Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feb 14: L O V E

HAPPY VALENTINES!!!! I love you all. 

Monday: We went to the zoo for p day. AKA the only thing to do in Sisaket hahaha. But it was so beautiful! So green! I felt like I hadn't seen a tree in ages!! And the air was SO fresh. And clear.. I didn't realize I hadn't been breathing real air for the past 7 months in Bangkok! It was a pretty park.. And a totally Thai zoo... As in the enclosures were just surrounded with chain link fence. And some crazy lookin animals... including water buffaloes with... Down syndrome? And every other strange disease and deformity. Saw a kwaay (water buffalo) that had like 5 extra legs...... so that was an adventure. For family home evening we had a valentines lesson! Gave everyone a red paper heart with a scripture about love written on it.. It was a success! Love the scriptures. 

Tuesday-Thursday: Were filled with bike rides to as many members as possible! Sharing a little valentine message of love and encouraging them to share this message with their friends. It was a way special experience to go and visit so many people.. Even though they weren't nessicarily less active.. or a new member... It proved to me that all are in need of encouragement. Everyone wants to feel needed and loved.... (im pretty sure that is a josh groban song <3 :}) Oh.. I have learned so much on my mission.. This life really isn't about us. But everyone outside of ourselves. Give said the little stream. Give O give!

Friday: Had an awesome zone training in Ubon! I wasn't able to take a bunch of notes because I was translating the whole time... (wooo by the end I struggled so bad to speak english with the other missionaries... and my head hurt!! haha)... But I really like the message of the training.. President Johnson asked everyone to evaluate why they are out on a mission. And explained that our number one reason should be because we love God. And if that was not our main reason... Than to make a plan to submit and realign ourselves. That was a cool moment for me... I sat that for a few moments to really ponder why I came out on a mission and why i was still on a mission.. all these almost 18 months later... And I was able to answer honestly that it is because I love my Heavenly Father. And oh how that love has grown. I know that He lives. I know that this is his church. This is his work. Also from the training I loved he motto for the  transfer : "If I am not teaching. I am finding someone to teach." Inspires me to work so hard i'm so excited!! 

Saturday: Sister Hassaya was out with a head cold. She literally slept all day long. In the mean time... I was able to do a lot of things.. One of which was study the words of President George A. Smith (every time I read his name i thought of how dad would always say "his initials spell the word gas" laugh laugh laugh :}hahaha) But I way loved one thing he said that I felt was the theme of my week... Something i have really been able to apply.. And will be able to continually... he said: "You cannot drive people to do things which are right, but you can love them into doing them, if your example is of such a character that they can see you mean what you say". I love that. 

Sunday: Valentines <3 Or in Thai: Walentine <3 hahahaha It was truly a miraculous day....  Which made all the work during the week so worth it. We seriously worked so hard this week.. And I know that it why we saw miracles this sunday.. There were 20 more people at church than last week! We are 5 investigators come and 9 less active members come! WHOA i cannot describe the feeling that comes when you see someone come to church that hasn't been for a long time... a perfect brightness of hope for that person.. for heavenly father's plan... It doesn't mean that everything is fixed.. or that that person has a perfect testimony.. But they are where they are supposed to be. And they are safe. We had two miracle investigators come after church! One of whom I did not thing was interested in the least because she like  wouldn't make eye contact when we had first met her! But in the lesson with her... She asked SO many questions.. And just told us that she was at a point in her life when everything was going down.. And she was starting to question why she was even buddhist because it wasn't helping her in the least... It was SO cool SO SO cool... Teaching her about Jesus Christ... About what he did for us.. What life can have when we have faith is him. I could see her really thinking about it.. and a change in her countenance after the lesson. I am excited it see her journey take a start. If I am not mistaken.... her name "oo" (pronounced like... chimney soot "oo") means camel in thai.... :) love it.

Oh Thailand is so good. Sisaket is beautiful. The weather is finally warm again!! <3 I've eatin gooy thiaw like every single day here (nooooodles) for 30 baht... So cheap finally. We are helping people feel God's love. We are feeling it too. And we are seeing miracles.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

                          -what i did for the members while my companion was dead asleep! yay for valentines!

me and hassaya making some pappaya salad with lots of prick!! (chilis) it was wayyyy hot. 

-the zoo... the hippo could have jumped and been able to bight elder bundy's arm off...

-a member made us marcrons! they were chocolate and delish- made me think of you anny!!

this has to be put in the bathroom stalls taht have an actual toilet. 

-this was in front of my face when i woke up one morning! hahaha inside the house hhaah

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