Sunday, October 4, 2015

Apr 27: Where does the time go?

I don't know how time goes by so fast but it is does.. And it is incredible. 

Everyday is truly so different.. a new adventure every day.. And so much fun it's unreal. 

It has been fun to step back in my greenie days.. Remember what it was like to come to Thailand and literally know nothing... Understand nothing.. And just rely on my trainer and Heavenly Father. Sister Olsen is doing so good. I am so proud of her! She is so good at showing the people around her that she loves them... Even if she can't express it all the time in words or understand when they respond. It has been interesting to read back on journal entries... When I would write.. That yeah.. I literally could not understand... Anything these people say to me... And then compare it to now... I still am no where near perfect at Thai and won't ever be... But I can understand and speak. What a blesssing.. And a miracle from God. It did not come from just sitting there either. It took a long time.. A lot of faith.. A lot of lessons. And a lot of prayers.

Tuesday: Fun to teach English.. I remember first coming to Thailand and having that be one of my favorite days.. Because I could understand what people were saying! English is always fun. :) I've learned that English is actually a pretty intense language.. We have so many words!  We taught our investigator Four today! He has a date to be baptized this Sunday!!! He is so awesome. We read in the scriptures with Sister Ging.. We read in 3 Nephi.. About Christ coming to the Americas... Sister Ging LOVES reading about Jesus Christ. It is the sweetest thing. I love reading about him too.

Wednesday: Four is a pretty popular kid.. And has been inviting ALL of his friends to learn with us.. We went to visit his cute friend Kwan today.. She has date to be baptized not this Sunday but the NEXT. Miracles. Everyone.. Invite your friends to learn with the missionaries. It will change your life.. It will change your friend's life.

Thursday: Somethings will happen through out the days.. That will remind me that wow.. I really am a missionary.. And have changed over the past 8 months! One of those happened today... It was the the end of the day, Sister Olsen and I were following up with a referral we had gotten.. named Patty.. I asked Sis Olsen after the call.. How does the butcher introduce his wife.. "Meet (meat) Patty?.......... We laughed for about 10 minutes straight..... What... Is..... Going... On.. With.... My.... BRAIN!..... I've lost my marbles. :) We have so much fun though. We find SO much joy a long the journey. 

Friday: Oh my gosh.... Today we went to visit an old member.... We get inside her house... It smelled RANCID... I had to pray out loud in English for help to go inside and sit down... There was dog pee and dog hair EVERYWHERE.... The dogs... Oh my word.. The dogs.. I will attach a picture of one her dogs.... Named LUCKY...... No.. No.... All dogs here in Thailand.. And awful filthy vermin........ Anywho... Even though it was not the most joyous visit.. It was inspired.. This woman was SO sick.. And needed to go the hospital.. Had we not come visited with the members.. This poor lady would've been in a lot of trouble. God has a plan.. I am grateful for the faithful members that took us to go and help this poor lady! 

Saturday: Had a HUGE conference for the surrounding branches at the Udon building! The Seniors came and the Senior couples as well! I translated for Sister Lyon.. For an HOUR an A HALF. Wow.. It was cool though... The spirit really helped me.. And brought some words to my remembrance. I also had to learn some new words..... Like Mustache... And a dog's bark....... So.. Fun.. It was really cool to see all the members come together... We had the members from Laos- which was way cool.. It's fun to listen to them and then realize how much I understand.. From Sister Sumittra and Nittaya speaking Issan to me and in the house all the time... I have learned so much!

---> We also had a meeting for the just the missionaries today..... We are no longer allowed to invite people by asking them if they are interested in going to church... So.. It's testifying time. We spent an hour or so at the park trying different things out... Telling people that we are representatives of Jesus Christ.. And want to teach them about how their families can live forever... Or that they need to repent.. Or need to be baptized... It is cool and kind of hard at the same time! Inviting is different now that I understand what people say back to me.. haha. But it is an adventure!!! And this week is going to be so fun as we try and be creative in how we approach people and find people to teach. We know that things are about to change in the mission. I have a feeling that we are going to see some big miracles! Excited to testify.

Sunday: More HUGE meetings... SO many people!! Sister Briow opened her call: SHE IS GOING TO TEMPLE SQUARE!!! We were screaming with each other. *Anny you are friends with her on Facebook!! She is the one with long hair :) She will be heading out on September 8th! She wants you to go find her :) Weird to think that I will be able to go find her too! I am so excited :)

*Right now in the computer shop.. There is a little thai boy sitting next to me singing Jingle bells <3 

I love you all
I love being a missionary
Ever Upwards <3 Sister Jackson
Sister Coates

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