Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aug 23: B A N G

Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes <3 It has made my heart so happy to hear from everyone. Right now I can't imagine a better way to turn 20. #twentyinthailand

The new transfer has quite literally and figuratively started with a BANG! Woooo! Haha sorry too soon? :P

About the bombings.. All missionaries are safe! :) No worries. From what I know there were a few bombs.. A rumor of one in Bang Khae.. But also is rumored to be a electrical fire? idk. That and then the big one was in Sukomwit in the little wat (buddhist temple) outside of Central World. Which is where we would go almost every week for P day! Kinda scary ha! But really all is well. There are angels all around keeping us safe. 

The other BANG! 
(we'll start backwards this time and out of order!)

Sunday: BIRD WAS BAPTIZED..... Finally! His testimony was so awesome. Sometimes because our investigators are new and don't really know what a testimony consists of so they won't really share their actually testimonies... haha... But Bird did.. And there was surety behind his words. He said I know God is our Heavenly Father. I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that the Plan of Salvation is true. His words really touched my heart. I know he knows those things are true.

Thursday: COMPANIONS WITH SISTER BLAYLOCK! And still hangin' around in Bangkok! Bang Khae.. Our Elders are (ZL's): E. Paxton and Jeng; (DL) E. Baldwin & Gettawong; E. Tew and Choedchayopuum... This transfer is going to be SO good.

Friday: Some of our RC's said that they were reading in Jacob 5 and didn't quite understand what it was talking about.. It was fun to read with them and teach them what I could remember learning in seminary. I definitely couldn't remember everything... So if anyone has any cool insights on the the Allegory of the Olive Tree please send them over! :)

Wednesday: Beckstrand said her last goodbyes... Our investigator Yut.. Told me my eyes were like the sun.. And that they burn people when I look at them... hahaha compliment? I think he is probably talking about how when I teach him I stare at him the face and don't look away haha... He has been interesting to teach because he is slow at understanding.. So I have to use all my efforts to concentrate on helping him understand and feel the spirit... And now I will have to concentrate even harder on not burning him with my eyes haha... #sistercyclopsfromxmen

-------->King is getting baptized this Wednesday! (can't have a baptismal ceremony of Family Night... oops!) He is SO excited. And still the coolest person I know. We came to the church Thursday night.. He was playing I am a Child of God on his guitar!!!! And the RC's were singing a long in ENGLISH! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

-------> I am so excited for this transfer. Sister Blaylock and I are determined to work hard. To baptize Bank Khae and to bring back those who have gone astray. With Heavenly Father's help..                                We are going to change the stars of Bang Khae. 

-----> Jeffrey R. Holland on Sunday was so amazing. It was cool to see the members all absolutely entranced. They couldn't understand his English but they definitely understood the spirit. I am sad that I left my note book at home... But I will bring it next week and tell you more of the things he said. I know he is one of God's apostles here on earth.

I know with all my heart the church is true. I know God loves his children. I know he has a plan for us. Everyone can know it too... On your knees. In the Book of Mormon.

Oh. I love being a missionary.

Sister Coates

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