Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sep 6: อย่าลืมสวดอ้อนวอน

Monday: FHE was a hit. Khon Thais LOVE visual aids. Thank you to the Sunday school teacher who took a moment to prepare by bring thread to teach us the lesson of the flaxen cords that satan uses to bind us down little by little. I think that was Brother Lydall. Will someone tell him thank you for me?

22 And there are also secret combinations, even as in times of old, according to the combinations of the devil, for he is the founder of all these things; yea, the founder of murder, and works of darkness; yea, and he leadeth them by the neck with a flaxen cord, until he bindeth them with his strong cords forever.
If you are tied up with cords, cut them away with applying the gospel. Have faith that you can become. And that you can because of Jesus Christ. Repent from who you WERE what you DID.. Twas I.. But Tis not I. Go to church and partake of the sacrament with a true pure heart. Follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost to avoid sin and to do good. Be anxiously engaged in good always. Be happy. And keep on following the Savior. Endure to the end. 

Tuesday: It rained and it POURED. Sister Blaylock and I walked from our apartment to the church in mid shin deep water.... Yes on the streets where we see rotting and dead things.... Oh the cleanliness of this wonderful place.
Wednesday: SWITCH OFF WITH SISTER ALLEY. Sister Alley came to Bang khee for the day while Sister Blaylock went back to Asoke. It was a good good day.. I love Sister Alley. She is so fun to talk with and teach with. We taught 3 lessons in a row in which included a lot of questions for us. Even though they were spiritually uplifiting and awesome lessons... By the end we were mentally drained.. So we went and got Frozen Yogurt... WHICH THEY HAVE IN BANGKHEE AND IT IS SO AMAZING! It is probably the 2nd best yogurt i've ever had... Red Mango obviously still in first place.
Thursday: Taught O again.. She still is not sure on baptism even though she has gotten her answer 3 times now.. We taught her about fasting and invited her to fast this Sunday with us. I know her answer will come. #prayforO
Friday: Fun and ORGANIZED sports night took place.. We are trying to help Thailand learn that the church isn't a hang out place.. :/ It is way cool that they associate good and safe feelings while being at the church.. But because a lot of people come almost every day whether there is an activity or not.. The sacred feeling that the church should have for them is starting to become more casual. So we had a successful activity at the church that started and ended with a prayer and included a spiritual thought! All within a reasonable time. :) 

Saturday: Taught a way cool investigator today who called and set up his OWN appointment. That was splendid. He wanted to hear about our experiences we've had with prayers being answered because he has had some pretty neat experiences to... He is pretty certain there is a God who answers prayers.. :) We didn't have a ton of time with him... But I told Sister Blaylock after "Just wait till he hears about Joseph Smith's experience with prayer! It's going to knock his socks off!" Excited. :) Being a missionary is pretty cool.
Sunday: Our sweet sweet sister Biw came to church today all dressed up again. She is so cute and clean cut. She is 16 years old and comes all by herself. This will have been her 3rd Sunday in a row coming. I can tell that she is a special one. Heavenly Father wants and needs her on his team for sure. After church, we followed up on our commitment for her to pray to know if she should get baptized.. To which she told that she did receive an answer! She told us that she knelt down and prayed and asked if she should be baptized. Immediately after she had a warm feeling spread over her and she knew that the answer was yes. She has a date to be baptized on the 13th.. But she when she asked her parents for permission they gave her a solid NO. We taught her about fasting on other days other than Sundays and committed her to fast and pray again this week for guidance on asking her parents again to be baptized. I felt impressed to tell her that she should pray for guidance and for her parents hearts to be softened and then share her experience of receiving an answer to her prayer.
I know that when we sincerely offer the desires of our hearts in prayer.. Heavenly Father will give. He will give to all liberally and upbraideth not. :) Being a missionary has taught me so much. I am so glad to have received and answered the call to serve. One thing Jeffrey R. Holland said (in his wonderfully terrifying voice): There is NOTHING more important than the work you are doing right now. There are things that are of equal importance. Right now you are in the process of saving a human soul. He said that after this work we will still continue as we raise our families. All part of Heavenly Father's plan of salvation..... Another thing he said: "THIS IS REAL LIFE... We and twelve didn't come together and say lets play a practical joke on the missionaries.. I didn't leave my family and come here if this wasn't REAL. If this wasn't the truth... Not on your life... I've been your age. You've never been my age. Give me more credit.." This is real life. There is a God in Heaven who lives and loves us. There is a Savior who has made it possible for us to live with our families forever.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Don't forget to read your scriptures and pray.. It is so important. If you are feeling sad.. Go and do something nice for somebody else. That is what I say.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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