Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jun 1: month ที่ 9

9 months khxx ja ma kok te la huey
MON: Goodbye party @ the church for Elder Thomas and other leaving missionaries.. News: Elder Wolfley moved to ASOKE! He is the new AP! I knew it. He is so awesome. That makes two AP's from Udon right in a row! Nittaya moved and opened an area for sisters in Chon Buri. Excited for her! Fun to spend some time with the Laos elders before they left!

TUES: Fun to teah Englsih.. We were in charge of the game.. Missionaryies are put in charge of games.. Like. for every activity. I've been so grateful for girl's camp days on my mish. :)

wed: HUMP DAY!! wow 9 months. Today was super jam packed! The best days are jam packed! Tuaght our investigator Junior and Joy. Got to eat dinner with Sister Morgan and Nittaya before they left for the transfer meeting in Bangkok.. Sister Olsen and I celebrated by buying cute treats @ Tops.. AND EATING RIESENS!!! Yes they have those blessed things in Thailand. <3

THURS: Last transfer meeting w/ the Seniors! We weren't able to go.. But is was so fun to hear the news! They called another Elder  to Burma---> Elder Magera! Love that Elder. He was in my MTC group. SO cool@ Another Elder to Laos.. Elder Evans. Got to teach Olay again. As sister Olsen put it... He is an investigator that will need the Book of Mormon before Baptism. Interesting to say that... But it is not the                                                                                         norm here in thailandio.

FRI: went to the BOOONdocks again to visit some RCs.. And sick member- sister Gam Lie... EVen though it was sad to hear her say she missed everyone @ church it was cool to hear that she has still been praying.. Her house.. is STILL covered in dog hair and dog pee... I think I might've written about this before but she has 2 of the most putrid, horrid, diseased dogs.. on the planet earth.... They kept trying to come over and touch sister Olsen and I.. hahaha I would put my legs up and Sister Olsen when start saying " nooo... nooo. NO NO NO!" hahaha in a really panicky voice.. hahaha... It was horrifying hahaha :P I attached a pic. That dog... that thing's name is LUCKY.

                                SAT: Taught the sweetest investigator... Who seriously has a heart of gold and faith the size of the ocean!  We invited her to say the closing prayer.. Which was... Probably the most amazing prayer I have heard in Thailand.. Let along from an investigator! You could tell that she knew she was talking to her Heavenly Father and that was so cool. When she was finished.. Everyone sort of just stared at her! She was a little shocked with herself too! She told that she had tried to pray before in her life.. But she has never prayed like that. She said that while she was praying it felt like it was only her in the room with Heavenly Father. Miracle.

SUN : In sacrament meeting a cute non member school girl who has been coming to church and to English class for a long time came and sat with me. She opened up her Book of Mormon and started reading.. Impressed that she had come by herself and just opened up the BOM.. I wrote her a note asking if she liked to read the BOM.. She said yes.. I wrote another note asking her if she believed in God.. She said yes! And then I proceeding asking her the baptismal questions.. .. and she passed! hahaha!? I asked her when she wanted to be baptized... She said when she is "ready". Then I told her that I had just asked her all the questions for baptism.. And that I felt that she was ready.. It was cool to see her think it over in her mind.. She knows that she is ready too. Miracle.

So many miracles happen all the time.. There is not enough to write them all down! I am so excited for this transfer.. I can't believe that 9 months have passed already..?

Read the scriptures.
Go and do for others.. Be truly good without guile. :) 
Ever Upwards.

I love being a missionary.

Sister Coates


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