Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mar 23: Bites

Monday: FHE @ Sister Jintena's house. It was way fun. It is always fun to psend time with everyone./ I gave the spritiual thouught.. (who would have thought just a few months ago.. that, that was even possible to do! Thai.... How much fun you are).. .I shared one of my favorite charpters in the BOM--> 2 Nephi 33 <-- It is the last vhapter that Nephi writes adn he knows it will be the last too.. So her writes his final words.. His "dying" advice. There are so many great things in that chapter but what I love most is that the last thing he decides to say.. Or testify... Is to "believe in Christ".. He could've said anything.. But he chose to say that. It must have been really important to him.. Believing in Christ must be pretty important. Believe.

Tuesday: Went on switch off's with Sister Embley! We worked in y area.. So we taught our investigator Pii. She is the sweetest little thing. We tuaght her the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. With 2 of our RC's who are both semi inactive. Whoa It was such a cool lesson. The spirit was so strong! In the middle of the lesson after teachin baptism- we ased her if she would follow the esample of Jesus Christ and prepare herself to be baptized on April 5th. She said Yes. She wants to follow Christ. SO awesome. The spirit was incredible. And not just for her but those two RCs as well. God is good. 

Wednesday: Had interviews with the President today.. Like Jessica has told me with her President.. These interviews I imagine are similar to the ones with Heavenly Father. President Senior is so cool. He is so loving. SO wonderful. It is weird to thing that he will die soon.. (in the mission hahaha).

Thursday: ZONE CONFERENCE! Oh I wish I could've recordd the whole thing and then sent it to you! It was wonderful. President Senior tuaght us on teaching the Doctrine of Christ.. Faith Repantce Baptism, Holy Ghost.. Enduring... how the savior was the ultimate example of each of these principles. Including repentance.. Not incinuating that he sinned... Rather he turned his heart to the father.. contiually. The tahi word for repent is "glap Jay" which translates to " return heart".. When our hearts return to the savior to our heavenly father .. it is then we will feel joy. Another thing I loved that he emphasized.. was forgiveness of sins.. Does not came thorugh baptism and after baptism it doesn't come from taking the sacrament. Forgiveness of sins comes from getting down on your knees and returning our heart. And that is when we are ready to be baptized or to partake of the sacrament. That is when we can start again. 

--> Sister Senior taught on the lessons we learn from David (and goliath).. All from 1 Samuel 17. (cool thing about the seniors the y love the biblie. and use it often. so cool). She emphaziesed 9 thins that we an learn from david.. of which ALL occerred before he went to battle.. All of those things were part of his preparation.. 1. He arose early to do his duty 2. He was careful which stones he picked (tools in hand- scriptures) 3. Eliminated uneccessar things 4. David was practised and prepared (familiary with his sling shot- prepared to teach) 5. David had faith 6. David asked inspired questions. 7. committed and fearless (confindence in God) 8. He knew the weak point of his enemy 9. Bore powerful testimony ( I will smith thee that all the world may know there is a God of Israel). So cool.

-->Together they emphasized the importance of walking others through waht we teach them.. Step by step.. As these people have never before heard of or seen the things we teach.. Like the book of mormon.. And baptism.. And Jesus Christ.

-Easter---> I am so excited.. We willl be flooding the earth with the name of Jesus Christ. Here in Thailand no one knows why on earth we celebrate Easter!! They showed us the new Mormon Message for Easter... It was beautiful. I am so excited to share it. 
WE got to see meet the mormonss!!!!!!!1
Friday: was the hottest day... literally the hottest day. I have never experienced such heat. Oh my word. 
Saturday: Not as hot but still hot. All appointments pit! Instead we invited with brother Beak! It was fun.
Running out of time 
oh my 
Sunday!!!: Remember Jina>?? My investigator last transfer!? She was baptized!!! Our investigator Ging was supposed to baptzed..... But again... She jerked us around.... NEXT WEEK FOR SURE. Or we will probably kill her..... WIth kindness <3 :)
I love LOVE my companion
Sister sumittra is so amazing. I a, learning so much from her
Fun fact:
 I am being eaten ALIVE here. If any part of my skin is showing while I stand still for more than 1 minutes... I am done for... My hands... I have bites all ove.r. On the tips of my fingers.. My toes.. .My heels... Writes.. elbow... what the heck!?
I love it though.. I really really do.
I love being a missionary xoxo
Sister Coates

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