Sunday, October 4, 2015

May 10: momma mia

Oh how wonderful it was to see all of you. 

Sorry I cried so much.. Really it was because.. being away.. Makes you forget a lot of the small things.. And the reasons why you love your family so much. 

What got me was hearing Savannah speak. 
And seeing all the kids.. And then just hearing everyone.. :) It was so good. I love you all so much.

Hadn't planned on crying.. And was a little upset that I did so much! Was feeling a little off... But immediately felt so much better after we prayed. So glad we could do that together. Prayer. Pray all the time. Pray as a family. 

I was so looking forward to talking with ya mom. I miss talking with you. There is something special about being able to talk with your mom. I love you so so much. Thank you for supporting me. Happy Mother's Day.

It was so fun to be so silly with all of you! Makes my heart happy to know that everyone is still weird :P And even though I have changed so much... I hope you could still see that I am most definitely so weird too. :P I am definitely not the same person I was when I came on my mission. And I know that changes are going to continue to happen.

Reflection point: Being a trainer.. I have looked back a lot on where I have been... How I have gotten to this point on my mission.. And it is really amazing to see Heavenly Father's hand through it all. I don't feel different.. But I am. Interesting to compare this Skype from the last one.. So much as changed. Everything has! And there is one more Skype left.. Weird to think of how incredibly fast that it is going to pass by. 

Last week:

P day- We went to Nong Khai! In the picture you can see us standing in front of a river.. On the other side of it is LAOS!  SO cool. :)

Tuesday: Miracle---> HAd been inviting for a little while.. For some reason a lot of people were being really cranky.. We were about ready to go back.. When we stop to buy some water... And meet a man.. Who had taken the missionary lessons about 20 years ago.... And was TOTALLY game to come to church... Miracle. Miracle. Miracle. So cool.

Wednesday: Miracle---> Got to invite some way cool AMERICAN girls to church. They are just here in Thailand travelin.. But said they'd check out the church when they are home <3 So fun to talk to a fellow Merican. :) Sister Olsen and I heard a Thai song that we Loooooove.. Look it up: สุขาอยูหนใด   copy and paste into that you tube!!!

Thursday: Taught Jo today about the Godhead, Prayer and Baptism. He has a date to be baptized this Sunday. :) We are so excited. He is seriously the coolest khon Thai!!! Also had switch offs today with the wonderful Sister Alley and Mamea! So much fun. 

Friday:Taught the ADORABLE Naan. And her little brother Note! Oh my goodnes... They both were so cute and so sweet. Note would NOT talk but he would smile really big and roll his eyes hahaha Reminded me of Linky loo. :)

Saturday: Today was so cool. So cool. We did a mission wide invite. From 4pm-6pm.. Of just straight inviting.. All. Over. Thailand. Oh family.. I wish I could tell you how cool it was. We had planned to invite as a district starting at the hospital and then head into the park... But there were HUGE dark clouds coming and fast... We prayed with Elder Wolfley and Elder Thomas... We thanked Heavenly Father for the miracles we have seen and been a part of.. And then asked for his help to create more of them. Before the prayer... and after... Actually all day leading up to these hours.. There was seriously something in the air. Magic in the air. Like something big was coming.. And not just the big storm. Right as we said amen.. We turned and invited a man walking by, He said yes. Then we all ran inside as it started to pour. We invited inside the hospital.. We testified of prayer.. and Jesus Christ.. That they could all be healed. That they could live with there families. forever... Everyone we talked to was so special.. And I know were there for a reason. We were lead to so many great people. It was amazing. We could really feel all the missionaries in Thailand out inviting all with us. So cool.

Sunday: Miracle----> Jo almost didn't make it to church.,.. But he did!!! So glad. Had another investigator, Cartoon, who came with her member friends... Who before last transfer had been less active.. That was a miracle. Those past less active members also brought their mom with them... Who hasn't been to church for a looong time.... Miracles.. One.. after... another...

So many miracles about to come. So excited for this week. We have so much to do! People to baptize. Pray for Jo, Cartoon & Naan's family. We will be going to visit them this week... And inviting them all to be baptized. AH so exciting. 

I love being a missionary
Love you all,
Sister Coates


That is Sister Olsen's desk... with an EVIL VERMIN COCKROACH ON THE CURTAIN.

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