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Mar 7: see you sisaket

suuuutyaaad sisaket

last monday: We had family home evening at the Sangviens house!! Do you remember them? The senior couple that I served with in Udon! They finished their mission and live here in Sisaket. <3 It was good fun. We played the joseph smith stick game... I ate a little octopus... And spleen. The spleen was horrid.
Tuesday: Elders were in charge on English night... It was pretty great... We watched Johnny Lingo.. hahahaha... The english words our students learned this week were "Johnny Lingo" "Mahana you ugly!" "8 cow wife!".... hahahhaha
Wednesday: Go to Tum's house.... Come to find out.. That her son Gii .. Has been reading in the BOM and praying everyday.. and we haven't even met with this guy! He is 13 years old.. And a modern day khon thai joseph samith. He also asked for a book of mormon to give to his friend.... What! so cool.... We biked to Blaaamii's house! Had a great review about the gift of the holy ghost! It was so cool.. We asked her to say the closing prayer.. It was the first time I've ever heard her pray for more than just happiness and good health. She prayed about the things we had taught about! Miracles. People becoming. growing. coming unto chirst.  
Thursday: We taught Buey and Ott the word of wisdom and law of chastity. Ott has a bit of a smoking problem... 10 cigarretes... everyday... But when we taught him... we started to suggest that we would help him quit by making a calender.... but he said no.... not so! That he only had 3 cigarretes left.. and that he'd smoke those... And then be done. Whoa. These people have such faith! 
Friday: Last zone training in Ubon!!! It was a little bitter sweet... It was such an awesome training! I felt so pumped! Missionary work is the best. It never ever gets old. They emphasized the training... on the need to STUDY BELIEVE LOVE LIVE & TEACH... In that order too.. When we STUDY we start to BELIEVE.. it becomes delicious unto us! so much so that we LIVE it because we really believe or we want to know it's true... because we had studied to know it... As we live it... We see the changes and the peace and the truthfulness of it.. We learn that it is commanded of us... So we must share it. We TEACH....... So it is pretty important to study. :) Go find out if it is a good seed.
Saturday: Taught Gii a full lesson for the first time! The plan of salvation! Whoa. His eyes sparkled as we taught him. He listened intently the WHOLE time. And excepted a date to be baptized.  His mom wants him to go buad... go be a monk before he is baptized.... so his date is a little out there. BUT we are planning to get her on board too. She just needs to get outta that buddist bidness. She believes in Christ and the things we have taught her.. But is trying to hold on to her beliefs at the same time. She hasn't put it all together to realize that... Buddhism is not true. Sister Kwak and I have a plan to send sister pet over to talk with her..... We call sister pet---> The Dragon. She is scary good. :) Favorite part of the day was visiting Buey and her daughter at the hospital. We visited with the ward mission leader and the relief society prez. Just sat and talked... I drew her daughter pictures.. while sister kwak made her oragami animals.. as she has been stuck at the hosptial for a week with no toys... There was such a special feeling there. It felt so good to just serve in such a small way. Buey is so excited to go skirt shopping and come on sunday! She also is excited to have her kids come and grow up in the church... Whoa. That was cool to hear. I won't see their baptism. But I feel so incredible grateful to have seen this beautiful family come unto Christ and to have seen the atonement work in their lives.
Sunday: Blaamii got the gift of the holy ghost.. And it was perfect. The elder's investigator Sister Boo was baptized. I was a speaker. I have learned so much. Baptism is so important and amazing! The evening finished with dinner at the bishop's house. Good last sunday in Sisaket <3
This may or may not be the last email as a missionary... We shall see about that! About that we shall see. But in the case that it is... I just want to share my testimony..
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It changes lives. I know that God is our Heavenly Father. I know that he loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. It is through following him only that we can have eternal life with our families. I know that the Holy Ghost is real. He is the cleaning and purifying agent. I know that this is God's work. I know that whether you have a badge on your chest or not we are all called to the work. It is the most important work we could ever do. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I so love that book. I so love the gospel, Heavenly Father and my Savior. And I so love being a missionary. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Coates

pics: me and that little octopus.. not the most appealing pic of my face... ha! chewy chewy chew
-bike ride through the wat...

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