Sunday, October 4, 2015

Feb 22: It Rained. It Poured.

Monday: Taught the FHE lesson on prayer at a cute member's house who had a few little kids! It was a way cool and powerful missionary experience. They had invited their friend over for the FHE.. And we taught her a little afterwords.. A less active member also came.. And started to basically challenge the church and started to make all these false statements... The spirit was leaking out of the room. So this investigator was so confused.. And just being fed so much false information! I tried a few times to speak.. But this LA kept going and going.. Haha Finally Sister Gaw raised her hand and said Sister Coates has something to say! Hahaha... Thank you sister Gaw! As soon as I started speaking (correcting the things this member misunderstood)... The while room went silent.. My word I was so on the spot. I was praying so hard to Heavenly Father to help me say what I needed to... Later that night Sister Gaw told me how grateful she was that I had said what I did.. And that the spirit was so strong.. She says she could've said something but it would not have had the same effect because she is not a missionary. It was a really cool experience... Missionary power is a real thing. I feel so blessed to have it! It something that has to be worked for though.

Tuesday: Grateful to President Sxa- Tiger :) He and his wife invited us over for lunch.. They were both missionaries in Thailand 7 years ago.. So they know just what we need! I almost cried when I saw homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday: Switch offs with Sister Grover! We went and picked them up in Nong Khai.. Fun thing... We are like 1 hour from Laos here in Udon.. But when we went to Nong Khai.. We were like.. 10 minutes away. We could see Laos! So that's pretty cool.. :) 

Thursday: Went to teach Somyote... Noticed something different about him today... There was a light in his eyes!... He told us he hadn't smoked ALL week. O. MY. GOODNESS.

Friday: OH my goodness gracious. I still can't even believe this story happened. Okay you might need to hold on to something!!! 2 weeks ago I invited this really sweet boy to come to church. Last Sunday he came. I called him the following Wednesday to see if he was interested in learning with us more. He said yes.. For Friday morning. He came to the church Friday morning.... And not even 5 minutes in to the lesson he accepted the February 22nd to be baptized. Yes. February 22nd. AS IN HE WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! We hadn't even saved his phone number in our phone yet!! He is so cool and SO SWEET! Oh yeah... His name is Der.

 I am now going skip forward to 

SUNDAY: IT POURED today. Rain and miracles. Do you remember Somyote the one we have been teaching and praying for ALL transfer? He was baptized today. It was the most wonderful thing... His whole family was there.. There is just one person left in his immediate family now for us to get. His wife. :) Ah I wish I could describe in better detail how amazing it was to see him with his whole family!! They are going to go to the temple together in a year! And be sealed for time and all eternity! I got to take part in that I can't even believe it.. Der and Somyote were both baptized today.. Along with 2 other investigators. 

So much more happened this week.. And so much more is going to happen.. Like switch offs again in LAOS! And more... Being a missionary is so amazing. God is so good.

I love being a missionary.
Love you family.
I pray for you always.
Sister Coates

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