Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jun 15: I fell down the stairs this week.

Oh my goodness... This has been the best emailing session... Thank you for all who send your love and thoughts.. It as literally lifted me today! Ah YES! :) Truly thank you.

Starting with yesterday:

Pet received the HOLY GHOST! Yessss. But even before that.. We get the church- turn the corner to go find him upstairs so we can teach him before hand... And we see him coming down the stairs in a WHITE SHIRT AND TIE! Oh it was the coolest moment. He looked so riab rooy!!!!! Ah..... You have to understand. Him and his family does not have a lot of money.... They live in little shacks... All he does all day everyday is work in the dirt. So seeing him there... It was a miracle. So cool. He is one of those people that just get it. He has been coming to church consistently now for over a month. 

More on Sunday... Our 3 Vietnamese investo's came!!!!

Update status on our 3 killer Vietnamese investigators:

-แม่หวาน(Ma Wan): Hasn't drank coffee now for 3 full days. THAT IS SUCH A MIRACLE. From the very beginning she was very clear to the fact that she was not going to be able to quit. Prayer is a powerful thing. It invites the Holy Ghost which in turns softens the heart of all those who listen and brings them unto Christ. She wants to follow Jesus Christ so badly. Baptismal date: 21st.

-จาง & เกือง(Jaang & Guang): They are both... Seriously the best kind of people. They are so kind. And so full of light. Their smiles light up each room they walk into. They were coming into the church yesterday and brought in one of the Elder's investigators who was too afraid to go in by themselves. These people are so so special. It has been fun having them read out of the BOM in Vietnamese. Baptismal date: 21st.

The 21st.. Is NEXT Sunday. Please PLEASE pray for these great people. 

One thing kinda stinky and difficult. That I haven't quite figured out how to.. deal with.. When you work so hard with RC's... SO HARD! And they say they will come.. For sure they will come. And you are so excited to see them. SO excited for them to come partake of the sacrament and feel the spirit.. Because you have learned how extremely important it is!! 
And then they don't come. 
And then you wonder if they know that there are people on their knees EVERY DAY praying so hard for them! 

Going to church is not something we do for fun, entertainment or to have some peace and quiet to play on our phones. It is a commandment from God. When we were baptized WE made a PROMISE with GOD that we would KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. Keep the Sabbath Day holy and all the commandments of God and I missionary promise: YOU will have the power to overcome the temptations of the adversary, avoid unnecessary heartache and grief and YOU will have a peace and happiness come into your life that you won't even be able to understand.

Wew! So keep the commandments. :)  

Other things from this week: 

I fell so hard core down our WOOD stairs... Sister Olsen described it as me rolling like a tumble weed from the second to the top stair.. All the way to the bottom. Yes.. And it hurt so bad... I have dark bruises on my knees, bum and shins... Beware of stairs... 

There were INSANE storms this week. We had BOM class in the dark! Was way fun! 

It was an incredibly busy busy busy week. We taught SO much. And what a blessing it is to say that. This week came and went in the blink of an eye. 

Just remembered: Cake spoke for the first time in sacrament.. This is the topic they gave him- The Law of Chastity.... hahaha. He did so great though! He has been working on his mission papers! He hasn't even been a member one year. These people are amazing.

This week is Zone Conference!!! So excited.. And feel sad too. The Seniors are leaving soon. Last big conference with them. 

We were sitting with an RC named Bens (same Bens that told us he was immortal hahaha) the other day making calls... After hanging up the phone with someone who said they weren't free.. He said in English... Doesn't just make you want to kill them??.... ahahahah what? No bens! He then proceeded to tell us that he actually is from a different planet.. Nabu.. Hahaha.

Fact: THIS LAND REALLY IS HUNGER GAMES. It is ILLEGAL to do the little hunger games three fingered scouts honor sign thing. AND i found out that they banned the HG movies because of that sign/the uprising features. WHOA. 

Sister Olsen is seriously the best. We have so much fun everyday. And laugh and laugh and laugh.
Congradulations to the Marvels who will be have a little boy soon!! <3 <3 I am so happy and excited!
The field here is so white and ready to harvest.
I feel so blessed to be a Thailand Bangkok Missionary.
I love love love this work.
I know our Heavenly Father loves us. 

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates


We realized sister olsen was holding toilet paper and dried seaweed called "big sheet".. at the same time hahahahaah

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