Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aug 31: K I N G

shout out to my little Noahie! I can't believe you are already TEN YEARS OLD! Noahie did you know that I was ten when you were born? So crazy how time flies. I am so glad you all got to go to Pineview! You all looked fabulous. 

monday: happy birthday in Thailand! It was a good day.. We went to a murder mystery room.. Where we were locked in this hotel room and had to find clues and keys to get out.. It was pretty scary.. trap doors.. fake blood... masks.... Good fun. :) Later that night we had FHE where we taught HOW to do FHE... It didn't quite work how we planned because half the members didn't show up.... At least that's what I thought when in reality they went and bought me a Swenson's icecream cake! I was so surprized! Seriously so nice.
tuesday: moleff's took the district out to Swenson's.... Again.. Haha Oh Swenson's! We taught English. We saved the world.
wednesday: KING WAS BAPTIZED KING WAS BAPTIZED KING WAS BAPTIZED!! It was so awesome to see him be baptized and then after words just look SO happy! He was so so happy. He couldn't explain how he felt. But he was beaming and everyone could see it and feel it. I know that he was one of the people I was supposed to meet in Thailand.
thursday: ONE YEAR A MISSIONARY. Yes I did burn something.... My finger. I don't want to talk about it. hahaha. That and we ate a krispy kreme doughnut! It was.... kinda gross. Fun fact about Thailand... Don't trust any of the "baked" goods. They are all LIES! :) But can't get enough oreos and rod-di's <3 Today we had 3 back to back appointments, a coordination meeting and a meeting at an LA's house who hadn't been to church in 20 years-- all within a 4 hour time period!!! IT WAS INSANE. Very busy. And very good. We barely made it home by 9:30. Work hard. #thisisforyoubabe Just kidding it's not at all. It's for you Thailand. It's for Heavenly Father who has given me everything and sent me out here on a mission to help bring his children unto him.
friday: we took a walk, took a walk today for about 4 1/2 hours inviting the world. After words I thought my knees were going to sia chiwit. The longer I have been out... The more my body seems to.... sia chiwit. เสียชีวิต. But the lord strengthens us everyday. It was a good walk today. We found the ones today. That is for sure!
saturday: Sister Blaylock got to skype her family because her sister is getting married! So that was fun. Afterwords..We were at the church making phone calls when one of the more quiet members comes in the room and asks when everyone would be meeting to go to the **talent show in Asoke**. We told her that everyone had met at 11 and had already left.. She had mistakenly thought that the meeting was at 12.. She sat with us a while longer and after a few moments asked us if we had ever not received an answer to a prayer.. We sat and talked with her about prayer and then about her life and the different challenges she was facing.. It turned out that she was really struggling with her testimony and was seriously considering not coming back to church. It was so amazing to be able to testify of God's love for her. It was clear that he loved her that day as he had us stay at the church and her come to the church at the wrong time. It was the wrong time for activity but the right time for her. Heavenly Father is in the details of everything. He truly does love all his children.
****oh gawl..... For the talent show.... Our some sweet members did a way cute rendition of I am a Child of God.. With King at the guitar... But then.... They added other members in doing NAPOLEON DYNAMITE HAND MOVES (being completely serious) in the back ground and starting with a yelling roll call.. "LDS BANG KHAE READY???" followed by banging the drums..... oh.... their sweet souls!... sweet souls.. other members did a hula dance together in thai skirts... other people sang...... etc... I love khon thais. <3
sunday: Our cutest ever new investigator "soh" came to church today! He is half japanese/thai. HE IS SO STINKIN CUTE. Pray for him to be able to quit smoking. He has a date for the 13th!
monday------> Woke up at 4 am... We went to the beach beach! YES. mission almost complete. :) It was beautiful. Made me think of our Washington summers.. I actually felt that this summer i kinda did get my washington beach trip! :) It was something else to put our feet in the sand. The water was wonderfully warm.
Sorry I forgot to bring my Elder Holland notes again... And I don't want to just summarize! Because it was tooooo good. Stay tuned.. again.. :)
Oh how the church is true. Always pray.
I love being a missionary.
              Sister Coates



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