Tuesday, November 4, 2014

September 29, 2014

Monday: Went to the outside world with Sister Morgan to her Dr's appointment. Apparently she has a Retrocalcaneal Bone spur?? Mom any advice on what she should do? The doc gave her this ridiculous brace thing that just put her in more pain... It was super weird being out of the MTC... There really is a hustlin bustlin world out there Ha!

Tuesday: DEVO! With Elder Ballard. Wow. It was awesome. My companions and I got to sit on the second row RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. He looked at me MULTIPLE TIMES. I could really feel the spirit.. I felt like he was my grandpa giving me advice.. Giving me encouragement. It was awesome. One thing he said was "to know each day what you are going after.. And go after it the best you know how"... That may sound simple.. But it really resignated with me and made me grateful to parents and all who have helped teach me how to do my best. Also, every Tuesday night after the devo we ahve a district review with one of the branch presidecy members.. This week Bro. Lords came in with us.. And WOW. I love brother Lords SO much! I want to stay in touch with him and his family for the rest of my life! He is so awesome. But in our review we talked about having a perfect knowledge... A 100% perfect knowledge of the truth is having the spirit bear witness the truth... Not by seeing somethign to have that perfect knowledge.... And he asked me if I could say I had a perfect knowledge of the restoration and of Joseph smith. I with all my heart I answered "Yes I can".. I challenge you all to ask yourself if you have a perfect knowledge of the Restoration.. And of Jo Smith. If you aren't sure... Then go get one.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday Elder Frodsham! His family sent the whole district cakes... And they were fabulous with Nutella.. :) Thank you Mellany <3 ;) 

Thursday: I translated 2 pages of Thai Script in my grammar book..... Just read that sentence again. THE THAI SCRIPT. Translated. Yes it took me forever. But it happened. Wow. God is working miracles over here. There is no question.

Friday: Heavenly Father gave me another glimpse of my divine call.. And the call of my companion Sister Smith. She was encouraging one of the sisters who was having a hard time...As she spoke I could see why and how heavenly father called her to the work and how he will work through her. Also today... Translated one verse out of my Thai BOM,..... WHAT...? It happened. My companions and I taught Saang The Plan of Salvation. = Ph33n H3Ng KhwaamR))d!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED teaching that lesson. Best lesson we have taught so far. Heavenly Father continues to bless us EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Saturday: HUMPDAY!!! I had a personal interview with my teacher today Sister Stolworthy (aka Saang and soon to be Sister Butler). Wow I love her so much. It was so wonderful and reassuring to hear her say that I was exactly where I needed to be in the language learning. And that I am doing well. She is so kind and so loving. I am grateful to have her as a friend on the inside! We also had TRC again today! Was able to see Sister Madsen, Steel and Sahagun!! Wow. They are all wonderful. And it felt good to be able to somewhat understand them.. And beable to commit them to chare their favorite scriptures with a friend this week.. And ask them to share their testimonies.. Heaven is real. It is testified to me every single day.

Sunday: Fast Sundays are always special. My companions and I were called as the Zone's new Sister Training Leaders! Wow! I feel so humbled and blessed! And grateful.. I want so badly to be able to help the new sisters coming in and the sisters here. Please pray that the spirit will be with us that we will be able to help those who need to be lifted. Our temple walk today was wonderful.. It stopped raining for about 40 minutes... and gave us the sunshine to unthaw!!! The sisters in my district and I all watched the biography of Thomas S. Monson together.. If you haven't seen it yet. Go watch it. Thomas S. Monson is an amazing man and I want to be like him. 

This week: I get to host!... Again!... Hahaha Asian lang missionary <3... ALSO CONFERENCE!! OH MY WORD I AM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. While watching I will be thinking of my loved ones.. Know that we are all watching it together! :) Invite your friends to watch conference with you. Make sure you stay awake dad.. :) We get to hear the words of a prophet. And others who have been called by a prophet.

Days blur together hear. The weather is changing fast! I am so excited to go and teach the Thai people.. I can't even tell you how excited I am. Yesterday at the sunday night devotional.. the speaker asked all the Thailand bound missionaries to stand up... (9 in my district and 10 in the other)... And out of the1,500 + missionaries in the audotoirum.. We stoood. And I was so humbled... Out of all the missions he asked to stand he asked Thailand.. Because Thailand is truly amazing.. Him and his wife had recently been there and had been so touched... I am so blessed. I am so blessed. I cannot thank God enough. Please thank him for me in your prayers!

Shout out to: Mellany & Jessica! Happy Birthday this week! I love you both!

Thank you all so much for your love and support! I feel so blessed and can definitely feel prayers.
There is so much to say and so much I didn't include. I would love to hear from my sisters and my family! I loved hearing from those I did this week! You know who you are :P Love you all. 

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