Saturday, October 10, 2015


Subject of this week's email goes to Anny and anyone who can get this movie quote. Sister Blaylock and I were going up some really steep stairs the other day while a khon Thai holding an umbrella was going down the stairs... As her umbrella passed over my head i said "A little higher Olivia".... :) Genovia. 

Monday: Sista Blaylock and I traveled to Braduu Naam a HUGE market.. And bought some awesome สบาย dressess. And of course ran to Siam to spray ourselves with Chanel before running to sister B's interview.... hehehe Guilty. Gotta live that hi so life in Asoke. <3 That evening, as part of zone conference we had family home evening with all the missionaries in our zone at the asoke chapel! It was so fun. Minute to win it games.  So fun to be with everyone! And fun to have a slumber party with all the sisters back at the asoke apartment... Except for... I think I am officially not a teenager anymore.. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. #missionarylife

Tuesday: ZONE CONFERENCE It was a wonderful conference that included lots of revelation and answered prayers. The theme was DILIGENCE. Of which I was also asked to speak on. From my studies and from the conference I learned that diligence is consistent, energetic and earnestly DOING. Just reading the scriptures once in a while or praying once will get us a testimony and bring us closer to Heavenly Father, as exercising once will make us skinny and eating one box of donuts will make us fat..... It is diligently seeking for answers and guidance in our prayers, scripture study and keeping the commandments where we will find truth. It is diligently living the gospel... actually diligently living what we claim to believe that will lead us to become. That will build our testimonies, lives, and families. 

Wednesday: WE GOT NEW MATTRESSES! Oh...... Oh I was so happy. Oh so so happy. I slept like a baby that night! Read in the scriptures with Sister Bew today. She is still doing so good. She is so brave. Still hasn't gotten permission. But I think the plan is to just print out a permission form and have her take it to her parents now. DO.

Thursday: Ayayaye. Taught a guy to day.. who said he believes EVERYTHING we have taught him.. But refuses to keep the word of wisdom. Prayers & patience. Fun fact about Thailand... And probably all of Asia: Everyone here LOVES green tea. LOVE IT. They have green tea flavored EVERYTHING. There are 2 flavors of icecream in the DQ machines. Vanilla and green tea.. It is the color of a shamrocks on saint patricks day.

Friday: Reviewed the beginning part of the plan of salvation with King! He is for real the coolest cat ever. We were walking home from the church with an investigator that the elders had given us.. She started talking to us about prayer... And then about baptism... (was the only one talking really)... And then asked do you know why I feel like I can't be baptized? Let me tell you.... It was really cool to hear her answer a few of her own questions and realize that she really does believe in what the missionaries have taught her. She is waiting for a big answer to her prayers.. And to feel like she isn't "betraying" the religion she has believed all her life. 

Saturday: Elders were our tender mercy today in helping us teach our investigator Dane. Who has the purest desires to follow Jesus Christ and to become a new person that I have ever seen. 

Sunday: While we were waiting at the church for an appointment to come.. An LA that I had never met or heard of.. walks in bringing two of his little friends in with him to learn with us! Wow that was a miracle. Found an LA and new people to teach. Miracles around every corner here in the ประเทศไทย.

Transfer calls come today.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

-All the missionaries in the Bangkok West Zone
-Sticky rice with crushed dried shrimp wrapped in a banana leaf. Welcome to Thailand.

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