Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mar 30: T-t-tahiland

Monday: Shopping.. new clothes.. Best thing ever. My clothes are all gross. 

Oh my goodness.. Family Thai is so funny.. Here are some of the adventures from this wee:\k:

Tuesday: hahahah taught Pii almost all of the lessons today.. I started teaching her about the prophet.. omg.. Hahah I said... "Thomas S. Monson is the leader of the church.. with out a body".. hahahaha The word for "body" and "income" are pretty similar.. Haha body= Raangay Income= Raayday... We all laughed.. For a long time. :)

Wednesday: Hahahaha inviting today outside the hospital I asked this sweet old lady who only had two teeth.. her 2 front teeth (i wonder what she'll ask for, for christmas..) If she was interested in coming to church (cow bood)... But she miss heard me and thought I asked her if she had any corn(cow pood)... Hahahahaha She frrrrreaked out because.. 1. she was wack.. and 2.. She didn't have any corn. Thai is so fun. 

Thursday: Khuu's with Nittaya again. Tuaght the parents of sister A in Australia again. They ahve a date to be baptaized on the 5th of March.

Friday: Went to the Ba-Noooog today (boonies) today. 2 hours away... But we went withj Jintana and bro bik. Who spend a ton of time with. We are working hard to help Bro Bik get on a mission. We came back in time to see sister pii pass her baptismal interview. Taught her how to play a hgymn on the piano (thankful for M&D who paid for piano lessons... I play in church almost every sunday... Ugh nerve racking จะตาย- But So good. THankful). @ BOM we watched the new Mormon Message! I get chills ever time I love it. And we had an easter egg hunt.. With the freakiest eggs I've ever seen.

Saturday: WENT TO THE CUTEST SHOP I'VE EVER SEEN/BEEN TO IN MY LIFE. Sumittra and I decided we'd go back every day.. :P It's called "Under the Tree" They sell little cakes and smoothies and coco yens.. And it is a little cottage thing.. And they play cute 20/30's music that i adore. I thought of Anny the WHOLE time we were there. You would LOVE IT. One day we will have a store just like that okay? Okay cool. They also played that one song while I was there! : "I tried to do hand stands for you" It was a tender mercy.. I know that shop was built here in Udon just for me. :P :)

Sunday: SPOKE IN CHURCH TODAY. A few months aggo i would never have thought i could do something like that.. My word. But I did. Having sumittra as my companion hgas helped me so much . we only ever talk in thai. An she is so good at speaking siomply and cl;early. As a result I am ableto remember how she phrases things and then know  how tos ay it when i wante to.. sorry this key board is so terrible haha... she has also helped me learn how to listen and understand  from sitting and listening to her canunderstand now what other khon thais say.. Such ablessing.. Besides the fact that she has helped me imporove myt ahi so mcuh.. I serioulsy love her.We laugh andlaughallthe time.adit isfun to teachwithherbecauseshesuports what I sayrarather tahn reteaching it.. Because the grammar  maybe wasn;t perfect .. BBut yes iun church Ispoke..,.Alongwith the other msisionaires. Mytopic waswhy  we do we do missionary work? In the first branch it went well.. 2nd branch i wasn't  really sure  actually howmany people were listening.. But then at the endofthe meeting sweet little Thon Hom the grand daughter of  sister kanun- who i adore- came up tome and asked me for all ofmyinviting cards so she could give them to all of her friends. :) Even ifshe was the onlyonetaht listened..That         would be okay.. I found the ONE today. :)

Pii and Ging were baptized !!!!! (ging finnnallly) It was good to hear their testimonies. They are both so sweet. 
Excited beyond excited to celebrate easter and flood Udon Thani withthe name of Jesus Christ! We will begoing crazy with the  Because He Lives video. Trying to gget                       100,000 views in Thailand. Easter is my favorite favorite favorite. I loveitmorethanvalentines  (oh man this keyboard isunbelievable) I love it because there is somuch lighteverywhere. Ever is coming back to life. The perfect way to celebrate and remember the savior's coming back to life as    well. He has risen. D&C 50:44

Wherefore, I am in your midst, and I am the good shepherd , and the stone of Israel. He that buildeth upon this rock shall never fall

i lovebeing a missionary.
sister coates

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