Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mar 16: Alabama Leprechaun

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this week... The title of this email is such. If you don't what it is... You should probably go and watch it. And think of me :P 

Monday: Went bowling with the district! Wow... Haven't been bowling for.... A long long time. It was fun! I think I got my first real strike.. I might've only ever gotten strikes on wii bowling... Anywho it was good fun. We had Family Home Evening @ Sister Blah's house (yes her name is Blah- which translates to "fish"- haha which I need to apologize to Jessica hahaha before coming to Thailand she had told me in an email that a member had told her that the word for fish was blah.. And me having learned only from the alphabet/script cards had learn the sound for this letter: ป = bah blah Told her that fish is actually "bah blah" No no no... That is what the letter is called... Because it makes the "bah" sound and then to help little kids and falaangs like me remember they use an actual word at the end like "blah"... So Jessica yes.. Fish in Thai is: "blah" :)

Tuesday: Had a really cool experience.. We were able to go visit some RC's who live in the boonies. They true- through n' through Issan people. They live in a boarded up shack with a rusty tin roof. Have a hole in the ground for a bathroom..And I think..?... That they have electricity?? They have no sense.. Or knowledge of cleanliness.. Or personal hyegene.. Their sweet great grandmother has the most awful... problem? Or disease? on her toe. You can SEE her bone.. It's like... Rotting and it's horrible. And then another one of them is actually missing some toes.. no big deal. Yet.. They read in the scriptures- the BOM & the Bible. EVERY night. Under the light of a single light bulbg hanging under their little bamboo and grass canopy.. I guess they do have electricity wow! And even though they live a good 40 minutes away from the church.. They still come every week. They walk from their house to the main road to catch a song taw- which is a little pick up truck that has seats in the back. And they come in clean clothes.. White shirt and tie.. Combed hair. What amazing people they are. On the outside they may not seem like they are members of the church.. And the may not speak speak eloquently.. In fact they speak straight Issan.. Which is the equivalent of an Red Neck x 10,000 mixed with a black person from the hood. BUT they are so faithful.. They have so many trials.. They have so little yet they have everything! They smile, they laugh, they're obedient.. They choose the right because they love God. They are the Saints of Thailand.

Wednesday: Switch offs with Nittaya!!! Oh it was so fun. So fun! We did so much stuff.. But the high light was going to see the parents of one of the members- Sister A who is currently a missionary in  in Australia!! First walking into their home you could really tell that they love and miss their daughter. Sister A is a Nakwadruub! She is an artist! (just like me <3 <3 :P) Her family had taped every painting or drawing she'd ever done up against their walls. And pictures of the temples!! Even though they are not yet members!! It was clear that their daughter is having much more than a good influence in their lives.. We were able to share a scripture with them.. And then talk to them a little bit about what their daughter does everyday.. And then assure them that she is so happy... And that she prays for them everyday... It was cool being able to testify of those things.. Because I really do know just how their daughter feels! I pray for my family everyday.. I pray that you all recognize the importance of going to church.. Of taking the sacrament.. That you understand the importance of it all. That we don't just come to come.

Thursday: Today we had MLC.. This quote has been stuck in my head- Of we do what we have always done, we will get what we've always gotten. President Senior is calling for a change.. No one is quite sure yet on how we are going to change things.. But it is going to happen. He is calling for more faith. more courage. 

Friday: I don't want to write to much about today because it was awful. We went to a Thai hospital. It was awful. I am grateful for health care. For a mom who is a nurse. For hyegene. For antibiotics. Soap. Alcohol wipes... These poor people. Pray for them please.

Saturday: Had a relief society meeting today for branch 2! I played the prelude music and drew the RS logo for Gaw's mom (ma pon) who is the RS pres. Pretty cool that I get to use the things that God has given me! Grateful.

Sunday: We were supposed to have a baptism today... Sister Ging! But... She hadn't been completely honest with her mom.. Her mom came to the church and took her home... She was so mad!! Later that day Sumittra and I went to the hospital to go visit her and her family.. Turns out that her mom has been to church before and is interested in coming again and learning! On the condition that her daughter will be honest and help her around the house... :) The baptism fall through was a blessing in disguise :) Honor thy Mother and thy Father that thy days may be long upon the land... And so you don't get slapped. <3 Love you parents. More on parents: Sister A's parents came to church today!!!!! They were so excited to take a picture with the sister missionaries so that they could send it to their daughter :)

Read Mosiah 4. It's really really good.
There are so many typos in this email I am sure. Sorry! I wish I could type out my thoughts more clearly. Time is so scarce around here! 
I love you all
Sister Coates

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