Monday, November 2, 2015

Oct 31: This is Halloween

Hello! Yay for Halloween in Thailand!
Thailand doesn't even need to wear a costume. :P

This week was good. My companion is awesome. Every single day I feel like the worst companion ever because she is constantly serving me to NO END! Oh is she is the best. This week I was very grateful that she was there to experience the highs and lows. I am so grateful for her example of charity and loyalty. I have learned so much from her. I know that we will be friends long after the mission. I know she was someone that I needed to meet with in my life. I can't believe that in 2 weeks she is going to DIE & go HOME!..... missionary talk......

Most interesting thing that happened this week.. Hmm which one should I choose? OH.. How about the one where this guy calls and says that he is a new member of the church and wants to meet at the church. We do.... And he starts to tell us his story.... Let me just first put this into perspective.. He is a khon Thai. He is probably aroun 30 years old? He looks more on the low class scale... Based on a lot of things... Okay. So his story. He had just gotten back from living in Spain for 6 months where he taught English. The man can't speak a lick of English or Spanish. He told us the word for "english" in spanish was "englishies"... He proceeded to tell us that he is married to an american from Ohio.. He has quadruplet daughters age 8 and twin sons age 4 months....... That his wife is in america preparing to go to korea.... After lovely story.. He started sharing a spiritual thought saying that in the scriptures Alma liked to talk with the apostle john................. And then ended there in the name of JC amen. Ohhhh boy. :) 

In short. It was a very strange week.

Still something strange: teaching in English. ESPECIALLY when the people you are teaching have a WAY thick accent. That is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Trying to speak English and NOT mimic their accentsssss!

One way high from this week was teaching a Pakistani family together! It started with one girl, Synthia, who watched a mormon friend of hers and decided that she too wanted to be that way. She told her family that she wanted to come to church. They supported her. Next week at church she and her sister came and told us they wanted to be baptized. Next day we are visiting at their house all of a sudden their whole family is sitting in too. All listening intently and asking questions. There was a cool spirit of discovery and love in the lesson. Which continued to expand when they met us at the church the following evening. Synthia's older brother told us that he really appreciates the feeling of true love he can sense from within our church members. -I love that this is the doctrine we teach. To love.- He told us how thankful to us he was that we came to his home. Calling us a "blessed people" as his and his family's lives have already started to change. He said that his younger and wayward brother- who had been sleeping in the corner during our visit- had actually not been sleeping at all but had been listening to everything. As soon as we had left he started to ask questions and has started to consider coming to church. 

Whoa! Miracles. I am excited to see their lives be filled with the light of Christ. Excited to give them a new and real hope. As they sitting in some hard situations. I am grateful to know to God in Heaven loves his children and has a plan for each one. 

My ponderize scripture for the week seemed to fit perfectly "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God."

I know that to be true.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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