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Jun 8: Shine bright like a diamond

Hello family! familia.. Family in Thai= Krawb Krua

Shout out... Happy Birthday Brittany on the 11th <3 I love you.

T dog.. I dedicate the subject of this email to you. hahah :)

Diamond in Thai = Pet

Our investigator Pet was baptized!!!! That was probably on of the sweetest baptisms that I have taken part of.. Because there was a lot of effort and faith and events that took place- that lead him to the font. And then he bore his testimony saying that he was so glad to be baptized. That he knows God lives. And that God loves all of us very much. The spirit bore witness to me that he really did know those things. We had been teaching him for about 3 weeks. He never really spoke much, only to say that he would keep the commandments and that he understood the things we taught him. One day we taught him through the phone (as he lives in Nong Bua Lam Phuu.... far). At the end of the call, we reminded to pray that night to which he responded to: "Sister I pray every day." Evidence that a sure knowledge will come through daily consistent humble prayer. 

I don't know if you remember or not but.. There was the RC that passed away a few weeks ago here in Udon.. Pet is the son of that RC. I know that his dad was there at his baptism. His dad, mom and grandma were a part of the 2,000 baptisms we had last year.. And we are getting the families of that 2,000 on by one. It is so cool.
One more cool thing.. I have come to have many random associations with Vietnamese people since being here in Thailand. In Saphan Sung and here in Udon as well. My first transfer here Sister Embley and I baptized a Vietnamese boy who has the faith the size of the ocean!! Just recently we met two Vietnamese students living here.. Who I really think will end up getting baptized as well! Then Elder Sangvien is part Vietnamese and I absolutely LOVE him and his wife... Anyways.. I though it was kind of special that these great people keep popping up. I never would have thought that I would have come to love so many people from so many diverse places.

Miracle story with the two Vietnamese students...: Sister Olsen and I had just started invited at were walking down the side walk.. When I looked up and see this guy on a bike coming towards us... And fast.. I hear a voice in my head.. My own voice... Saying "tell sister O to stop this guy on the bike"... So I said it.. She jumps out in front of him and puts both her hands up saying Hey!!!... We ask.. Do you want to clean your sins??? He says.. I'm in a hurry- can I get your number??... We give him an inviting card, get his number and then he speeds off... All happened in less than a minute. Next day... We schedule a meeting with him.. He says he is going to bring a friend who is interested.... Sweet. SO they come.. We find out that they are from Vietnam.. Here for a couple years for school.... And very interested in learning with us... Guang is the guy we stopped on the bike.. After learning the restoration.. He said that he isn't for sure about it... But really wants to learn more... And then his friend Jaang... We asked her what she thought about it... She said that she felt like this was the higher path.. the best path... Whoa.. She is golden.. Giving them a date to be baptized this week! So cool. They are both so nice.. So awesome.
Being a missionary is the greatest thing.
Love these people. Olsen, Me, Ging, Ploy (elder's investigator bapt'd next week), Elder Tamang, Bik, Noon!, Batey and that little rascal Cope Ooon. Oh my,,, Story about that little stink!! I love her but... my word. She just knows that I have been here in Udon for a long time.. So she likes to antagonize me. hahaha. We were praying one day after having shared a scripture with a family.... And Cope Ooon leans over and starts pinching the back of my arm HARD.. So I take her hand off... She starts biting my hand with her SHARK teeth.... I take me hand away... She starts biting my KNEEE... (this was all in the middle of a prayer)... I pushed her head away... hahaha by palming her face like a basketball and then stiff armed her for the remainder of the prayer...... She continues to terrorize me.. and all other members specifically those who wear skirts... She will run by and throw your skirt up.... Awesome. Love her!
Other: We have been teaching Brother Sithai's sister... As soon as we got there she told us that she knows.. she knows.. that we were going to invite her to come to church... To which I said yes.. We'd love it if you came to church.. But we actually came to invite her to be laang baab... Clean her sins... Be baptized!!! She was pretty suprised at this... haha and now has a date for this Sunday.. :) She came to church yesterday despite being really scared... And I really think she loved it. She fit right in :) Everyone time we come to her house she spoils us with treats! Her profession.... She cuts up pig headss... in her entry way... So her house smells lovely.. But she truly is the sweetest woman... Annnnnd. Guess what. She is Vietnamese. :) 

Love love love Thailand. 
Love love love Sister Olsen. We have so much fun.
I LOVE being a missionary. 

Sister Coates

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