Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mar 9: Psssych!

And the verdict is..... I MOVED ACROSS THE HALL! Haha. Yayayaya Still in Udon! But will be working in branch 1 rather than branch 2. Oh I am so happy to stay in Udon!!! I am now khuu's with Sister Sumittra! Yes... A KHON THAI. Oh my word it is crazy crazy. So. Much. Thai.

The beginning of each transfers are sometimes a bit of a struggle because of changes. This beginning was rough because of 2 night sin a row with only 5 hours of pretend sleep on our 8 hour bus ride to and from Bangkok. So we were exhausted. And then exhausted even more so because everything now is in Thai... only. My brain kinda hurts!! Ohh but it is soo good. And so fun. I am so grateful for this oppotrunity. Sister Sumittra is a really good teacher, really good at cookin, taking care of others and at being sassy. :P :)I love her already. This transfer is going to be so fun!

I kinda still get to kill sister Embley too! She is now khuus with Sister Nittaya yes. TWO khon thais in the house!! Oh my heck 1. Sister nittaye is the cutest and sweetest hon thai alive. Her laugh is hilarious. 2. Way grateful that sister embley is here. Botj of us at the end of each day are So releve to speak and hear english haha! But Truly we are so grateful, having so much fun and are so excited.

Other transfer news: DO you remember Elder Hall> On my FAVORITE elders... We were both greenies together in Spahan Suung.. And jsut wayu good friends. HE WAS JUST SENT TO MYANMAR!!!! Ahh so escited for him. He will probably stay there for the rest of his mission. Along with the other 3 missionaries there!! 

Sundays. Oh i love them. bbranch 1's sacrament meeting was good.. The new missionaries went up and bore their testimonies per usual. After they sat down the branch president stood again and said oh sorry I forgot.. Sister Coates will you come and bear your testimony?... haaaa dang it! I though i had gotten out of it since I didn't technically move areas! :P I was glad for the opportunity. :) It is cool to hear my testimony grow both in surety and in Thai. I love this place.

Cool thing. One of our RC's, Sister Ging. told us that she was going to bring a friend to church this week.. SO awesome! So I sat by them in sacrament meeting.. Come to find out this girl's friend, Pii.. I have met and invited before! I invited Pii and her sister at the walking market almost 5 weeks ago. She was really interested but was never able to make it.. And now because her friend invited her she is even more interested!! I have a really good feeling she will be baptized. Which will be so good for our RC Sister Ging! Who will now come to church more often- therefore setting a good example for her non member mom! Who is interested in the church as well! And Pii's sister is interested... Oh my word heaven is still pouring blessings. Oh Members. We could not fulfill our pupose without them! I am excited for the families that are about to come in to the church. Sister Sumittra and I are going to have so much fun gettin all these people! I love all these new wonderful friends.

Fun: We rearranged our house!so now all the sisters are sleeping in the big room. So fun! Our khon thais made massaman and Tdom Khaa gai last night... Oh so good! 

Fun facts: Thailand. Is. SO. Hot.

This transfer: Rumor has it: DAVID A BEDNAR IS COMING!?!!?, SongKrahn!!(3 day water fight!!), Zone conference & general conference!!! And I have a khon Thai.. AND i'm in Udon.

Sorry for the amount of typos in this email.
I love love Udon
I love love love love all of you!
I LOVE being a missionary.

Pictures.. What we ate with Sister Gaw and her mom.... Intestines... And hearts.... Kill. Me.. Yes I ate one of those stick things. Gross. Gross. Gross. Note to self. Never let a khon thai choose the restaurant!

Sister Coates

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