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Jan 31 2016:Wrath of Thailand

SHOUT OUT: LYNC ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! GO LYNCOLN isssya birtday! we gonna party like issyabirthday :P I hope you have a fun day buddy i love you! I promise to hang out and get icecream when I am hope! And guess what? I love you!

I had to decided between a few subject titles... and concluded with that one. One other possible subject title that was considered was: Buffets and Bacteria Infections..

OH but... All is well now! Thank goodness for priesthood blessings and antibiotics!!!

Also.. This past week was like the coldest in the history of thailand.... fun fact. It was MISERABLE! It was like... 60 degrees and FREEZING. I layered my sweaters and skirts for real. Dont know what on earth I am going in Utah.

Monday: I was so sick after emailing last week that we had to run/walk as fast as we could back to the apartment where I died.  I was able to put my life together to go pick up a newly set apart Thai sister missionary who stayed with us for the remainder of the night. Until she would head out for the salt lake MTC - headed to the Sydney South Australia mish.

Tuesday: Woke up at 3 in the morning. Took the new sister to airport! #sisterasokeduties Finished checking her bags and sent her off by 5 am... Got in a taxi back home for an hour of sleep to no avail as the taxi broke down in the middle of the high way.. We had to get out and push it to the side of the road. Imagine this: two 20 year old falaang girls... pushing a taxi... in the middle of bangkok... at 5 am.... Yes. We were able to sleep for 30 more minutes and then it was Zone Conference time. It was a wonderful meeting. Also, my last one. I got to bear my testimony. It was wonderful to say it in English. I have learned so much. There is so much yet to learn and become. Afterwards.. I was able to get a priesthood blessing... As I was being Thailand tortured (if you know wattaaamsayin...)... And it was such a special experience. It was amazing to see Heavenly Father work through the faith of all those who were in the room and worthy priesthood holders.

Wednesday: Went to the hospital.... The doctor man was checking my tummy- like pressing on it.. And I just about punched him in the face.. It hurt so bad! Not becuase he was like... hurting but because I had such a horrid stomach ache! So he pronounced me with an inflamed stomach and a bacterial infection and perscribed me a variety of antibiotics..... There was a silver lining..... And because of that... I decided that I could somehow manage to go see Robyn... There was no way I could miss this.. Because we had already planned to bring sister grange... and go somewhere special... yada yada yada... IT WAS A MISTAKE!!!! It was way cool where we went.. The most hiso hotel buffet on the river.... Seriously so hi so. The inside of the hotel smelled like jasmine.. In the bathrooms they had little mini lotions.. that I had the thought to take as they were like the little complimentary ones... but no i decided i wasn't that ghetto.... walk away. But we ate the buffet. It was so good. Oh it was so good. But even after eating a few bites of bread... my stomach started to hurt... So by the end of the evening.... Lets just say when were finally home and I was finished... I came into our study room and cried. hahahahahaha 

Thursday: Stayed home all day long. So needed. So sick. So bored. i watch The Restoration for the 15 millionth time. And I still love it..... As well as the other church movies.. Only a Stone Cutter.... Testaments.. The goods. 

Friday: Took things oh so slow. 

Saturday: OH IT WAS SUCH A GOOD DAY! I felt fantastic. Good health is so taken for granted. A falaang called in.... and told us he wanted to learn. He sounded WAY nice on the phone. We weren't sure if he was really going to come meet us หรือเป่ลา.... But then... HE DID.  First white investigator taught on my mission! It was the craziest experience ever! His name is david and he is from seattle. To be honest... At first I was nervous... A little scared that I wouldn't be able to find scriptures for him... because he was really smart and had a lot of knowledge so it seemed about christianism, etc ,etc.. but what was amazing was that I learned that the gospel really is so simple and the same for a thai person who knows absolutely nothing about god and for a white person who has so many thoughts from so many different sources. We were able to share the same simple scriptures that I have studied in the book of mormon my whole mission.. all of his questions were answered and lead back to prayer. scripture study. etc. It was really cool. He was not what I was expecting either.. I kept expecting him to say.... Oh just kidding im a member... or.... start bible bashing. But no.. He actually got out a peace of paper and started taking notes and wrote down the scriptures we asked him to read. So that blew our minds a little. In short.. I know God was aware of the prayer in my heart and sent his spirit to guide what we needed to say.

Sunday: A miraculous sunday for real. SO many less active members that I have been trying to find and contact and met with everything! WERE AT CHURCH! At oh it was so heaven sent because Elder Kannakam (the area 70) came!!!! and there was a combined RS and priesthood meeting where finding heavenly father's lost sheep was the topic.. The spirit was so strong.. and it was just so not a coincidence. ...... Also another first timer... We taught a new investigator today. A lady monk. It was pretty cool. She is meeting with us again and took the commitment to pray daily.. saying she feels so peaceful when she prays to god. Not too sure how that all works out with being a buddhist monk and all.. but we'll take it! Overall... it was a really good sunday in Asoke... And possibly a wonderful finale in asoke as well? I would be sad if I had to go... There are so many people here that I have become so close with.. But whatever happens. I'll go where you want me to go.

I also have to give a little shout out to my companion Sister Remington because I know for sure we won't be companions for this next transfer. She was an answer to so many prayers and most definitely one that I was supposed to meet here. She helped me grow and become so much. I am so grateful for the two transfers I got to be her khuu. 

The work is so good in Thailand everyone. Heavenly Father is so real! It is so fun to be here at this time. I feel so blessed. I keep getting all these pictures from friends going to the new Provo temple... And I can't help but get butterflies knowing that so soon... Thailand will have that too. 

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

pics attached:
that is a pic of the food that cause the worse pain of my life..
sister rem, me and sister noon our awesome RC... and the lady monk! Yeah they wear white. Her name is Cat... or in thai is is Meow :) yes that is cat in thai.

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