Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mar 1: Pin Stripes!

Oh Okay. OH EM GEE. Elder Crump is sitting next to me right now... Talking to the AP's..Elder Tanawat.. about WHO IS MOVING OR NOT... OH EM GEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee AND........


Oh my goodness... That just happened. I am moving. I am leaving Udon! :( Leaving Sister Embley! Weird... But I had this feeling.. that I'd be heading out. 

Okay let's see if I can focus enough to write an email.

OH MY We justfound 

So for starters... HOT SEASON has started. And OH my word... IT IS SO HOT. 

Monday: FHE w/... person who I can't even say their name... Boonchun?... And with Sister gaw and Brother Cake! We all played a game called "sheepy sheepy sheepy sheep" Wow I haven't laughed so hard since telling sister Jackson about the World's biggest freak out video!!

Tuesday:Happy 21st Birthday Elder Crumpy! For ihs B Day we went to the one and only Swensons!! And then later that evening he had to scale our house because we locked ourselves out of our house... We're cool. Thankful for Elders. Today sister Taw and I were companions again because President Senior called for a switch of with Sisters in Laos! I was soooo close to going... But Sister Sumitra got her passport worked out... And Sister Embley's expires in 4 months.. And it has to have at least 6 months left on it. We were so close! Sister Embley got to cross the border and buy fabric! Laos is only about 1 hour a way. Pretty cool.

Wednesday: Had a way busy day with sis taw. Coolest part of the day was we taught a guy named Mongkon with the Sangwiens (Thai Senior couple). He is very verrry buddhist.. And he says that he doesnt want to give up his statues/idols.. But really likes and agress with a lot of what christianily belives in . He asks so many quesitons. The kind of tick questions where he is really asking another questions.. Because he is a "learned" man as the scriptures would say.. Haha It was a little difficult. But really cool. Especially being able to tell him that he shouldn't take our word for it... But that he needs to pary.. And ask to know what is true.. And what he should do! I am praying for his heart to open. Praying that he will seach to find the truth and not search for ways to prove it wrong. 

Thursday: Sister Her from Laos stayed the night and told us about Laos! They are not allowed to wear name tags.. Or proselyte. They stay at the church mostly and tach English. And do service projects. There are no 7/11's or grocery stores.. really.. So they have to go to the morning markets to buy all of their food and then make it for themselves! She said that all the Laos people wear the traditional laos/thai skirts everywhere rather than regular clothes... And they drive on the right (& correct :P) side of the road... It is a different world over there. Thankful for freedom here in Thailand and in America!

Friday: Happy 6 months! I though about cutting my hair... But instead we ate @ Yayoi.. Japanese food. Ohhhhhh today one of the funniest things that i have ever experienced happened.... hahaha first let me explain... Here in Thailand.. There are a ton of Lady boys.... Transgenders... Drag queens... They are every where. The Thai word is...Ga-tduey... But if you say it out loud,... Then the ga--tduey will hear.. So instead teh misisonaryies use the word "decepticon"... Yes. From Transformers. :) So we were walking down the street with Elders Wolfley and Darby when we are passing a Decepticon.. I invite her..him.. to church... And he..she... Asks where the church was... But then.. Sees Elder Wolfley as he walked past and says- while stumbling over to him- she says "oh it's so hot... hot... going to faint" and then she mock falls on him and hugs him!!! hahahaha I wish I could've taken a picture of poor Elder Wolfley's face... Oh my word... None of us knew what to do hahahaha Once she let go... All I could say was... Okay bye.... And we all walked swiftly away.. As we turned the corner we burst out laughing and Elder Wolfley freaked out! Hahahaha Oh decepticons.

Saturday: Introduced family history to the cute girl who owns our favorite cafe! We made her a cute pinterest banner for her shop! She was SO excited about the banner AND family history!!! Thankful again to Heavenly Father for letting me do arts and crafts and talents on my mission.

Sunday: Oh Sundays.. Are always the best days. Pa Somyote and Brother Der reieced the Holy Ghost! What a sweet and wonderful experience that was.. Someyote is a changed man.. Look at the attached picture of the just before he was baptized and the 4 weeks prior. He has changed inside and out... So amazing. Before he would come to church in dirty pants and a holey shirt... But he came today with his hair combed and wearing a pin striped suit jacket, black dress pants, a white and blue striped dress shirt and a tie. Oh my heart broke when I saw him. He looked so handsome. I know Heavenly Father is so proud of him and is blessing him and his wonderful family. And then sweet Brother Der... Oh Brother Der I am going to miss him so much. He is the sweetest sweetest soul. He has so much goodness. So much faith. I have been so blessed to have been able to meet these people.

I still trying to figure out what I think about moving... I can't quite wrap my head around it. I am sad to leave these wonderful members. And of course my district.. I will miss Sister Gaw SO much! And Sister Shampoo... Brother Cake.. My sweet RC's... But I am so excited for this new adventure. Ah.. My heart is being tugged all over the place!

God is in the details of everything. He is real! And His plan is perfect. I am thankful to know that Somyote can live with his sweet family for eternity.

Stay tuned family. I will have Sister Gaw message ya on Facebook when the word is in!
Love you all
Stay safe.
Keep praying.
Keep reading your scriptures.
God is real.
I love being a missionary.

Sister Coates

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