Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jan 18, 2015: Potatoes

Monday: Sister Brown and I went to Predoonamm? It's this huge..huge... shoppping place close to Asoke. People the malls here blow my mind. They are so hi so! At the mall... I bartered! I only got 30฿ off a shirt I bought because I felt bad! But it was fun.:)

Tuesday: They have an ice cream place here called Swenson's... They have TONS of them everywhere... Everyone is way obsessed with it.... They have them in Cali apparently. Anywho... We went as a district today! Elder Hall ate an "earthquake"...... 8 huge scoops of icecream..... He ate the WHOLE thing. To put this in perspective... I was barely able to finish 2 scoops of icecream.... Serving with Elders is SO fun. They are so good hahaha:)

Wednesday: Whoa today was so crazy full of miracles. We had 2 investigators come at the same time..SO we went on splits with members. BUT then while I was teaching my investigator Bin.. ANOTHER investigator, Bang, showed up and sat down in the lesson! What?? So I taught two.... Who both accepted a baptismal date. ??? . Seriously heaven is helping over here. Bin was invited to come to the church by her cute friend Babe (oh I love her so much)... I am telling you family.. Invite your friends to the church. And then Bang... Whoa she was the most amazing golden investigator i've ever seen. She had never been taught by the missionaries but had been to church a few times in Asoke... She had the scripture app on her phone and wanted me to order a D&C for her.... What? What? Yeah she knew what that was... The miracles didn't end there. While Elder Burke was interviewing our investigator Shampoo to be baptized- Sister Brown and I taught their investigator the Restoration and centered in on the family.... She wants to be baptized asap. What in the world?

Thursday: A DAY IN ASOKE!! Oh my word I love Asoke... It is such a special place. It was SO fun to spend the day with Sister Peterson. We were good friends together with Sister Jackson. She is one of those people that just GET IT. We were able to teach a really sweet Bollywood man and a Chinese man with Elder Curtis and Elder Jeeng. We couldn't understand ANYTHING in the Chinese lesson...But It was cool... Because you don't need to know the language being spoken to feel the spirit.  

Which topic... has been one of the themes of this transfer. Ah.. I have grown..SO much this transfer. SO much. I have learned:
-Language ability..It doesn't matter. At all. 
-I am learned SO much Thai... And can understand SO much more... Oh I can't tell you how much heaven is helping.
-I have learned how to better communicate
- have learned to pray... and then expect and wait for answers. They come.. And when we pray more.. We notice the answers more.

Another theme of this transfer: Potatoes

-A few weeks ago we were sitting eating dinner at the church with a bunch of ward members... And Sister Gow came up to me while holding a dinner roll in her hand... And asked me what it was called in english... I told her it was called a "roll"... And she sat and thought for a minute...And was like oh will you please teach me how to make this...this.... potato?... I said yes,... I can teach you how to make "rolls"...And then she went around so excited to tell everyone that I was going to teach her how to make potatoes.... hahahaha what? And everytime she saw me after that she asked about making potatoes.... aka dinner rolls. <3 LOVE! 

-There was also a talk in the Liahona this month... I believe it was called "potato for the teacher"... It was about a teacher who received a gift from one of her cute elementary students... The gift was a potato.. The little girl was SO excited to give her this potato... And when she did she said "I didn't have an apple.. But I did have a potato!"... The teacher thought this was so thoughtful and sweet even though it was a.. potato.. And then it made her think of visiting teaching.. and serving others.... How many times had she had the prompting or thought to go serve someone in need... But then thought to herself... I dont have a homemade pie to go and give..Or I dont have a casserole to go give.. Or in other words.. I dont have an APPLE to give...  Therefore neglecting the thought and the opportunity to serve.... The lesson she learned from the sweet little student.. was that... Our service we give others doesnt have to always be an "apple"... and shouldn't always be! Rather... We need to give what we do have... Even if all we have is a potato... If all we have is time enough to say hello... to check up... write a card..etc.. The offer will be so appreciated... Hopefully this made sense.. I am typing at the speed of light.

I am hoping to get back online later today when we get the transfer news!!! 

love you all,
sister coates

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