Monday, January 11, 2016

Dec 4: it's a holiday in CAMBODIA

I don't remember what happened on SUNDAY.... Other than we taught our Cambodian investigator Sister Saaa. We taught the Restoration. In English. And then Thai. And then Cambodian. And she is still getting there.... But is the most amazing woman... She has SO MUCH FAITH. I know that it was not by chance that we met her. Especially after other things that took place in the week. Keep reading. :) She is addicting to drinking coffee and smoking.. But so badly wants to stop. She told us that she has been smoking since she was 7 years old because the war in Cambodia (?).. She told us that she was a prisoner and had to wear chains around her feet. Oh it is a miracle we met her seriously. She so badly wants to baptized and have the holy ghost. She tells us everyday how blessed she is that she met us. About how good she feels when she prays. This week is her last week of drinking coffee and smoking and then she has a full two weeks of full on nothing until her baptismal date. Pray for Saaa.

MONDAY: We went hunting for referrals that we received from Salt Lake! It was an adventure in the Thai land... We were so tired ALL DAY. AH! But the work is fabulous. I love it oh so much. Heavenly Father gives strength when I am not sure I can keep my eyes open for much longer! I am grateful that Thailand is well equipped with Coke. <3 I got a cool new name tag that says Sister Coke in Thai.. Because people here have a really hard time saying my name. 

TUESDAY: MLC! Wow is the best MLC I have ever been to. The spirit was so strong. It made me want to run out on the streets and invite everyone everyone! We are starting the new Christmas inniative. A Savior is Born. Oh I am so excited. Even though Christmas is not really celebrated here in Thailand... I have been able to feel a wonderful Christmas spirit as I have tried to center my thoughts on the Savior. I am not sure if I mentioned this in the last email... But this year.. Sister Remington and I are memorizing The Living Christ as our gift to the Savior. I want to challenge everyone to ponder and pray about what you can give the savior this year.. It might be through reading the stories of Jesus in the scriptures everyday.. But more than that I think the gift the savior would want the most is our hearts. Turning over our will to be that of Heavenly Father's.. Or in other words... Changing some of the things we do in order to be more like him. To follow him more... I promise as we try to follow him more and think about him more during this time.. Our hearts will truly be changed for good.

Here are some ideas I thought of this week of things we could give the savior:

-Lowering our voice (see FRIDAY). There is something powerful in the words of a soft voice. A quiet dignity. 

-Read the Ensign from July 1978 there is a talk that has 100 references to the name of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. 5 versus a day by Christmas and you'll have 100 verses down!

- Do something hard. Push yourself to change... To not do it YOUR way.. But the LORD'S way. because yielding to the lord's way is the only way to happiness. I've quoted P. Senior before.. But it's true.. Thinking is hard.. that's why most people don't do it.. Changing is hard.. that's why most people don't do it either! Change. Become!

WEDNESDAY: Taught an investigator today.. That wants to pray and follow God so bad. But every time she goes home. Her husband rips up the pamphlets we give her so she can't remember how to pray right. He burns her clothes and cuts up her shoes so she can't go anywhere. Yet she still manages to come and meet with us. There are some people here in Thailand that have faith that I cannot even believe. Pray for her. Today we also prepared the greenie lunch for all the new khon Thai missionaries!! They are all so full of light and energy!! i can remember being a greenie and seeing the sisters who prepared my lunch.. i remember thinking they looked a little haggard.. as in Tired.. and just... beat. haha No offense sister jax :P... It made sister remington and I laugh... Because today it was us.

One of the new missionaries is Cambodian and doesnt speak a lick of english or thai.. she was sent here because on her application she said that she spoke fluent thai... so everyone says... but i believe it was because we have TWO Cambodian investigators that needed her. First time by the way in my whole mission that I have had Cambodian investo's.. Miracles. But yeah she is here in Asoke with Sister Mcknight for a season.. until she will probably be flown back to Cambodia! Four sister house probably for the rest of the transfer.. AKA.. not even 2 full weeks.

THURSDAY: We trained ALL DAY. Bang khae and Thon Buri. Good good missionaries. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with so many great people. So many of whom totally get it. Like Sister Remington. I LOVE HER.

FRIDAY: Oh my hahaha okay today was so nutty hahahaha. I can't help but laugh when I think about the things that went down this day. Two main things... We were running to catch the MRT.. the doors start beeping saying that you have like 10 seconds to get on and then the doors will shut.. I am sprinting with sister Rem at my heel. I jump on to the train! Turn around. See sister rem on the plat form.. and the doors close in front of my face. So I was with out a khuu for about 5 minutes... It was the weirdest thing.. We both laughed and laughed! And then.. We go inviting at a beautiful park... And start inviting this sweet family with little children to learn about Jesus Christ and christmas when this random Thai lady cuts across the grass straight for us yelling YOU YOU YOU ARE JESUS? And starts talking in the strangest Thai i have ever heard and is like yelling some words and whispering others.. and I grabbed sister rems hand and just did all in my power not to laugh at this cray lady... And then... She says Okay? okay. Good bye.. and walks away up this random hill...... Now the family is too afraid to talk with his... Sister Remington comes up with the brilliant idea to follow this lady....So... We do. We see her laying on the grass in the shape of an X. like arms out and legs out... She sits up when we say hello She starts saying she just came from church and that SHE SPEAK ENGLISH and that our thai was very good and then she drops back to the ground and puts her hands up into the shape of a... like illuminati triangle and starts like.... chanting.... it was the weirdest scariest thing I have ever heard... After that we ran hahaha.. We were pretty sure she was fr real possessed with an evil spirit. Her voice sounded like  scratched CD..... LESSON LEARNED. Don't follow the crazy yelling lady. Loud voices are never good. 

Hope everyone enjoyed that little bit of Thailand... If only you knew. :) I love it. Makes for wonderful adventures everyday.

God is so real though. He is in everything everyday and every moment. I am so thankful I made the decision to serve a mission. It is the best decision I have ever made.

I love being a missionary.
Sister Coates

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