Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aug 15: H O L L A N D

Feels like just like yesterday I emailed everybody... I kinda did huh! :)
But a world has happened already.
I'll start with last monday... even though I still feel star struck.. more like SPIRIT struck from meeting Jeffrey R. Holland....... See Saturday.
Monday: We had family home evening @ sister Jiab's house. And sister O came with us (O that had got the answer that the church was true). So in as we are getting ready to get in the taxi... I overhear Sister O telling Elder Lodwick that yes she received an answer.. But still doesn't want to be baptized just yet.....(ผิดหวัง!!).... And then in the taxi she tells that at her work she no longer is free on sundays.. Ever... Oh boy. Punch.. after.... punch.. haha.. Nevertheless.. We knew that it was in Heavenly Father's hands and we were going to have a great family home evening!! :) Together we read an article in the Liahona about repentance.. Upon seeing the Liahona.. O became really interested and before leaving asked if she could have a copy which Jiab happily gave her! And then......

Thursday: comes around and we give her a call in the morning to see when she is free next. She says that she is free that day... And then she said.. Hey sister I have a question.. Is there a way that I can order the Liahona? I LOVED it. I finished the whole thing already. Also do have anymore I could read? and Oh also I want to be baptized........AH. She wants to be baptized as soon as possible. Which is also possible again now that her work schedule was just mysteriously changed again...... Trust in Heavenly Father. Pray Always.
In between those days...
Tuesday... District Meeting: Did a role play on how to teach prideful people.. Two hours later.. Taught a lovely lovely individual.. Who we will most likely not be teaching again.. When things like that happen... I think of what Sister Alley's little brother also on a mission said in a recent email to sis A. He said something along the lines of "the Elders i'm serving with say that the more difficult times you have on your mission.. the hotter your future spouse will be..." he was explaining how one day had been particularly difficult.. and at the end of experience he wrote"#thisisforyoubabe" ......hahahahahahahahahahaha.... As for teaching that lovely individual....                               #thatwasforyourbabe
Wednesday: Taught King..... He is the coolest. Seriously is the coolest. :) One because has AMAZING faith. He loves learning about his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Two because he is so incredibly well mannered and kind. Three because he wears the same black outfit everyday, has a sleeve tattoo and a flame tattoo one the hand that strums his guitar.... Oh and Four because he AMAZING at the guitar. He is so excited to be baptized. It can't be on a Sunday because he has to be to work by 12... So he wants the soonest available day.... Which happens to be: August 24th....... :} hmmm That's an interesting day... :) hehe #20 Please pray for his family who is extremely Buddhist and not supportive of his decision to be baptized at all.
Friday: Taught this way rad guy named Pone that we met at a bus stop a few days back... Says he learned 2 years ago with the missionaries but couldn't be baptized because he was moving... He said that he knows that God lives and wants nothing more to be baptized. Okay sir.

-Yud is not quite ready to be baptized... Need to help him increase his faith. Please pray for him to be able to understand.
-Bird... Really sick and not able to interview today :/ Said yes to baptism NEXT week! Pray that he finishes his work program and recovers.
We were in position to take a picture with him right when he arrived and promptly afterword he said he would like to shake each of our hands. He asked us all to come shake his hand and tell him our name and where we are from........ When it came time for my turn- He gave me a firm handshake and looked me right in the eye... Even though it was only a brief moment, it really felt like his his big blue eyes were looking into my soul.
And that is exactly what he said.. After telling us that we all looked "just absolutely terrific" he said... "I just interviewed you all.. As I looked into your eyes- because I wanted to look into your soul." He said that he saw a lot of good things but that he needed to check because he just "can't live with missionaries who don't get the picture".
He went on in saying how his "mission meant EVERYTHING to him" and that is what he wants for us.. And that this was our chance our only chance right now to make it mean something.. In his Jeffrey R. Holland voice that makes your soul shake and the room dead silent he said "Don't you dare MISS IT." He said "a hard thing for me is to meet a less active return missionary.... It makes me go CRAZY... I go absolutely ballistic" He said "we'll lose a few sheep along the way but we should never lose a solitary shepherd... This is real life.. You can't go back to who you were.... What you were wasn't good enough.. Wasn't strong enough.. Don't you ever walk away. And if you do.. I'm devasted and heartbroken.. You are not finished. You are still an investigator. You are God's investigator. Just as you want your investigators to listen. HE WANTS YOU TO LISTEN. Just as you want your investigators to pray.. He wants YOU to learn how to really PRAY. If its disappointing to you when you lose an investigator.. Imagine how your Heavenly Father feels."

There was so much more to what he said and the spirit was so strong in that room and still with me. I am out of time to write more... But there will be more to come.. In our preparation for Elder Holland we were asked to prepare lots of questions to ask him and also to have in our hearts... We were not able to ask him any questions.. But every single one of my questions was answered.
I am so grateful for my time to be a missionary. 
It has completely changed the person I was before.. And I am not even done yet.
I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us.
The last thing Elder Holland said to us:
"Change what you need to. Stiffen your spine and square your shoulders. You will change the world."
I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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