Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct 3: L I F E I S B E A U T I F U L

Oh my goodness family.

This week. Our lives right now. 

All my wildest dreams have come true (i voted for Pedro). Seriously though.

Transferred? YES.

New Area: ASOKE.

New Companion: SISTER ALLEY. 

I am honestly waiting for someone to pinch me. It is all TOO good to be true. But is true. And it is SO good. It is so good. My face hurts from smiling so much.

1. I have wanted to serve in Asoke since first coming to Thailand.
2. I have wanted to serve with Sister Alley since I met her. 

We are living the dream. And are both excited. We can't stop telling each other we are so excited. We can't stop smiling. 

This is what happened:

Monday night Sister Blaylock and I were sitting in a taxi when Elder Baldwin calls and gives us the news.. Sister Blaylock...stays... Sister Coates....stays.... Alrighty. We can do this.

Tuesday we have our last district meeting with Elder Jeng, Chxxd, and Gettawong.

Wednesday night comes lots of members came to say farewell to the leaving missionaries. We go home, plan for the next day and prepare for bed. It is 10:00 pm and the phone rings. It's says: Elder Cooper AP (assistant president). In his way cool Australian accent Elder Cooper says.. "Sister Coates we have some news for you. Are you ready? We need you to pack your bags." Whaaaat. Transfer meeting was the following day. 2 1/2 hours later of laundry and packing. We get to sleep.

It's Thursday and transfers day. At least 4 people came and told me that they were guessing I was going to Roi Et with Sister Nethercott. Welcome all the new greenies.. So many! Say goodbye to the joping Elders... Elder Sukhan, Arne, Suphan, Gettawong and Gandun. There is a huge energy in the air. Lots of anxiety! Who's gonna be with who? Go where? And then the slide show comes up. Bangkok West Zone... Sister's Asoke picture comes up with Sister Alley... And her companion (at this point even though I wanted it so badly I was sure I was not going to be comps with Alley or would ever be assigned to Asoke)........ MY PICTURE COMES UP. And I died. I couldn't even believe it! I was so shocked and so happy OH I was SO happy! I could feel tears coming! Even though our hug isn't in the transfers video.. I am sure it is the best one. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THIS TRANSFER.

Ever since the call to Asoke. There has been magic in the air. We have only had one full day together. And it was honestly the best.

Because we are in Asoke with the Office Elders and the AP's our P day's are on Saturdays. 

A little about my fabulous companion, Sister Alley. She is 24 years old. And ART HISTORY MAJOR (what in the what!?). From Spokane, WASHINGTON. She is 2 groups ahead of me (in Sister Brown's group) and will be dying this transfer. Dying as in... This is her last transfer. And because I am her companion I will be the one who KILLS HER! It will be a fabulous death. We are both so excited to give our WHOLE self this transfer. And work harder than we ever have before. We are so excited to see the miracles unfold as it seems like there is nothing holding us back. Both of us can speak. Both of us have been around the block here in the ประเทศไทย. Both of us are on the same page of it all. She GETS IT. I have absolutely nothing but the best things to say about Sister Alley. We are already the best of friends. 

I have been on my knees for long periods of time these past couple of days as I have poured out my heart in gratitude for the endless blessings Heavenly Father has been sending. There is such a special spirit here. A spirit of missionary work. A spirit of building a temple. A spirit of building the kingdom of God. I feel so blessed to take part of that spirit as I serve. Life is so good. The good is always so much better after the storms clouds have dispersed. The storms help us recognize blessings and appreciate the good so much more. I testify that if you are passing through a storm right now or if you seem to just be floating by...The best is yet to come. It is because of our Savior Jesus Christ that we can become. That we can live with our families forever and ever. 

"There may be some among you who feel darkness encroaching upon you. You may feel burdened by worry, fear, or doubt. To you and to all of us, I repeat a wonderful and certain truth: God’s light is real. It is available to all! It gives life to all things.1 It has the power to soften the sting of the deepest wound. It can be a healing balm for the loneliness and sickness of our souls. In the furrows of despair, it can plant the seeds of a brighter hope. It can enlighten the deepest valleys of sorrow. It can illuminate the path before us and lead us through the darkest night into the promise of a new dawn." 

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Light will always overcome darkness.

Something from Friday: Sister Alley and the previous sisters made friends with a Catholic Nun (is there any other kind of nun?) through helping an investigator. From which they had the opportunity to give service at a Catholic women's care center by teaching yoga every Thursday. We went to introduce myself and rearrange the yoga learning schedule with this sweet Nun sister. 1. She is so cool. Khon thai nun. I've always wanted a nun friend. 2. We were asking her if we could come bring her a treat some time and what her favorite flavor of ice cream was.... Without of moment of hesitation she replies: "rum raisin"... hahahaha Yes. Yes. Yes. I couldn't help but want to sing the "hillllls are aaalive!" while we were in the nunnery.. ---->Mom: It made me think of Call the Midwife!! Which Sister Alley watches too!!

Way special experience happened that evening. The Ellsworths (new senior couple from Pheonix, AZ) had set up a dinner appointment with two thai ladies that had shared a mutual friend. We went to the appointment... And helped translate the Ellsworth's desire to share the gospel. Which was immediately accepted. We taught them how to pray and about the Book of Mormon. Wow. There have only a few times on my mission when I have felt the spirit as strong as I did that night. That night everyone lives in that room changed forever! Sister Alley and I practically skipped back to the church as we agreed that we have never taught better and HOW EXCITED WE ARE FOR THIS TRANSFER. 

It is so cool being in the office around President Johnson and the APs and everyone! There are so many special unique experiences here. It feels strange being on the inside loop of everything. 

I so love being a missionary.
The work is so on fire here in Thailand. 
I love it. And can't wait to see the changes here that are on date. 
I know this church is true. God's hand is in it all.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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