Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 24 2016: DENGUE

Walked out of our apartment today to find that it was WAY cold outside!!??? What the!? Walked to the computer shop so weirded out the whole way. Because we both haven't this way for a YEAR AND A HALF! It was really like a brisk fall cold. And all of the khon thais that passed by look like they were in intense pain!! Some were wearin big quotes and scarves!! seriously the weirdest thing ever. We even passed a guy that had made a small fire!!!! hahaha 

Monday: Way fun day. A cute RM member Sister Sunny took us out exploring! We took a boat (multiple boats) down the big bad dirty thai river to wat Aroon! Where we got in for free because we could speak Thai. Yes! And we had a little Thai dress up fun too...  See attached pics. Haha so many people asked to take their pics with us hahaha.

Tuesday: Went to ze immigration office to renew my visa! Fun to the sisters in my group and then the elders too.. except for the majority of the elders in my group.. the ones that I was good friends with are all in Laos and Myanmar. So didn't see them! But it was a fun time @ ต.ม.

Wednesday: Took a trip to dentist! Poor sister Rem's mouth had been suffering with a cavity. I stayed with her while they checked her teeth and did the work but when they took in x ray I couldn't go in.. haha they told me to go sit down and when they close the door this huge horrible red light turned on above the door way! We were pretty nervous about the whole getting teeth done in thailand.... because most people's teeth here are missing or rottin.... but it turned out to be WAY good.. The dentist was a girl! Who turned out to know some of the members in the international ward. #cavitymiracles

Thursday: We got to watch the World Wide Missionary Training! It was so cool. So inspired. The theme was- Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts. Loved it and learned so much. Actually it was cool hearing all of their words and definitely getting new personal revelation but also having a lot of things they said be something that I have already learned on my mission.. and know I will continually learn.. So many things they said.. That I just know to be true.  One thing that I loved that was said.. Was when we "treasure up" the words of the scriptures that we are storing in a big treasure chest that the holy ghost can draw from and then bring to the front of our minds when we need it.. or better yet when someone else needs it. So don't just read.. Treasure! (bruno mars treasure just came on in my brain and a ben dancing in the back round hahaha-- hahah also way funny sister rem and i were quizzing each other on each others families... I asked who is tiffany married to? she said "christmas morning in a broad day light" hahahaha)

Friday: Switch off with the cutest little khon thai you ever did see! Sister Laoli! It was so fun to be with her. Her laugh is so contagious and she is so good at teaching. I love when I here people teach the missionary discussions in their native language along with the spirit. That evening i spent an hour on the bathroom floor at the church. With a horrible migrain, pins and needles everyone and a fever. Ha my body is failing me! But it was all okay.

Saturday: Head ache still remained and felt not good.. Went to the hospital they did a test for dengue fever..... they had to do a blood test ouch! We she pulled the needle out.. I think she did it wron and I had blood literally gushing out of my arm and all over everything.. hahaha.........The results came back with a negative to dengue! Well he actually said the results are positive.. hahah but i knew I didn't think i had dengue haha they just tested me for it and prescribed me meds for my head ache! But yeah that was funny... The time I almost had dengue fever in thailand. 

Saturday evening was a stresser. We talked with Sister Saa for 30 minutes on the phone. She started telling us that she is giving up now.. She can't do it all anymore. Because her family is making her feel so horrible. She said that they told her if she doesn't stop going to the mormon church that they won't let her see her daughter anymore and that she has 2 months to decide... Obviously the made her really upset. She told us she is just so confused... And feels terrible. We talked with her for a long while. And prayed with her. She said she couldn't promise that she would be at church the next day... But that she would pray.

Sunday: Sister Saa came. Oh when I turned and saw her standing there wet from the rain with a sad look in her eyes the spirit confirmed to me that heavenly father was with her and her faith is great. Many members talked with her.. And gave her support. She felt so good to have come. Before she left we watched the joseph smith movie with her... When it was over she said.. Wow his story is just like mine. It is hard to watch people you love suffer! I wish she could see it how Heavenly Father sees it... But then of course it would be too easy. I know there will be miracles from this for sure. Saa is amazing. Please pray for her.

Oh everyone. Read the scriptures and pray every day. 
Don't be a Sunday Christian.
Go and serve somebody.
God is so real and he loves his children.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

rem @ the dentist
us by that rivva


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