Sunday, October 4, 2015

Feb 15, 2015: 40 D A Y F A S T‏

Monday: Family Home Evening. @ Sister Gaw's! Have I mentioned that I LOVE HER. It was really good to go and talk with all the members. These people are so good.

Tuesday: Went to a Los Amigos w/ the Brown's (God bless Mexican food), Sister E and I sat in on the Advanced English class as we will be taking over when the Browns head out.... MISSION CALL OPENING!!! Cute sweet little Mook Mink is called to serve in the Australia North Sydney Mission! Oh it was so fun opening her call with her... It brought back memories of opening my call. My heart was beating for her the same as when I read: Thailand Bangkok Mission. Missions are MAGIC.

Wednesday: Visited an LA with the Browns today! Wow.. It was so cool to see the power of the priesthood manifest itself through Elder Brown's words... He gave this sweet young struggling single mom the most gentle and loving guidance and counsel. Was grateful to be a part of that. Another cool thing: :) Got a call from the Elders seeing if we were free to he;l[ the, teach a girl they had just met.. Because they didn't have a guy  to help them teach.. Ohhh It was way fun I am so glad we did.. She was a cute little Korean girl named Jessica (hehehe my best fwiend has that name), who decided to go on vacation for a day or two by herself to Thailand (...?...)She saw the two Elders inviting.. and Recognized them as a few months prior.. She had been a volunteeer investigator at the MTC!! So she asked them if they could teach her.. Too perfect! It was cool to answer her questions.. Especially fun because it was in English! She had a lot of quesitons.. as to why women don't have any important roles in the church.. It was cool to explain just how opposite from the truth that, that question was. The role and influence of the women in the church is substantial. She was so grateful to us for teaching her. We tried getting her number for the missionaries in Korea but she told us she already had lots of missionary friends there. Oh. Good. :) On her way out she taught us some Korean.. Oh man... It sounded like garbly gook.  It made me grateful to be speaking Thai. Tones and all. :) I can't wait to hear Elder Ross speak Korean! Someone please hug that family for me. Tell them I love and pray for them.

Thursday: Today was Insane. INSANE. We started a 40 day fast from somethings that aren't necessarily against the rules.. But aren't completely 100 percent in line with being a missionary.. So you could say... But we started it.. So that we could be more in tune with the spirit. As some of our investigators really need big help.. We don't know what will help them but the spirit does. So we are trying everything we can and making sacrifices to invite the spirit. One of the things that was on my list.. Was Singing any songs except Hymns and approved church songs. Which I will be honest is a big challenge for me as I sing ALL the time. I love to sing.. It makes me so happy.. If I am not singing something is wrong! And to be honest again.. I wasn't really excited for this fast.. All I could think about was how HARD it would be to give it up. But then I had to try and think outside myself for a second. How can I expect my investigators to give up things in their lives... If I am not willing give up something little in my own life. Having the spirit is so incredibly important. And if fasting from singing songs will allows the spirit to come more for my investigators, RCs and companions... Then the fight is over. I will give up somethings good for something much much better. Even if is so hard! So I started the fast with a prayer.. Telling Heavenly Father that this was the plan.. And that I really needed help.. And that as a result.. I was searching for miracles... And my oh oh my did he let it RAIN! Oh my word there were so many miracles today! To name a few we recieved TWO new investigators. The wife of our investigator Somyote! And Joe. Oh these people are so good. They are deep in problems but nothing that the Lord cannot fix. We bumped in to one investigator that we couldn't get a hold of and then found multiple potential investigators. Every where we went. Miracles followed. Fasting and prayer is real. 

Friday: Miracles still poured today. Got to teach Joe again. And Jina! She couldn't get permission for her to be bapt'd early.. So she will have to wait. Which is sad because she REALLY wants it. But she is still so golden. Her entire BOM is high lighted <3 Today I made Family Home Evening Charts.... Oh my word they are SO cute and SO Asian. Kirstin I thought of you the whole time! I am so grateful to have many opportunities to use the talents and abilities God has given me. 

Saturday: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY <3 <3 Drove out to the middle of no where to find a family referral.. Ended up getting appointments to come teach them an half of their neighborhood!!!! Later that night we went to Nong Prajak- this HUGE park.. Where they were having a huge Valentines celebration! We invited there for a while. Told people that God loves them. It was so good. :)

Sunday: The miracles continue! We had T W E L V E investigators come to church today. What. The. Heck? Is this real life? The 40 day fast I am telling you. It was our last Sunday dinner with the Browns! They are flying home Monday. They will be missed. Senior couples are seriously so awesome. I am not sure any of them realize just how awesome they really are. The young missionaries really appreciate their example, dedication and everything they do for us.. They will be missed. 

Thing learned about Thailand... Um okay I freaked out a little bit when I learned this.. So at the age of 21 every Thai male.. Has to choose- basically his destiny- out of a bowl or hat type of thing.. If they choose a black paper they have to be a SOLDIER!!! If they choose a red one then they are off the hook..... WHAT>?>?>? My word.. This country is the Hunger Games for real.

I love all of you so much.
Thank you so much for your support. For your prayers.
You will never know just how much they are appreciated.
I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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