Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jul 27: Magic

Here we are again. 

Monday: Went to the *magical* Asoke!.. So funto be with Sister Alley + Taw. We all treated ourselves to a REAL cupcake. It was... so... good. and then to Mexican food <3 SO spoiled!
Tuesday: MONTHLY MISSION TRAINING! Emphasis on teaching towards FAITH & REPENTANCE. Later today we got to do just that as we taught Bird the Restoration. The Sunday before I had asked him to read the intro of the BOM before we met again. SO in the lesson when it came time to intro the BOM I asked him what he remember/ learned about the BOM... OMG... He gave us a PERFECT summary of history of the BOM.. Right down to Moroni and the people in the book. And then when he was finished.. he said "My only question is where are the plates now!?" He is so LEGIT! His baptismal date is now for the 16th because he can only learn on Sunday and wants a little time.. But it'll probably be moved up to the 9th because.. On the 15th and the 16th-> JEFFREY R. HOLLAND is coming!!!
Wednesday:Went to go teach a family of investigators and brought two members along with us.. Turns our they thought that all the missionaries were coming so they made a HUGE feast... I had my first fish in Thailand.. It's teeth.. yes TEETH.. were whiter than mine.. I'll attach a pic.
Thursday: Tuaght this way cute girl/lady named O. She loves Christianity & Jesus CHrist. And she says that really.. She just loves all things good. Which to her includes.. Being a vegetarian and monk music. sweet.. She is so full of faith though! She told us that she would look for a NEW JOB so she wouldn't have to work on Sundays.---------->Also today was long planning... Consisted of us trying to make Chewbacca noises at one point.. <3

Friday:Sister Beckstrand and I went to visit two of our RC's Belle and Pon (daughter and mother). It is so awesome to be with and share the gospel with them. Neither of them have a lot of education due to some poor choices made.. But both of them are SO determined to choose the right. We reviewed the 10 commandments with them and after reviewing #2 "thou shalt not worship engraven images (wear Buddhist spirit necklaces, etc.) Belle excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she came back she was no longer wearing her Buddhist monk necklace. For some reason I thought this really touched me! She is a great example to her mom and her friends who come to church with her.
*Fun Fact: Here in Thailand almost everyone where gold necklaces with a big.. glass locket type of thing on the chain.. And inside the locket is a little idol.. Each idol means different things.. Like good luck, wealth, good health... Or will be different gods and such.  Na soncay.
Saturday: SPORTS! Road on a giant song taew.. (truck with seats in the back).. With about 30 of our members... Mostly consisting of RCs! Went to Asoke and had a big sports day! Fun. :) Still sore.. from playing tug o' war!
Sunday: FAMILY FROM UDON CAME!!! Sister Gaew and her momma came to Bang Khae because they were bringing Sister Mo to go to the airport.. As she is about to leave for the MTC and serve in Australia!  I cried when I saw Gaew! Oh I was SO happy to see her! It was an awesome day at church.. And fun to be in Relief Society with Gaew's mom (Pon) again. hahah She spoke the majority of the time. :) Some of the time in Issan. So. Fun! Made my heart happy! Sister Beck and I later returned home and made THE BEST MASSAMAN EVER... I ate so much I felt sick after words.. Worth it? Yes...
Monday again: We switched up our emailing time to come to Asoke again... It is soooo Magical!!!! I cannot wait to bring you here family. You'll love it. I'll explain all about our adventures in next week's email.. But you can bet that I definitely went to Red Mango today :):):):)
My word.. I love love love being a missionary. President Johnson just made a new rule that on P days we can call our RC's from our past areas!! OH.. It has been SO fun calling them today. Especially the ones from Saphansuung. So good to here from the ones that are able to say that they go to church every week.. And then kinda sad to hear from the ones that don't.. In their voices I could hear that they felt embarrassed. Maybe us calling will be just what they need to get back in the game. President Johnson's game plan is to get our LA's back into action. :)
I am so excited. Heavenly Father has so much in store.. We have a lot of investigators.. Lot's who are progressing.. And some that are so ready to be baptized. The church is so true.
I believe rainy season might have begun. :) 

I love being a missionary!
Sister Coates




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