Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ahhh I wish I could email a bunch today because SO much stuff happened over this past week... BUT today and the next three days is SONGKRAN... A three day long country wide water fight.... It should be good. So this week's email will be short.. And I won't be replying to any emails... :( Just know that I read the emails and loved them and can't wait to hear from everyone next week! This email is going to be crazy.. Hahaha let's go.

Okay the happenings:

Monday- Khuu's with Nittaya.. Took my first real nap on the mission. I couldn't fall asleep the next two days.. haha mistake!

Tuesday- Taught the advanced English class today by reading out of the English hymn book. I never realized how poetic and beautiful hymns are... And how English is in general. Had a way sweet MLC training.

Wednesday- 3 new investigators came to the church after seeing me inviting at Central. SWEET. And they are all so cool too. All 18. Would be very surprized if not bapt'd this month.

Thursday: Had a death party for Elder Proctor and Sister Embley with the Udon members. 

Friday MIRACLE: Do you remember the new investigator from Laos? Sister Ni? Yes.. She called us at about 8:30 in the evening and said... Hey I want to be Christian....... WHAT! Okay :) 

Saturday: Fasted with the entire mission in thanks for a temple. What a special special experience. Especially because while fasting we got to watch conference! 

I loved Redlund's talk. I loved Ringwood's.. Oh my word. I loved so many and wish I could talk about them all but.. It is Songkran time. 
I just learned that they put baby powder in the water to make it COLDER. 

Something I forget to say every time I email... Here in Udon when ever we are riding our bikes at night.. or in the evening.. There are always ELEPHANTS out roaming.... I have ridden along side an elephant. What on earth!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot.. This week is TRANSFERS aaaannnnd....
I am STAYING! Everyone is leaving except me and Nittaya. 
Stay tuned. 

Sister Coates 

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