Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jul 6: Amurican Sh'mo

This week was crazay.

Transfer calls just came in: I'm outtie. Dang it! I am so grateful though to have served here for the 5 months that I did. I love Udon with all my heart. This is the definitely the promised land. I will miss this place very much. I love these people. I will keep them with me forever. 

Tuesday: Had some way cool inviting miracles!! Inviting is seriously the best thing.. It's soooo worth it to get flat rejected because it brings out the compassionate hearts in the people around.. Those that have hearts ready for the message. 

Wednesday: Oh... My.. Hahaha We went out to the boondocks to teach Brother Saa. the 80+ year old tuk tuk driver. :)  We were reviewing the baptismal questions... And he was answering with flying colors.. Seriously he was doing so well! And then we get to the question... Have you ever killed anyone? And are just about to read on to the next one when he answers "เคย" or "yes I HAVE" he said it so nonchalantly... We were all so shocked... Like what?? No way! And kind of laughing because what? No way! So brother Beak tries talkin with him in Issan to see if he really did kill someone... And then he starts saying that... he hit him on the back of the head... that actually the guy was trying to kill him... but actually they were really just boxing (mooy thai) and no one even died...... hahahahaha Big scare! So funny... Really wouldn't have been funny if he killed someone.. But wow. That was our adventure for the day. He set for baptism this sunday. :)

Thursday: MET PRESIDENT AND SISTER JOHNSON. Oh my word. I wish you all could have met them... I had been praying for a long time for the new mission president and his wife. And that I would be able to know จริงๆ that he had received a call just like president senior. And my word was my prayer answered in full. They are the sweetest most down to earth people. So normal.. It was so refreshing. He quoted my favorite chapter/verse in the book of mormon... we sang my favorite hymn as the opening song... And then to top it off... Sister Johnson... Is almost an exact replica of Catherine Coates. MY MOM. Mom she looks like you, talks like you, has a twinkle in her eye like you, is a convert, you name it SHE IS JUST LIKE YOU. hahaha (minus the fact that she is not you... but she is my new mission president mom..) You would love her. And even president Johnson.... Dad.... tears came to my eyes when he showed us a picture of him at Maccupichu--- how ever you spell that. One day dad.. <3 ;) These people.. Are great. And just what Thailand needs... He quoted a scripture that has echoed in my mind ever since... He said "we were lead by the spirit not knowing before hand the things which we should do."... Lead by the spirit. Great things are กำลังจะเกิดขึ่น!

Also... Oh my word I almost forgot hahahah. So while he was talking with us... He brought out some yellow caution tape and starts telling this story of how one day he gets to work.. is walk through the parking lot when he hears this guy say "help me".. He looks over to see the guy totally stuck in the tar stuff because he had completely ignored the caution tape. He compared it with being obedient... And that the white handbook is our yellow caution tape and we are sticking to it..... Meanwhile, my companions and I... And our whole district are dying.. because only a few hours prior on the way to Khon Khen for the meeting.. We were at a rest stop.. The 3 of us get out to use the bathroom.. Sister Morgan in the lead... She totally walked past the giant sign that said SAFETY FIRST (hahahahaha omg) and then into a freshly poored cement sidewalk.... AhAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHahahahahahahah So everyone.. Moral is the story... Be obedient. Watch out for the caution tape and the safety signs.. :)

Friday: Taught แม่ Wan! We started going over the baptismal questions with her she passsseddd... Then we asked... Have you signed your marriage certificate... She says....... no. WHAT. STOP BETRAYING ME! We look at sister Jintana who was helping us teach and say what time does the place close? she says: 30 minutes. We look at Wan and say...LETS GO! So we biked over as fast as we could.. to find out her husband has to be there too... Darn it. But.. We are getting closer.

Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. Good thing the national anthem is a HYMN! Helped a member today move houses..... On the hottest day... of Thailand. It was way fun though.... We roasted marshmallows... That made my heart so happy. Sister Olsen said YES to smores with reeses!! <3 Love Thailand so much. But am truly so grateful to be an American. God bless the USA!

Sunday... was so jam packed with miracles.. It was incredible. It was honestly the best finale Sunday I could have asked for. SO many people were at church. We had NINE of our investigators at church. 9 of our RCs.... And 2 of RCLA families that we have been working with ALL transfer.

Brother Udom and his family who are RCLA's were one of the families we had been working with... We went with a member this week to visit and shared an awesome lesson on the priesthood. Which I think really struck hard on him and his wife based on the fact that they both came to church and brother Udom gave a very sweet testimony. He was touched at the expression of love shown by the members and missionaries. While he spoke his wife was beaming. :) 

พ่อสอ Brother Saa was BAPTIZED!!! 80+ years old and now completely clean from sin. Miracle with him was... 10 minutes before the baptism was supposed to begin. I realized that I had completely forgotten to fill the font!!! With the help of all the missionaries, the trusty Asian toilet sprayers and big garbage cans we were able to fill the font in 15 minutes. Truly a miracle as would typically take 3 hours for it to fill by itself. Never did I ever think I would be doing something like that on my mission. I;ll attach a pic of the water..... It was the most awful color.... Yes that is what I shower and brush my teeth in everyday. :)

Another tender mercy/crazy moment... Sister Tilley TBM RM was visiting with her family! And her sister in law.... Who was Holly Rietfeld! In our stake.. I went to high school and played lax with her... It was soooo weird to see her... And then to hear that.... everyone... at home... is different. ew. I'll just stay a missionary forever thank you. ล้อเล่น

So many things happened this week. I can't even remember them all! But...

I am grateful this week and will be forever for prayer, for scriptures and for companions. Heavenly father is so so real. And he really does know the big picture. Keep your trust in him. And you will never fail.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

The Sangviens eating their first ever marshmallow... they LOVED it. hahaha

Us with Saa! And brother dto! Probably my favorite RC... he's been a member for 3 months.. and is the branch clerk... he is a jazz pianist. And the coolest ever.



THe baptismal water... He real life.. it's more brown.
That little boy's name is Kendal... He is 7 years old.... He made us that toast <3 omg... so อ้วน!!!



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