Monday, January 11, 2016

Dec 18: W O N D E R

First... It is cold season in the prateed Thai. And it is the most amazing weather in the whole world. I would even say it has a tiny bit of actual COLD in it. It is so sabaay. Thanking my heavenly father. 


Saturday: That Tiger Temple though..... Thailand is so crazy. This is what it was. 148 give or take tigers... on DOG leashes.. Just laying around and roaming. And like 50 tourists laying with them.. and a bunch of khon thais feeding them noodles. It was way cool though. And not going to lie kind of scary... Well I was only scared a little when they put the huge sleeping tiger head on my lap... Because and that that thing new he was not asleep! 

Sunday: SISTER MAY WAS BAPTIZED. Our amazing investigator May was baptized! It was so cool to see her be baptized and welcomed into the ward. Right as she entered the font if felt like all the obstacles we had faced while trying to help her were finally falling away. And she was so happy. I love asking investigators how they feel after they have been baptized. Her answer was.. "I feel free!" How true that statement is. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ and following him we are free. It was so awesome to see the members surrounding her and congratulating her. I seriously could've cried.

Monday: Christmas Zone Conference! Way fun day with the Johnsons! We played a bunch of their fun Christmas tradition games, sang carols, ate cookies and milk, and got to watch THE BEST TWO YEARS! Wow.. It was way funny watching now that I have been a missionary. It was a good good day. And just way cool to be with the Johnsons. I feel like they are my parents. I love them! President Johnson shared with us verses in the bible that teach us how to celebrate Christmas... 

Luke 1:17-20

PROCLAIM: A Savior is born.

WONDER: Awe at the amazing creations of God and the Christmas story

PONDER: Requiring hard work. Really studying and praying.

GLORIFY: Glorify the things we know have value. Does the Christmas story have value to you?

Where does your testimony stand relative to Jesus Christ?

I know that Jesus Christ really is the Savior of the World. My whole mission I have worked hard to gain a stronger testimony of him.. And because of that this Christmas season has been oh so special. I know and can say with conviction why we celebrate Christmas and why we follow Jesus Christ. I hope all of you will take a quiet moment to figure these things out for yourself this year. I am thankful that through the Savior's plan I will live forever with my family, that I can have and be familiar with true happiness and peace.. Thankful that I can overcome weaknesses and become one day like him. 

Tuesday: Last district meeting with Elda Coopa. & Elder Lingard. Weird. Those 2 transfers went by in a flash. Which makes me nervous about these next 2 transfers..... oh.

Wednesday: Crazy day preparing the greenie lunch! SO FUN: Do you remember Brother Cake from udon?? Is totally a missionary now! He is so excited and so filled with energy! Go khon thais serving in thailand. Got to be an a trio with sister Rem and sister buechter (from the MTC!)... We had quite the experience with a white farraang scottish lady today...... I wont go into details... Other than I am so glad I get to serve in asoke.. remind me to tell you that story for skyping next week!  Its a good one :) 

Thursday: Transfers. :) It was a way strange transfer meeting... A HUGE group of elders died... Almost all of which I had served around since the beginning of my mission.... So weird. All my friends are dead... I feel like that keeps happening in my life. 

Friday: We have been teaching Sister Saa now for about a month. In which time she has had to face the heat of quitting her addiction to smoking and drinking coffee. She had gone one entire week without both when she came to us and asked for a blessing. To which we happily complied! Of her experience she sweetly described to us the warm sensation that came over her as Elder Wright, Elder Cooper and Brother Up laid their hands on her head. She said that it felt like a "white flower that smelled good" was on her head (this seriously made my heart so happy). She tells us everyday how happy she is to be with "brother and sister" and the church. That she knows she is a daughter of God. Oh I love her so much and always feel so lifted after teaching her or even being with her. She is so humble and full of gratitude. It is true what they say that you learn from the investigators you teach. I am so excited for her. She passed her interview!!!!

God is good. I am so excited for next week!!!!! See you all very soon. 

I love being am missionary.

Sister Coates 

Sister Rem and I made an Issan church gingerbread village. :) Merry Christmas :)

Sister May! 

SIster Saa with brother Superman..... He let some little kid paint his nails and Saaa laughed SO hard.

Christmas Party
Elder Cooper with Elder Chio's card board cut out hahahaha

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