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Jul 13: สวัสดีกรุงเทพ


Monday: Last P day in Udon Thani! It was fun... We got to have family home at Sister Gaew's house.. That was fun to do that one last time. แม่หวาน and her brother, bro Siitaay called me that evening... After finding out that i'd be leaving Udon. And said that she would wanted to be baptized before I left so that I would be there to see it. That touched my heart. She said she would be signing her marriage certificate  on Wednesday morning. <3

Tuesday: Packed a little.. Taught a little.. Said good bye a little. Last district meeting today. I am going to miss these people. Brother Siitaay called us at least 4-5 times because he was so stressed about his sister's baptism.. Wanting to make sure everything was perfect. <3 So precious. ห้ามเครียด

Wednesday: Packed in the morning! Got to go to Under the Tree with sweet Sister Gaew and my sisters. So fun. Did more packing... And then... Really my last day in Udon was the perfect finale.. We got to see sweet แม่หวาน baptized! She originally had the date for the Sunday before but did not have a signed marriage certificate so we had to postpone it to the following Sunday.. But then upon her hearing that I would be leaving she requested her baptismal day be set before I left so that I would be able to see her get baptized. That really touched me. I had been teaching her with Sister Olsen for two whole transfers.. And had seen her grow so much in that time. It was a miracle to see her life completely change. She was so happy and full of light. It was hard to hold back tears to see her go from being someone so afraid of everything; especially people, to being someone surrounded by a new family and completely beaming. I love her very much. So grateful to be a missionary. 

And then.... We loaded up my bags and bike got on the Nakhonchai air bus and leeeffft. :/

Thursday: T R A N S F E R S said goodbye to my sweet Sister Olsen and Udon and said hello to Sister Beckstrand and Bang Khae บางแค! I am back in Bangkok! I am in the Bangkok West Zone.. I am really close to Asoke! Before when I was in Bangkok I was in Saphansuung. 

The church here looks like the Kirkland temple. It is huge. AND SO NICE. Definitely nicer than any church I have ever been in... Including those in America. 

Sister Beckstrand so far gets an A+ :) She is like the same person as Aunt Nana! So that's fun :) She came in the same group as Sister Olsen!

@ the transfer meeting meeting she sat on the "dying" missionary couches. Because President Johnson didn't know these missionaries very well he asked their companions to come up and give a few words. I stood and told everyone stories about Sumittra and how much I loved her! Ah I am so sad she is dying! She is an incredible missionary.. This morning in my email she had sent this:

"I need to bear my testimony for last week I had a wonderful time with the transfers 
I'm so sad that i just have 3 weeks before finish mission.I can't explain about my feeling.I loved a missionary work and I'm a missionary forever but I'm very sad I will finish a full time missionary.I never think about that before It's weird!!!! When I sit on the sofa ( sofa for คนที่จบ) I felt It's not true and when I listed to all my companions said something about me It's made me cried so bad! Their word touched my heart. I love them I love all my companions I love all missionary:) I'm very grateful for opportunity to be a missionary. It's change my life.It was the best experience in my life. I can't forget!"

-----<3 I love her!

Friday: Explored Bang Khae. So different from Udon. 

In my district there are only us two sisters! And SIX Elders! One of which is Elder Sukkan! He is in our stake! His mom was the one that was so kind to me when I went to the Thai/Laos ward for the first time. I am way excited to serve with him! He and Elder Lodwick are the Zone Leaders.. They had 3 baptisms on Sunday. And then Elder Taylor and ChuChiophum also had a baptism! The district leader is Elder Martindale! He was my Phii in the MTC.. Meaning one group ahead of me... And his companion is Elder Tew! Patricia Potts nephew! So that's fun. :) This is going to be one interesting transfer! :) It has been interesting to think of why Heavenly Father might've needed me to be here. What do I need to learn? And who will I help? Forward pushing forward.

Saturday: I can't even remember anything that happened.... Minus the fact that I forgot what it was like to have to walk everywhere and not have a bike.... :( My legs!!!... but it's good too.. We get to invite some way good people every day. We have so solid daters! I am excited to see the miracles from this transfer!

Sunday: Bang Khae only has one branch...So afterwords it was weird trying to fill the day! But good. :) Got to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting! It was cool to hear the progression in my Thai in the sacrament meetings that have gone by... I definitely did not sound like that when I first got to Udon.. Or Saphansuung. The Gift of Tongues is a real thing my friends. God is real and is mindful of all his children.

Something crazy since being here: We taught a Burmese monk. 

Emailing. Here's how nice our church is.. Right now we are emailing from the WAY HI SO computers in the church. With AC..... Oh มีความสุก.

Prayers for Udon and Bang Khae would be greatly appreciated. :)
I love you all.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

Me and Sister Jintana

Elder Tew and Elder Martindale

Me and Sister Beckstrand

Me and Sister Olsen one last time!

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