Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb 22: 5 0 Y E A R S

oh craziest week on the planet earth
all day today was spent playing with elephants.. so i am going to type as i possibly can. Sorry if you cant understand.

Last Monday: Got a call after leaving the internet shop from P.J. President. Johnson. Transfers call round 2? My khon Thai khuu was emergency transfered. Bye bye sister Hassaya! :( We ran home packed her things.. Bought a Na khon Chai air ticket. And theeeeen left for Asoke. 

Tuesday: Met my new Khuu! Sister Kwak! Oh she is too cool. She is 100% Korean from Canada! She this is her 3rd transfer. And I already love her. The office elders tried to take us to the bus station.. But we got lost somewhere in Bangkok and missed our bus. We left later that night.. SO we got to hang out in Asoke for the day! So awesome. I felt like I was back at home! Saw sister Saa! Oh you know she is doing so good.

Wednesday: Got to Sisaket 6:30 in the morning. And work'd hard all day long. Craziest thing.. And another first.. We taught a witch doctor. At her house too! It was actually pretty nice for a khon thai in the issan. The only set back was it was filled with Pra.. As in... idols. idols.. engraven images.. i cant even think of what the darn word is in english!!! Just her whole entire house was literally filled with buddhist worship stuff. And so that was cool.

Thursday: Another good day.. We both are so new to this area.. And sisaket is SO confusing... so we got lost a few times. BUT it has been all good.

Friday: WHOA. Today was crazy. Okay. So I sister Kwak that we were just going to go on an adventure. And get really lost in the ba nogs... So that is what we did. And my word it was a miracle. The other day while visiting members.. I just was so impressed after hearing their stories of how they met the missionaries.. that we needed to change it up a bit. Actually go up to people in their houses... and try to teach them then and there... Or another thing that really impressed me and the members was that all the missionaries came back exactly at the time they said they would... SO... I wanted to do just that... and so... We just started riding our bikes.. We'd been riding about 30 minutes.. and we started stopping at all houses that we could see people in the yard.. Which was quite a few... Every single time we stopped we got one of the following responses: 1 milliion angry dogs, 3 old issan grandma khun yaays saying jaaaa no no no, or YES. It was way sick. There were two houses... that we were passing.. I could see people inside. And I was about to just keep riding when I saw one look up at us... And then the other person smiled back at us... SO we turned around... And asked if the next day we could come back at teach them. They said yes.

Saturday: Woke up and for real felt like I had been hit by a train.. go biking all day long. It was SO TO WORTH IT THOUGH! We headed out to those two houses with appointments... with a member sister nitaya.... And we taught them. For the exact fifteen minutes we had promised... And then had to stay longer because of how many questions they had! They wanted to know more... And kept telling us that they were feeling goose bumps each time after we bore our testimonies. Whoa. So that was the first house.. I will go into greater detail next week... And house number two.. Had a little family in it. So issan.. by the end of the lesson.. They dad was like... yeah.. i already believe in this stuff.. So i will have my wife start praying tonight and then we'll come to church.......... Wat. Both lessons were so amazing. Sister Kwak and I talked later that... These people honestly probably didn't understand... hardly anything.. because we taught the restoration in like 7 minutes. But what they did understand was the feeling that came as we testified and promised that Jesus is the Christ. that we can be with our families forever. I am so excited to keep teaching these people again.

Sunday: Oh sunday was so cool. There was a huge conference all over Thailand in honor of the church/ missionaries being in Thailand for 50 years!! Elder Gary E. Stevenson came and spoke... It was so cool. He has SO much energy.. He testified that we would be happy if we would keep the commandments. Everything that was said was exactly what Thailand needs at this time. I am so excited to see the saints here continue to see miracles..... There was a baptism today! Brother frong.. He has been waiting since he was 14 to join the church because his parents didn't approve. He is finally 18 and clean. So cool. Sister Kwak and I set out to visit some less actives.... i thought I knew where this lady lived..... But we just ended up adventuring again.. Which resulted in sister Kwak being bit by an angry momma dog. Didn't break the skin. we were safe.. it was actually really strange.. we didn't even really react when it bit her.. just kind of got back on our bikes sleepily and rode off with hundreds of dogs barking at us... It was a blessing from heavenly father for sure! Had we tried to get out of there fast.. we probably would have some followers!! the night ended at the bishop's house for dinner. These people are so good and faithful. And so full of selflessness. They do EVERYTHING for the members. the missionaries... for heavenly father. They are the definition of losing their lives for the sake of the savior and then finding it. They are so happy.

Monday again..... OH my goodness. Today was so crazy: 
-we played with elephants.... ALL day LONG. It was so much fun. That was the last thing on my list that i wanted to do here before... the day. Chang chang chang nong kkeuy kii chang rxx blaw!
-Got a notification from BYU....... o.m.g.

I know that God lives and loves us.
Stay tuned for the miracles to come!!! There is going to be A TON!!!!

i love being a missionary. 
Sister Coates

This happened. We took a ride on this beauty for about 30 minutes! Walked us all over and then into this big lake where Elder Hunt and brother Tee fell in the water! It was actually kinda scary not going to lie. I thought we were going to fall off multiple times.. The scariest part was when our elephant started SCREAMING... Like howling horrible monster sounds... It sounds SO angry and was making all the other elephants scream too! I for real prayed out loud that we wouldn't die. 

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