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Aug 3: Running

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get ready for the most typos in one email you've ever seeeen!

Monday: Happy eleven months? When did that happen. Traveled the magical Asoke. Ate lunch with Sister Alley and Taw, And sister Gaew and Mee Pon from UDON! <3 Lovely day.

Tuesday: Taught Brother BOSS! He is nothing less than a boss. He brought us Swenson's :) He has a date to be baptized but... Hasn't signed his marraige certificate yet...... Please pray for him!

Wednesday: Went and visited pon and belle. Read the account of alma the youn ger and taught repentance. They both are soi briught and understanding!  Before going we made copies of my Paul Cardall CD and then we gave in to Belle.. WHO LOVED IT.. And then ovr investigatyor O who loved listening to teh monk music.. We gave her a CD as well-- She loves it as well. It  has been amazing Everone who we have given the cd has completely loved it and come cback to tell us so.. and to thank us. Ah,... Today we taught O.. Who I made laugh SO hard that she cried.. When I told her that I didn;t realize the word "Prayer" in thai is actually 3 separate words put together... For a solid 5 minutes she laughed....... Thai everyone. Is so fun. :)

Thursday: This eveing at the church twe tauight a new investigator named HAM. THen about 10 minutes after teaching we start walking home when we stop to invite somone.. This someone was the happyiest little khon thai ived ever met! He wanted to go to the church right away.. So e took him right over.. Mean while he is asking question about what we were doingin in thailand.. soSo over thrilled ! We gave him a quick tour of the church and he said.. Okay great I will be back on sunday.. Wiht my wife11 Miracle!! Got his nam e and number and set up a meeting.. He name is Egg. :):) Had and egg and ham today. :) #thailandnames

Friday: Had a way cool lesson with our RC brother chiin today on the gospel. It was cool to explain the steps of faith and repentance and then really se it click iin his mind how we need to apply these things... Over tthe course of my mission that has been somethin ive learned.. something that has become clearer and clearer each time I study an dteach.. the gospel i come to understand it more and apply it more and more it is no wonder to me why it is a commandment to studaytthe scriptures  and pray every day. sometimes it takes hearing or learning something a few several times before it sticks that you need to adjust some things apply a little or a lot mroe.. And thats when we are converted as we apply and thats how we become.\\

Saturday: While inviting today we were crossing the street behind these two younger khon thai's  wearing all black when all of a sudden this old Thai grandma walking at our side starts laughing and points to the raccoon tail that the girl in front of us was wearing.. Hehe. She thought it was way funny! We invited these two fun kids in black to find out they are Christians too! We will be meeting with them this up coming Tuesday. :) I love when people let their own individual personalities and style show. Different people make the world go round! Heavenly Father created each one of us differently yet loves us all the same.
Sunday: translated all sacrament meeting for 2 pakistani investigators. they were so very sweet. I wa amazed that the first thing they noticed about our church was we didnt have a cross. i was happy to tell them why. :) Afterwords. in the investigator class I tranlated but this time it was the lesson written on paper in thai for the elder's deaf investigator... AH... And then in relief society i got to translate for sister Johnson!!!! Needless to say I had a BIG time head ache after words.. But the gift of tongues is a real thing. So awesome. It was so good to sit and talk with sister johnson... It still amazes me how much she looks like MOM. She is so so lovely . WE were all abel tos it and have an invetview with pres johnson. Which was SO nice. He is so kind and friendly. And so normal. HE reminded eem of my stake presdient.. in the interview.. I could really feel that he loved me and reallyc ared about me. I love the JOhnsons! They both already speak really good thai.. :) Pres Johnson served here 33 years ago.. but has lost some of his thai.. but sister J is brand new to the language but doing so good! She is so determined.
Over investo's: lots of on date people... Things to pray for.. Getting off work.. SIgning wedding certificates and quitting smoking.
Rainy season has begun and it sooo wonderfully cool. I love it.
Did I tell yout he church here looks like the Kirkland temple? It does.
I love being a missionary. 
Sister COates

I love being a missionary.

Sister Coates

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