am so excited to see the places she goes and the people she changes. I feel grateful to have made a wonderful new friend.

Saturday: Oh wow it's Saturday again. Still weird that today is P day. Family missionary work is the best work. Today I have been preparing for my talk... yes another talk in sacrament... this time in Thai.. On TRUE CONVERSION. It has been fun to study that topic. When you get some spare time go take a look at it!

Here in asoke we are feeling oh so "seh kuu deh" --->Fancy in Burmese :) 
I love serving. God is so so good. We are so busy all the days and it is the best! My eye lids often feel so heavy! I am surprized that I dont just drop dead asleep in the middle of the side walk sometimes!

God lives.
He loves us.
Something for this week: Apply the "What Lack I Yet?" talk by Larry Lawrence... Ask Heavenly Father what you need to do to improve. It might be to use a softer voice. Stop yelling. Try to invite the spirit by trying to be happy rather than be right. Try to be selfless one day. Make someone feel better by serving them. Tell someone you love them rather than all the things they are doing wrong. Uplift rather than come down. Straighten your shoulders. And change the world! :)

My ponderize scripture for the week: 3 Nephi 24:18 

24 Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up—that which ye have seen me do. Behold ye see that I have prayed unto the Father, and ye all have witnessed.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates
 Me and sister Briaw! From Udon heading out on her mission!! ha with elder webb and elder cooper in the background!
 Parin & me! that was the only picture I had..... ha
 And sister beautiful mon

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