Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jun 29: Sign. Your. Marriage. Certificate.

Monday: Thailand is for real the best. We went thrift shopping at a dress shop. All the dresses were ADORABLE and old fashion and so fun! Sis Morg bought 2, I bought 3, Olsen bought 7! Why? Because they were ONE HUNDRED baht each! 100฿ = about $3.25 .

Tuesday: During district meeting Elder Visser pulled out a  big thick letter for me from Dad! That was so fun to get. Inside included a packet of Thai idioms. :) Taught a cool guy named James today. :)

Wednesday: Taught Joy the commandments and set her interview for this Saturday! Woot. She was so excited to be baptized. She took notes on everything we said and high lighted the commandments in Mosiah... OH my I almost forgot... So she is pregnant.. Having a boy! Due in about 3 weeks. So we ask her what she is going to name her baby.. She says: "OLSEN" hahahahaha When sister Olsen had first introduced herself she told Joy that her name sounded like "Ocean".... And since her other son's name is Sail.. and since she loves the missionaries.. Olsen it is... hahaha We didn't have the heart to tell her that Olsen didn't actually mean.. Ocean.. hahaha oops :P The Tuk Tuk driver that took us there said he'd come to church on Sunday and that he believes everything we've taught Joy... Hahah Yes meaning. He will take us to their house and sit in the lesson and take us back. hahaha Thailand <3

Thursday: Went to visit Brother Sukgan and his family. They are recent converts and less actives.. But are the most awesome people. In Udon right now we are really trying to push for worthy priesthood holders. I think one day he will be a bishop. He is so happy and smiling all the time. Seriously the nicest sweetest soul! Has a really good understanding of the gospel... He is almost there.. Needs to come to church. hahah something funny: Every time we go over there his like... 90 year old mother comes and greets us in Thai/English... She is SO FUNNY. She tells us every time that she is a farmer. very good. 

Friday: แม่ Wan's baptismal date is set for the 5th... We have had to use a great deal of love, preparation and patience with her.. But I really think that this date is the day. One reason is because she is having her sister make her a white outfit that she can be baptized in because she is SO afraid people will see through her clothes... She is a funny one :) We taught her today with แม่ Pon. Instant friendship <3 I love old lady friendships. Yay for fellow shipping. She is a sweet heart. 

Saturday: Plot twist. We take Elder Visser and Graham to interview Joy out in the boondocks. She is beaming.. Seriously so excited to be baptized! She passes the interview (which took place behind their out house & under the mango tree.. yes). The come back to the little canopy to fill out her record... Elder Visser asks.. You have a legal marriage certificate right? (church policy) Joy says.... No.. We got married but never signed the papers..................... wat?.... Haha She says that they both aren't ready to sign the papers... Even though they already had the ceremony......!! Oh my chiwit. And then it gets better... แม่อ้วน (her mom) says oh that's okay she doesn't need to sign anything... Me and my husband never signed either!....... Oh no..... hahahaha So long story short. Joy's date was postponed again. Even though I would have LOVED for her to be baptized.. I felt very at peace that I had done all that I was supposed to do. Heavenly father knew that those papers weren't signed. He has something up his sleeve. :) 

While Joy interviewed we taught the tuk tuk driver the gospel... He kept saying I believe! I believe! :) Date for the 5th.

That evening sister Rose (cute Philippino is the ward) cooked us dinner. It was so wonderful talking with her. She is an amazing amazing example. One thing she said that hit me.. was that post mission life.. Is the real mission. The real test. Test to see if we will really live up to the things we taught and taught.. The things we prayed and prayed that our investigators would do. Pray with real intent. Read the scriptures everyday. Keep the Sabbath day holy.. A special day. I was grateful she shared her testimony and her mission experiences with us. She is an amazing person. She is in Thailand right now providing for her family- parents and 9 brothers and sisters. 

Sunday: An amazing day. So many of our investigators and RC's came to church. It was so good to see them. I can only imagine how happy it made Heavenly Father. Something that has become meaningful to me on my mission are people who keep their word. I have so much respect for those people.. And definitely want to strive to always keep my word for the rest of my life. Whether it is a little thing like I told my mom I would stay home and watch a movie with her.. or meet at the church with missionaries... Or to making a promise with Heavenly Father to keep his commandments. 

Funny: In branch 1 they announced that the missionaries would be singing the musical number in sacrament... Impromptu musical #. That's the second time in Udon we have found out that we were going to be singing in sacrament... 10 minutes before we'd be singing. Good thing Elder Graham was in Ghumpawapi that morning :P :P 

This week I drew a picture.. I haven't done that in a long time. It felt good. I was looking at a picture of Jesus (drawing it).. And when I was finished... Sister Olsen looked over at it... At said it looked like Josh Groban... Hahaha at which she laughed so hard she pee'd her pants. Our lives in Udon Thani. :)

We are excited to celebrate some Amurica this week. 
Excited to meet our new mission president this Thursday.
This may possibly be my last full week in Udon... We'll know next Monday.
I love being a missionary.

All my love,
Sister Coates



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