Sunday, October 4, 2015

Apr 12: T R A I N


This week was insane.

Before we get started: GERALDO POPPY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I love you.


Monday: Songkrahn.. Was INSANE. I was sopping wet ALL. DAY. LONG. Everyone was riding in big pick up trucks with huge buckets of ice water in the back and would throw it at anyone and EVERYONE. Expecially the faraangs. Lucky us! Our curfew was at 6.. And good thing too.. Because my word.. Does Thailand like to party.. And so do the decepticons... Lady boys.. Everywhere. It was nuts. 

Tuesday: Khuu's with Sister Nittaya.. :( Sister Embley left for Bangkok for the last time! And Sumittra went with her because she is being transferred.Everyone was still playing Songkhran and made it rather difficult to go places! But we did our best.. We cleaned the church.. We had a feeling to go home and deep clean our house... We went to Jintana's house for dinner with the Elders.... I get a phone call from Elder Crump!!! The new AP!!!!! (I seriously love and miss that Elder!! He is such an awesome missionary. He makes me think of Sister Jackson!)  He asks me about an RC in Udon.. And then casually says.. Oh hey President Senior would like to talk to you..... Hahaha Okay. So Pres. Senior comes on the line.. And says.. Sister Coates! I would like you to be a Trainer. Are you able to make it to Bangkok by Thursday morning?

Wow. I remember feeling... So peaceful. So excited! I didn't have one ounce of anxiousness... Really all it was just calm.. And ready. Blessing from Heavenly Father. 

Wednesday: Took a lovely 12 hour bus ride from Udon to Bangkok with Nittaya... Haha... I won't say too much about that.... hahaha other than for the first 4 hours they BLASTED Issan music.... Go look it up on Youtube... the next 6 hours they turned on a Thai comedy show which consisted of people screaming and yelling the entire time... hahaha.. About half way through the ride.. It started to smell weird.. And then the driver went on the speaker phone and said "No smoking on the bus" hahahahaha what on earth? That night we got to sleep in Saphan Suung!!! It was fun to stay in my old area :) Nothing has changed haha! I even got to see some of the members! <3

Thursday: Transfers. Me and the other trainers had a training meeting with the Seniors. Oh.. It was so wonderful.. And made me so grateful again to have had the greatest trainer most likely in the history of trainers.. Sister Jackson! Oh I hope to be just like she was. Thanks sis. :) So yes.. A brand new missionary. I am companions with Sister Olsen!!! I knew she would be my companion the second I saw her come in the room. Her cute Urban outfitters style said it all. She is the sweetest thing. ohh. I am so blessed AND so excited to serve with her. 

Friday: Went and took my new missionary to get a bike! Had so much fun inviting! She has so enthusiam! There is such a special spirit around her. We are already having so much fun.

Saturday: A day of workin hard! I think Sister Olsen likes Udon. :) It's funny how going from Junior companion to Senior Training companion changes your prayers... And almost all of the thoughts you having during the day. It sometimes feels like I just left the MTC... But I guess that was a little while ago.. This transfer will be Mother's Day... And HUMP day... What on earth?

Sunday: Whom God calls he qualifies... Having Sister Sumittra as my companion last transfer did WONDERS for my Thai.. And just in time too.. So I can take care of Sis O! We are already so many miracles. We have a big week of miracles ahead.

God is so real.
I am grateful for my Savior and the Atonement. We can do all things through Him. 
I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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