Sunday, October 4, 2015

May 17: S T I N K Y

Oh this week. What happened this week? 

Seriously this week had to have been one of the most interesting ones yet. 

Where to start?

Monday: Had a fun FHE  at a Sister Jansiri's house.. She was in a crazy motorcycle accident about 2 months ago.. So we thought it would be nice if we brought the crew to her. And it was nice. Way fun. Good good people. Wonderful people. Wonderful food.

Tuesday: Taught English with all the Elders. So funny.. And way cool! Got a referral her name is Blue <3

Wednesday: We had a huge sports day with all branches in the area.. And we all played in the rain. And were eaten. EATEN. By mosquitoes. <3 The weather in this country makes it rather difficult to keep appointments.. But we taught RCs did family history! We worked so hard! And had so much fun. I've decided that Sister Olsen is a combination of Anny and Jessica. Two of the best people in the world. Sister O is seriously so hilarious. So awesome. I am so blessed to have her as my khuu. 

Thursday: Found out that the headache our RC in the hospital has had for the past little while is actually brain cancer and doesn't have much longer to live. We got to go sit with him for awhile.. Though he was unable to respond.. The spirit confirmed to me that he could hear us as we read to him in the scriptures. We read 3 Nephi 17.. What comfort and peace we have in Jesus Christ. All will be healed through him. Brother Senay.. Is the one that reads to his family every night under the light of the single light bulb. I feel so blessed to have met him. And seen his incredible example. Please pray for his family.

Friday: Served Sister Jintana! She is a seamstress.. And had was literally drowning in her work. So we went and helped. :) In Thailand, they call their mom's "maa" but more like... "meeh"... We've decided that Jintana isn't a "meeh" but our mission "mom". Am very grateful for her. She is the most amazing person. While helping her sew.. We get the call that Brother Senay passed away. :/ 

Saturday: Go to take a shower.. No water comes out of the spout.. Strange.. I paid the water bill myself. What could be wrong.. We all agreed it'd be fine and back on in the evening.. So we left for Brother Senay's funeral. It was nice (as it was at the church). It was cool to see his entire family there.. Each one of them very Buddhist and Issan. Cool to see a little part of all of their hearts open. I know they will see him again.... We get home that night... Water still not on. Explaining the subject of this email. We washed our hair that night in the middle of our little cultisack (<--- how do you spell? Is that a real word?). Yes. Washed it wish a hose. Adventures.

Sunday: It POORED today.. Scaring away a lot of investigators.. Well all of them.. haha Except for Brother Senay's son. And that was a miracle. Huge miracle. He told me that he likes church. So cool. We went and read scriptures with Ging and Jintana.. It was so fun to sit back and listen to them share the experiences they've had when they have prayed. It is times like these that make all of the sweaty hard work worthwhile.. I am so proud of Ging. At home that night.. We had a pillow fight.. haha.. And broke Sister Olsen's bed... There are wood splinters scattered all over our floor. Oh my so funny. Seriously we are having so much fun. 

Satan.. Is wow working so hard.. It is really evident from this past week of trials that he is working SO hard to bring us down... But we are working so hard... And amidst it all. We are SO happy. We are so happy. It almost doesn't make sense! But then it does. God is real. This work is so great! I love being a missionary.

Still haven't showered... I have never smelled so bad before.. Sister Olsen smells.. We all smell so bad. hahaha.

I can't believe there is only one more week in this transfer? 

All is good here. :)
Love you all
Love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

Ever Upwards.
End quote :) Sis J


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