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May 25: little ประเทศไทย


Benny boo boo boo Happy Birthday :} soorrry I missed it :P I hummed your Zelda ring tone in your honor. :P

And vannah boo! Happy birthday too!! Love you <3


Ready? Let's go.

Monday: Went bowling with our crazy district O. 

Tuesday: Oh my goodness... Hahaha.. Okay wow. Inviting today was an adventure. We met a guy.. Named Nooy.. He came to us. We maybe were able to fit in 3 sentences before we literally had to walk away because he would not stop talking hahaha... This is how are conversation went: Hello my name is Nooy.. (and then his real name which was waaay long).... I am the number one manager. I am the number one. I am the number one manager of the 7 elevens on Thailand. And am the number one of Asian. Of ASIAN. I am the number one.....( about 1/4 of his words were english and repeated about 7 times AND lots of hand movements pointing to his 7 eleven star badge to his head). What is the main purpose of 7/11 in your land?......Me: "gas"...... Silence..... Him again: "I am the number one in of 7 eleven".... He asked for a tour of the church.. Which we happily gave... The member who helped him didn't understand the things he would say.... oh my.... We tried to ask him about his family.... to which he replied "7... I have 7 siblings." Me: "Do you like the number 7?" Him: "I am the number one of 7." The world is full of wonderful people. Truly. It was cool to see with him how patient and lovingly the members reacted. The members are number one. Of Asian. :)

Wednesday: TAUGHT THE COOLEST INVESTIGATOR. I have been waiting for him my entire mission... His name is Olay! He is 39 years l\old (i've decided that, that is just the best age... Kirstin and all you folk <3). He is so genuinely interested. He listened to what we had to say and was so impressed with the missionaries. He noticed that we are not just some crazy faraangs... But real people.. He was so impressed to see young people with such faith. He doesn't have a baptismal date... Or even another meeting set up. But he kept the commitment we gave him and he hasn't blocked our calls yet. He is SO cool. And SO hilarious.. He met quite a few people at the church that day.. And they alll loved them..... Even the 7/11 guy who showed up that night liked him! :) Sister O and I sang Olay Olay... Olay x 4 That night. It was the best feeling to teach someone after not teaching anyone for a while. And then to teach someone like him... It was such a tender mercy. Heaven is real.

Thursday: I had planned to call and confirm our dinner meeting with a member that morning.. But for someone reason.. Just felt like no... I'll call later.. So about 2 hours later I did. When we went to her house last night.. She told me that right when I called she had been crying about he loss of her son and had needed someone to talk to.... God's hand is in all things. I have a testimony of timing. 

Friday: The cutest member came to the church and started to tell us that he had a lot of friends that he wanted to bring with him to church... But... That Asian minds were just so hard to understand.. And that his friend worships Aliens.. He said that he loves American brains and hearts... But that his favorite race  is Jews......... That conversation happened. Oh yeah he also told us he was immortal. <3......... This week... :) We are having so much fun. Later that night in Book of Mormon with the stakes----> FOUR CAME!!! It was good to see him. One day he will be ready... He is not quite the white rice ready to be harvested. But one day down the road... The missionaries will get him. :)

Saturday: We were inviting at central. These 2 faraang kept walking past us... And they just looked the "bad guys" in the movies.... So they walk past us again... And we ask: "hey where are you from?".... They keep walking... But the girl turns back and with this wicked smile on her face says "frrrrom Rrrrrusssia"... We died. :) Sports night was so fun. I love getting the members together with the investigators and missionaries... As we played basketball and soccer... The 7/11 guy came... And did the grape vine off to the side... NOT A JOKE. 

Sunday: Miracle. Miracle. Miracle. After a transfer of having... 1 or 2 investigators come to church... The blessing started to pour... 8 people came. Eight... All of which were unexpected.. And just awesome. Two of them were the kids of Brother Senay (the one who recently passed)... because we had so many people come to church we weren't able to talk with them very much.. So after church we gave them a call.. And I just felt really strongly to ask if they wanted to be baptized.... First I called Pet (brother age 33)... He said YES.... Next I called Joy (sister age 26).... She said YES..... Miracle. Miracle. Miracle.

God is so real. He has lifted us over this transfer. 

Something fun: Sister Olsen and I are in the same spot in the Book of Mormon. It has been SO fun to have companionship studies together... We just go crazy about how much we love the prophets.. And how everything applies in our lives! The book is true. Read it!

Just got the transfers neewwwww: I AM STAYING! WITH SISTER OLSEN!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Hope everyone is down for another transfer in Udon! I sure am! :) And am SO excited to be with Sister ) igg khrang!!! yesssss. 

This morning: Sister Olsen and I were exercising... jumping on our beds.... Don't jump on the beds. See the attached pic.

I love you all.
I am so excited to stay in Udon. 
So excited to see the miracles of this next transfer. 

Things that are going to happen:

this next week I HIT HALF WAY. Happy Hump Day Wednesday!
jessica comes home.... Wha.
zone conference! yessss
The Seniors JOPE. Going home at the end/ middle of June? I will miss them
The Johnson COME.
Miracles Miracles Miracles

I love being a missionary

Sister Coates



District Bowling
Beautiful Thailand

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