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Nov 20: Shining People

Shout out: My partner in crime just entered the games everyone. the dating games. >:) hahaha HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY ANNO BONANO THOMAS!!!!!
I love you so much. & Happy 1st birthday to little Charlie who I still haven't met! <3

Oh I am seriously loving Asoke and Sister Remington. She is fabulous. Asoke is fab. It is all too good to be true. 

Monday: Took Sister Rem to Siam. Yes again. Can't get away from that place it is SO COOL. Bangkok is seriously such a cool place I love it. Later that evening we had a great meeting with the leaders in our zone. We are exciting for this new transfer. Preparing Bangkok West to become a stake. It's going to be a thing. We can feel it!

Tuesday: Sister Remington and I are working on a 40 day fast together. We've been trying to add and subtract things from our lives... One thing we've started to add is memorizing a quote and /or scripture daily. It has proved... way useful, inspiring and fun. A perfect way to keep thoughts at a higher plane. Our quote for the day: "Let us show to the world tat we have talent and taste, and prove to the heavens that our minds are set no beauty and true excellence, so that we can become worthy to enjoy the society of angels." - Brigham Young

Wednesday: We got a call from Sister Hatch in Bangkapi who had been going through some older member records and making calls. She called a sister named Nuan that she had never met or seen before. Sister Nuan answered her phone and reported that she hadn't been to church for a while because she had moved several times to locations where there was no church. But was now living with her children in Asoke! Sister Hatch made an appointment for us and sent us her number (such an awesome missionary!). This past Wednesday we went on an adventure to find this sister's house which turned out to be just a few BTS stops away from the church! We meet her. She is SO nice. Come to find out, she hasn't been to church for 10+ years. She explained that she has been wanting to come to church for a while now but was never able to find where the church was and didn't have any friends that could tell her where to go. In short, Sister Hatch was prompted by the spirit to call this sweet sister. After sitting with Nuan for a little while, getting to know her and introducing ourselves, we shared the message of the gospel. And there was a sweet magic in the air for real! As we bore our testimonies at the end she had quiet tears rolling down her cheeks. It was an incredible visit! I have never met with a less active member who recognized to avidly that she wanted to be brought back to the fold. She was on the same page with us the whole visit. We are excited to introduce her to the Asoke branch and bring the gospel to her and her family's lives.

Thursday: This week has seriously been such a miracle... it was hmmm... About on sunday when all of our investigators dropped.. All the pakistani. denmark. every nationality. except kinda Frank. And then it was today... That we are being blessed ten fold. With an entirely new fold of investigators and daters and referrals. All of which are khon Thai. We are SO excited. And are on our knees constantly thanking heavenly father. 

Friday: Today I realized just how different we really are... How much we really stand out here. Just as a background.. There are A LOT of faraangs here in Asoke. AKA.. foriegners... AKA white people. And for lack of a better word... white trash people :( Trash because of their choice of clothing. Many people are scarsley covering their bodies.. and if they are... they are dressed very sloppily and over casual. This is the typical faraang in thailand. That all the khon thais see every single day.... For a long time.. I always that we looked the same as these other faraangs... until today we were coming out of the MRT... and I see one faraang girl who looked about our age... She was neatly and modestly dress. and her hair was done. She looked so out of place! Both sister reminington commented that we had never really seen anyone come to thailand... that was our age... that looked like she did.... And how shocking it was to see her! She really stood out... We then got on the next train...  we were surrounded by khon thais and other faraangs.... we looked at ourselves in the dark window reflection and realized that we were shining. We were seriously shining. And just like this other the other girl we had seen. We totally stood out.... It is really true what they say. We- and not just the missionaries... have lights in our eyes. all around us. The holy ghost is a real thing. 

We are teaching like crazy over here. That is blessing from god. 
We are seeing miracles like crazy over here.
Saving little prateedthai. 
The church is oh so true. Read your scriptures you can know to. 
Heavenly Father is real. I have come to know him better than I ever have before. He has our back over here on the other side of the world. You can know him better too... My ponderize from this week tells us how: 

13 For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

Serve him. 

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates 

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