Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jun 22: My Big Fat Greek Mission


Dad. Thank you for teaching me to work hard. I am grateful that every Saturday morning you came into my room and woke me up by palming head like a basket ball and bounced it up and down repeatedly. My future is bright because you taught me to get up and do something more. I love telling stories about fun memories with my dad to my companions.. I have loved attempting to teach khon thai's how to play thumper.... hahaha

Dad you're the greatest. Thank you & have a happy fathers day! 

This week.... was crazy.

Monday: Probably my favorite P day EVER. We played TENNIS. It was amazing.. And because of the new rule.. of just never ever being allowed to wear P day clothes again... We wore our skirts.. And we looked amazing.. And I literally have never sweat more in my ENTIRE life. It was awesome.

Tuesday: At district meeting we practized the musical number for zone conference.... It was seriously was sounding... so bad... because... well elder graham is 100% tone deaf.... SO we played a little my big fat greek wedding.... Made it seem like it was HIS idea to lead the music rather than sing.... ahhhh so evil.. :( hahaha but it totally worked. Afterwords I looked at sister morgan and said "the woman is like the neck... and she can turn the head any way she wants." 

Wednesday: The best zone conference of my mission thus far. I still feel full with the spirit. The theme was of Hope. Hope being our vision. Charity being the goals. Faith being the process... It was so cool to hear President Senior's insight on having a Celestial vision. It is something that we need to work towards continuously every.  Sister Senior played the piano for us as a closing musical number... And they both bore their tesimonies.... I will miss them very much.. I already feel a little home sick for them. I am so beyond grateful to have them as my mission president. They are 100% inspired people. They have helped me to become. Walking out of the church that day.. Passed this lady on the street.. Invite to tour the church... She's pretty sure she wants to be baptized. Miracles.

Thursday: Get the call from the AP's... Sister Olsen and I are now in a trio with Sister Morgan. My comp from the MTC! Trio's aggggain! Sister Parin is heading to Chaing Mai! And it doesn't end there.. Sister Morgan had been feeling really sick for the past coouple of days... We took her to the hospital.. Turns out she had an intestinal infection.... darn it! So we had a fun sleep over in the hospital.

Friday: all day in the hospital.... President Tiger (wongsakorn) came and brought us all food. He is truly the best most serving person.,... That night sister Olsen stay with sister morgan and I went with the sangqiens to teach Olay! It was weird not really having a companion with me.. Kinda lonely! But i was so thankful for the Sangviens. They are wonderful wonderful people.


Thursday while sitting at the hospital I was going through our phone contacts and calling them. I got to an investigator from the previous transfer named Joy. Joy is the daughter of that RC that passed away recently. Last transfer she learned almost everything with us and was scheduled to be baptized when suddenly she stopped answering our calls and didn't show up to church. Turns out her husband forbade her from coming to church and getting baptized...... So Thursday. She answers the phone. And only does she answer the phone... But sounds THRILLED that we called. I told her that we were coming to visit her mom the following day.. To which she responded "i'll be there- i'll be there!!" The next day. We get there... And I tell แม่อ้วน that Joy said she would come! But แม่อ้วน hadn't heard anything new from her daughter and said "no no Joy said no.. Her husband said no!" As she is saying no- Joy rides up on her motorcycle! We taught her the Restoration.. She is listened more intently than I had ever seen. She said that she had already spoken with her husband and that she was ready to be baptized. Whoa. Then.. Before we say the closing prayer.. She looks at me and says "Sister the night before you called.. I had a dream. I saw my dad in the dream.. He was at the church. I was at the church. And Sister Coates you were at the church teaching me... And then the next day you called me. It was a message from God." I was so speechless after she told us all what had happened. So speechless! All I could ever ask for is to be an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands. Miracles are all around. And it is so amazing. She is getting baptized this Sunday.

Sunday: In branch one they changed up the presidency and the callings! It was way cool to see who the knew branch president was... a 28 year old... just cool cool... kid. :) And the ward clerk is an RC that was baptized 3/4 months ago? He is one of my favorite members.. He has long jazzy hair.. And plays jazz piano... And is so legit. His name is Tho! And the new BML is brother Maay! He has been a member for 1 year.. so weird and so fun! My first transfer in Udon I remember teaching him! It is so cool to see such faithful people.

The other big fat greek moment...... Sister Olsen.. Had the biggest zit of her life time on her face.... That makes her look like a different person at certain angles... ahahaha oh my... Yes... We sprayed it with windex.

Miracles are pouring out the windows every where.

The Vietnamese clan didn't end up getting baptized this week.. But there is definitely still HUGE HOPE! This next week is going to be huge.

President Johnson is mission touring starting July 1st (same day the Seniors leave.. ). We get to meet him in Khon Khen on July 2nd... Ah.. Feeling a leeetle nervous! I feel like the mission is about to change big time. In zone conference the Seniors said... That we haven't even seen the biggest blessings yet.. Thailand is about to explode. 


I love love love UDON
I love the Seniors
I know this work is the truth.
I love being a missionary.

Sister Coates


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